25:2 (2010:05) MDC Annual Report

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Membership Development
May 2010

Alice Rhoades, vice chair 2008/09, chair 2009/10 (Rice University), Jenni Wilson, vice chair 2009/10 (Alexander Street Press


Janet Arcand (Iowa State University), Abigail Bordeaux (Harvard University), Sarah Lin (ReedSmithLLP), Jo McClamroch (Indiana University), Stuart Silcox (Swets Information Services), Vicki Stanton (University of North Florida),  Sarah Tusa (Lamar University), Jenna Venker Weidenbenner (The Career Center, UIUC)

October Ivins (Ivins eContent Solutions)

Board liaison:

Patrick Carr (East Carolina University)

Activities since last report on September 2009

  • Vendor member solicitation project:
    • Completed compiling mailing list & checking addresses & emails
    • Printed letters and shipped to NASIG president for signature and mailing
    • Drafted and sent out follow-up emails one month after print mailing; compiled responses
  • Renewal reminders:
    • Regularly sent out email reminders to nonrenewing members (approximately 2 months after expiration) based on spreadsheets received from D&D Committee
    • Compiled feedback on responses
  • Worked with ECC to revise online membership forms & brochures
  • Answered various questions about organizational membership
  • Working on the Membership Development Committee Guidelines
  • Continued to monitor NASIG blogs for items of MDC interest (Abigail Bordeaux)

Summary of Activities for remainder of Year (2009/10)

  • Revised and redesigned NASIG brochure; printed final versions and distributed to secretary and others as appropriate, as well as at regional & national meetings
  • Printed Spanish & French language versions of NASIG brochure
  • With Bylaws Committee, drafted proposal for change to membership section of NASIG Bylaws to include organizational membership
  • Created online survey for NASIG members to solicit information on why people do or do not choose to renew
  • Updated committee’s annual statistics with new data obtained from D&D
  • Appointed committee web liaison (Janet Arcand)
  • Prepared 2009/10 budget and submitted to NASIG treasurer
  • Answered member questions forwarded to committee

Any Changes or Exceptions to the Budget

We did wind up doing a print mailing for the membership solicitation project, but stationery costs were not as high as originally budgeted.  We also did not print as many French and Spanish brochures as we had originally estimated.  All costs for that mailing, as well as the NASIG brochures, should have been submitted by now.

Statistical Information

Action(s) Required by Board (If Applicable)

Questions for Board (If Applicable)

Recommendations to Board (If Applicable)

  • Membership renewals:  I am still getting a lot of responses to the renewal reminders MDC sends from members saying they have already renewed and who are (sometimes) upset that something has happened to their renewal.  I know D&D is using a lag time (ca. 2 months) between when a member expires and when they send us their name, but perhaps this should be extended a little?

Respectfully submitted by
Alice Rhoades and Jenni Wilson


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