25:2 (2010:05) PPC Annual Report

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Program Planning

The main business for the 2009/2010 year for the Program Planning Committee was to develop the program for the 2010 conference.

Vision Speakers

Two individual vision speakers and a closing panel were selected through discussions among the PPC and board.  We have a diverse array of vision topics and presenters, including Eric Miller, Kent Anderson, and a panel comprised of Jonathan Blackburn (OCLC), Neil Block (III), Brendan Gallagher (ByWater Solutions), Robert McDonald (Kuali OLE/Indiana University).  See the program for more information about these sessions.

Strategy and Tactics Sessions

The strategy and tactics sessions were filled through two calls for proposals and ideas.  A total of 70 proposals were received; 41 from the first call and 29 from the second call.  In committee deliberation, PPC made the decision not to combine programs on similar topics, as was common in the past, but rather to select the strongest proposal.  The final slate consists of 11 strategy and 17 tactics sessions with 47 speakers.


One preconference is slated for this year’s conference, focusing on Resource Description and Access (RDA).  The preconference will be split between the afternoon of Wednesday, June 2, and the morning of Thursday, June 3, affording budget-conscious travelers the opportunity to arrive the morning of the preconference instead of the night before.  The preconference is currently at capacity, but anyone interested in being added to a waiting list should contact Jennifer Arnold at registrar@nasig.org.


In response to the call for proposals, 5 poster proposals were received.  A subcommittee of Michael Arthur, Karen Davidson, and Sandy Hurd is currently finalizing poster sessions; stay tuned to the program for a complete list of poster sessions.  Posters will be available 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 5, with presenters available to discuss their posters during the afternoon break.

Discussion Groups and User Groups

In response to the call for proposals, 12 proposals for discussion groups and user groups were received.  A subcommittee of Meg Mering and Danielle Williams is currently finalizing user group and discussion group sessions with facilitators; stay tuned to the program for a complete list of discussion groups and user groups.  Please note, the discussion and user groups have been combined into a single session on Saturday, June 5 at 3:30 p.m.


Another responsibility of PPC is setting the daily schedule for conference events.  Again this year, the start time for official events is 9 a.m., with the Friday business meeting and the Saturday committee meetings occupying no-conflict times.  In response to the very small number of proposals for Sunday morning user groups, PPC has merged the discussion groups and user groups in a Saturday time slot, enabling us to close the conference 45 minutes earlier than originally planned.  We hope this change will give more attendees with afternoon flights an opportunity to see the closing panel.

Other Activities

PPC had a number of other activities this year:

  • Considered the report from Evaluation & Assessment from the 2009 conference in developing the schedule and program slate
  • Participated in the selection of the 2010 conference theme
  • Updated the PPC manual

Current Activities

  • Contacting speakers with final reminders.
  • Handout coordinator Michael Hanson will be posting presentations and support materials to the NASIG website and loading this information to the conference flash drives.  Presenters will have the opportunity to update materials up to and following the conference.
  • Discussion group/user group coordinators Meg Mering and Danielle Williams are confirming with facilitators.
  • Poster session coordinators Michael Arthur, Karen Davidson, and Sandy Hurd are confirming with poster session presenters.


We would like to thank all our committee members (Michael Arthur, Adam Chesler, Rubye Cross, Karen Davidson, Cris Ferguson, Michael Hanson, Jared Howland, Sandy Hurd, Chandra Jackson, Meg Mering, Jean Sibley, Danielle Williams, and Paoshan Yue) for their hard work to bring together a program we are excited to present to the NASIG membership.  Steve Kelley was invaluable as our board liaison, and we appreciate his efforts to keep us all moving forward.

Respectfully submitted by,
Morag Boyd and Anne Mitchell
May 5, 2010


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