25:2 (2010:05) Proceedings Annual Report

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Conference Proceedings2009/2010
Annual Report
April 2010

Committee members:

  • Allyson Zellner, EBSCO
  • Lori Terrill, University of Wyoming
  • Joseph Thomas, East Carolina University (new co-editor for 2010-2011)

Board liaison:

  • Virginia Taffurelli

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25:2 (2010:05) 2009 Proceedings Available

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2009 Proceedings Available
Wm. Joseph Thomas, Co-Editor

The 2009 Conference Proceedings, published by Taylor & Francis as volume 58 of The Serials Librarian, are now online.   NASIG members may log in to the NASIG home page, and simply click on Publications > Conference Proceedings for access.  Or go directly to http://www.nasig.org/conference_proceedings/2009.cfm.  The published version is also available online to subscribers via InformaWorld.

We would like to thank all speakers and recorders for their part in making the Proceedings a success.  Special thanks go to Allyson A. Zellner and Lori Terrill, the 2009 Conference Proceedings editors, for all of their hard work throughout the editing and production process.

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Proceedings Open Access Task Force

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Proceedings Open Access Task Force
Carol Ann Borchert, Char Simser, David Bynog


The task force met a few times by phone and used Google Docs as a workspace for sharing and editing documents.  We considered the functions that Haworth was previously performing for us as our publisher and created a list of possible pros and cons of open access publishing.  Next, we created a list of 15 questions to ask potential open access publishers for the NASIG annual conference Proceedings. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Proceedings Open Access Task Force…

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Proceedings

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[Ed. note:  Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board.]

Allyson A. Zellner and Lori J. Terrill, Co-Chairs


  • This year’s Proceedings are comprised of 33 individual papers.  We had a couple of challenges with the papers.  We did not receive one paper from a volunteer recorder, even after several reminders.  To ensure the session would be represented in the Proceedings we had the author of the session paper for the NASIG Newsletter repurpose her contribution so that it could be used in the Proceedings.  Additionally, approximately six weeks after the conference we learned that a recorder was expected for a vision session paper, although this was not indicated to the editors beforehand.  We found a volunteer recorder willing to write a paper for the session using a poor quality audio recording.
  • Papers have been collected and editing is nearly complete.  We will have the papers completely uploaded into Taylor & Francis’ CATS production system by January 20, 2010.  Proofs are expected in late February or early March with publication in April.  The Proceedings should be published as a single combined issue. We are working with Kara Beltzer, Production Editor at Taylor & Francis.
  • We will be working in January and February to collect the complimentary copies mailing list.
  • We will be updating our manual this spring.
  • Prior to the 2010 annual conference the Proceedings editors will purchase a digital recorder which will be used to record vision sessions for use by the speaker or the recorder if the speaker requests one. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Proceedings…

25:1 (2010:03) New Editors Chosen for NASIG Pubs

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New Editors Chosen for NASIG Pubs

Joseph Thomas has been selected as the newest co-editor for NASIG’s Conference Proceedings.  Joseph is head of collection development at Joyner Library, East Carolina University, in Greenville, North Carolina.  In addition to collection development, he has worked in electronic resources management and in reference and instruction.  Joseph has enjoyed prior editorial work and a short stint with a column for North Carolina Libraries.

Two new members have signed on with the NASIG Newsletter.  Kate Moore, a 2009 Conference Student Grant winner, will be the new PDF production editor.  Kate got her MLIS in May 2009 from Indiana University Bloomington, and started at Indiana University Southeast as coordinator of electronic resources/assistant librarian in July.  Julie Kane, head of technical services at Sweet Briar College, will be the new conference/calendar editor.  Julie has experienced conference reporting for the Newsletter from the contributor side and looks forward to working on the editing side of this task.

25:1 (2010:03) Call for Conference Proceedings Recorders

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Call for Conference Proceedings Recorders
Lori Terrill, Wm. Joseph Thomas, Allyson Zellner, Co-Editors

NASIG is seeking conference recorders for sessions at this year’s annual conference in Palm Springs, California.  Recorders are asked to attend specific sessions, take notes and then synthesize the notes into a readable, comprehensive report of the session for the Conference Proceedings.  For vision sessions, recorders may be asked to listen to a recording of a presentation and work with the speaker to create a report for publication in the Proceedings. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Call for Conference Proceedings Recorders…

24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Proceedings

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Allyson Zellner and Lori Terrill, Co-Editors

  • We have collected most of the 2009 conference papers and copyright forms.  We are using Google Docs again this year for editing the papers and will upload them into CATS, Taylor & Francis’ online manuscript program, after our edits are complete.
  • For the 2009 conference, CPC continued its use of a cassette recorder to record the vision sessions for the reporters.  Unfortunately the sound quality was poor and we have included a line in our 2010 budget request for a digital audio-recorder.
  • This year there was some confusion regarding reporters for the NASIG Newsletter and recorders for the Conference Proceedings.  It needs to be made clear to both newsletter reporters and speakers that the report for the NASIG Newsletter is not the same thing as the paper required for the Conference Proceedings.
  • A couple of authors expressed the desire to retain copyright to their papers.  After discussions with Taylor & Francis and the NASIG Board, these authors were given the option to sign a form retaining their copyright, but allowing for publication in the Serials Librarian.  Permission was requested to post the papers to the NASIG website.

24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Proceedings OATF

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Proceedings Open Access Task Force
Carol Ann Borchert

Members:  Carol Ann Borchert, David Bynog, Anna Creech, Char Simser

The Proceedings Open Access Task Force met via conference call on August 12 to map out a game plan.  One of the questions was about the reason the task force was created, so Char provided background on that.

After the call, Carol Ann put several documents into GoogleDocs for the task force members to edit, comment, and brainstorm:

  • Pros and cons of publishing open access
  • Functions that Haworth performed for us as publishers
  • Questions for open access publishers

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24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: Proceedings

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Committee members:  Buddy Pennington, University of Missouri – Kansas City, Lori J. Terrill, University of Wyoming (new member for 2009/2010), Allyson Zellner, EBSCO

Board liaison: Virginia Taffurelli, New York Public Library


  • A brief schedule regarding the editing of the 2008 papers is provided below:
    • 2008 conference reports were due to the editors on July 18, 2008.  The editors provided extensions for a handful of authors.
    • The editors used Google Docs to edit the papers and prepare them for Taylor & Francis.
    • The edited papers were uploaded to Taylor & Francis’ CATS online production system in December 2008.
    • The proofs were reviewed by the editors in early February 2009.
    • The Proceedings were published online by Taylor & Francis in mid-March 2009.
  • The 2008 Conference Proceedings were published as v.56 of The Serials Librarian. Taylor & Francis has uploaded the volume on its InformaWorld site. PDFs of all of the papers have been sent to ECC on April 7, 2009 to upload to the NASIG website.
  • The following changes were made to the Proceedings volume:
    • The Proceedings are now published as a combined volume instead of two combined issues (1/2 and 3/4) under Haworth.
    • A new cover was designed by Taylor & Francis for The Serials Librarian.
  • The complimentary copies list was submitted to Taylor and Francis in March 2009. The editors will follow up with Taylor & Francis since the online CATS production system can send forms to authors to provide this information for the issue.  If CATS can do this for all presenters and recorders, the editors’ work required for this list will be reduced significantly.
  • Lori Terrill from the University of Wyoming has been selected as the new Proceedings editor for the 2009/2010 term. She will be replacing Buddy Pennington, who rotates off prior to the 2009 conference.
  • Per the approval of the NASIG Board, The Serials Librarian is now a member of COPE (The Committee on Publication Ethics).
  • The editors are currently working on:
    • Collecting applications for recorders for the 2009 conference.
    • Making revisions to the editors manual using Google Docs.
    • Contacting Taylor & Francis regarding the 2009 Proceedings editorial schedule and workflow.





Name of person submitting report:
Buddy Pennington
Lori Terrill
Allyson Zellner

24:2 (2009:05) Taking the Sting Out of Serials! Makes Its Way Online

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Buddy Pennington and Allyson Zellner, 2008 Proceedings Co-Editors

The 2008 NASIG conference Proceedings have been published by Taylor and Francis as volume 56 of The Serials Librarian and are now available online through their InformaWorld portal.  PDFs of all of the articles have been forwarded to the Electronic Communications Committee, so the Proceedings should be available to members on the NASIG website soon. The editors would like to thank all those who contributed their time and effort in making the conference and Proceedings a success!

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