25:2 (2010:05) Newsletter Annual Report

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May 3, 2010

Newsletter Editorial Board:
Kurt Blythe, columns editor (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Susan Davis, Profiles editor (University at Buffalo)
Angela Dresselhaus, editor-in-training (Utah State University)
Jennifer Duncan, blog editor (Utah State University)
Julie Kane, calendar/conference editor (Sweet Briar College)
Kate B. Moore (Indiana University Southeast)
Kathryn Wesley, editor-in-chief (Clemson University)
Naomi K. Young, submissions editor (University of Florida)

Board liaison:

Steve KelleyActivities 2009/10

Production schedule

September 2009 issue (24:3)

Blog postings completed – August 17-September 18

Newsflash sent September 18

Conference issue; included the announcement of the NASIG/ASA collaboration.

December 2009 issue (24:4)

Blog postings completed December 9-18

Newsflash sent December 18

This issue included announcements on awards and the board’s intention to keep conference rates comparable to last year if possible; also an article on the new NASIG/ALPSP collaboration, two announcements from ALPSP, and one from ASA on their upcoming conference program.

March 2010 issue (25:1)

Blog postings completed – January 5-March 29

Newsflash sent March 30

Highlights included the slate for the 2010 election, 2010 award winners, and announcements on the passage of bylaws changes for organizational membership and voting period.

May 2010 issue (25:2)

Wrap up of the blog edition is planned for late May.

PDF Catch Up Project

Progress was slow on this project through summer-fall of 2009, but good through spring 2010.  Angela, with input from Kathryn, developed a new design for the PDF edition incorporating the new Newsletter logo.  The new design was introduced with the December 2008 issue.  Angela created a template and a style guide that have greatly facilitated production.  March 2009 has been uploaded to the website and linked to the Newsletter page, May 2009 is ready to upload and link, and September 2009 and December 2009 are almost ready for proofing.  We anticipate completing the March 2010 issue by the end of this month.  Angela and Kate both worked very hard on this project.

Google Group Site

Angela set up a Google Groups site to use as a collaborative space for documents and templates.  It’s working very well for us.

Other Activities

  • “What’s New” items posted throughout the year, including:
    • Board minutes available
    • Institutional membership discussion forum
    • Administrative Support Task Force suspended
    • Translators Resource Team retired
    • Election technical glitch
    • Recurring calls for columns content (Kurt)
    • Calls for Newsletter conference reporters (Julie)
    • Call for “Other Serials & E-Resources News” reports (Naomi)
    • NASIG/ASA collaboration
    • NASIG/ALPSP collaboration
    • NISO Webinars for October, November, and December
  • Posted an item to the Newsletter blog from the board expressing concern for members in the  Los Angeles area during the wildfire
  • Per NASIG/ASA collaboration agreement, sent items to Sarah Durrant for ASA News:
  • Asked publicist to send a copy of PPC’s call for proposals to ALCTS Newsletter Online
  • Added ASA and ALPSP to the Newsletter blog’s sidebar (Jennifer)
  • Sent calendar items to ECC throughout the year, including ASA, ALPSP, and NISO events (Kathryn and Julie)
  • Contacted Jessica Broom (designer) with a question about the Newsletter logo, which she tweaked at no charge (Kathryn and Angela)
  • Updated links on the committee annual reports page of the website (Kathryn)
  • Updated links on the Executive Board minutes page (Kathryn and Angela)
  • A new manual is in development and should be completed by the end of May

Personnel Updates

Sharon Heminger retired as PDF editor with the completion of the Sept. 2008 issue.  Angela was credited as PDF editor on the December 2008 and March 2009 issues while design decisions were worked out.  Kate Moore joined the Newsletter as the new PDF editor this spring and is credited in the May 2009 PDF.  Angela trained Kate.

Lillian DeBlois retired as conference/calendar editor with the completion of the September 2009 conference issue.  Julie Kane joined as the new conference/calendar editor this spring.  Kathryn trained Julie.

Both Sharon and Lillian offered assistance to their replacements and Lillian left detailed documentation.  Many thanks to both of them.  We are pleased to welcome Kate and Julie to the Newsletter.

We still need a new copy editor and plan to have a new person in place sometime this month.

Activities That Support the Strategic Plan

Collaborative activities noted above, including “What’s New” announcements, calendar items, and Newsletter articles on and links to ASA, ALPSP, and NISO events support the strategic goal of enhancing external communication with related professional communities.


No budget was requested this year.

Recommendation to Board

Encourage board liaisons next year to remind their committees to submit items on their significant activities to the Newsletter.

Name of Person Submitting Report

Kathryn Wesley


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