25:2 (2010:05) PubPR Annual Report

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Publications and Public Relations
April 2010

Chair: Kathryn Johns-Masten (SUNY Oswego)

Co-chair: William Joseph Thomas (East Carolina University)

Members: Betsy Appleton (George Mason University), Susan Banoun (University of Cincinnati), Marilyn Carney (Wake Tech), Sandy Folsom (Central Michigan University), Nancy Olsen (Sage Publications)

Board liaison: Bob Boissy

Narrative of Activities:

Continuing activities

Because the duties of the NASIG publicist have now been shifted to our committee, we have also appointed a publicist-in-training to serve as a backup to the publicist while learning more about the publicist’s activities.  We hope to continue developing new venues for publicity in order to raise awareness of the organization and relevant events, for example, recent posts on the NASIG Facebook page.  We have also begun updating the list of listservs and other contacts for publicity.

As part of our charge to proactively encourage publication of serials-related literature, we send out solicitations for new NASIGuides.  Among ideas for new guides are these topics: pricing models, claiming workflows, FRBR implications for serials, and electronic resources workflow, but we are also willing to consider suggestions for appropriate new topics.  We have recently had a volunteer propose to write a NASIGuide on classification of newspapers.  Next year’s committee should probably brainstorm for new topics and new methods of distributing the calls for NASIGuides.  Committee members have recently attempted to contact authors whose NASIGuides are more than 5 years old to determine whether revision is warranted.  We will work over the coming year to get updated NASIGuides written and posted.

Joseph Thomas had planned to draft a new webpage with the goal of providing information on calls for papers, people interested in collaborating and people seeking co-authors.  Unfortunately, this project has been put on hold, and may be revisited in the coming year.  This would serve our charge of “serving in a proactive role to encourage publication of serials-related literature, whether for publication by NASIG itself or by an outside publishing agent.”

In response to a board question about committee manuals, Publications and Public Relations chairs found that we do not have a committee manual.  Drafting this manual should begin in the next year.

Completed activities

We have posted one updated NASIGuide, on “Title Changes,” to the website, and hope to have other updated NASIGuides soon.

The committee co-chairs submitted to the board revisions to the publicist’s manual, and a NASIG Publicity Guide for Committees, containing two templates: Event Guide and Policy Change Announcement.  The publicist’s manual has been uploaded to the committee’s private web page.  The publicity guidelines and templates have been uploaded to our committee’s public web page as well to the Electronic Communications Committee’s web page.

Marilyn Carney, NASIG publicist, has been publicizing NASIG-related announcements, including stepped-up announcements related to the upcoming annual conference.  She and Kathryn Johns-Masten have collaborated on a draft publicity calendar, which has been submitted to the board.  The committee has also revised its charge to reflect publicist’s duties as a member of Publications and Public Relations.

Activities That Support the NASIG Strategic Plan

We will continue to brainstorm and develop initiatives to expand and publicize the Speakers and Consultants Directory.  We also want to raise the visibility of the organization and the expertise of its members through new avenues and publicity messages, such as the recent decision to cross-publicize events with the UKSG.

Any Changes or Exceptions to the Budget


Actions Required by Board.


Names of Persons Submitting Report

Kathryn Johns-Masten
Wm. Joseph Thomas


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