25:2 (2010:05) March 2010 Conference Call

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March 2010 Conference Call
Carol Ann Borchert, NASIG Secretary

Date: March 5, 2010


Rick Anderson, President
Katy Ginanni, Vice President/President-Elect
Carol Ann Borchert, Secretary
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Lisa Blackwell, Treasurer-in-Training

Members at Large:
Bob Boissy
Patrick Carr
Steve Kelley
Christine Stamison
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah George Wessel

Ex Officio:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Angela Dresselhaus, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Training

Jill Emery, Past President

1.0 Welcome (Anderson)

Anderson called the meeting to order at 2:03 EST.

2.0 Secretary’s Report (Borchert)

2.1 Approval of January 14 Minutes

Ginanni made a motion to approve the January 14, 2010 minutes.  Boissy seconded.  All voted in favor.

2.2 Approval of Board Actions since October Meeting

Anderson made a motion to approve the board activity report, included below.  Stamison seconded.  All voted in favor.

1/10                  The board provided feedback on the new event announcement template from the Publications & Public Relations Committee.

1/10                  The board discussed wording for a “no sales pitch” policy and ideas for where to post this information.  The agreed-upon wording is:

NASIG focuses on serials issues and offers a venue for all members of the serials community to participate in respectful discussion.  Whether you are a publisher, vendor or librarian, please do not engage in self-promotion or commercial presentations as part of conference presentations or papers contributed to the conference Proceedings.  For clarity of discussion, we ask that specific organizations, products, and services be named as appropriate, but please take care to frame your discussion in language that does not endorse, promote, or attack specific products, services, libraries, companies, or other organizations.

1/10                  The board discussed Survey Monkey and who should be permitted to use it.  It was agreed that since this is not a high-use item and everyone would be using the same login information, committees should be able to use Survey Monkey one at a time and delete the data before the next committee needs it.

1/10                  The board provided clarification on the Horizon Award, that applicants should not have attended any NASIG annual conference prior to applying.

1/10                  The board discussed the number of digital recorders that the Proceedings editors should purchase and how to dispose of the five tape recorders used previously.

2/10                  The board discussed the single-day conference registration rate and decided that this does not include the Friday night 25th Anniversary Dinner.  Single-day registrants will need to purchase dinner tickets at the guest rate for that evening.

2/10                  The board agreed that after the snail mail correspondence is sent to vendors, MDC can send a follow-up email.

2/10                  The board discussed the fate of the old tape recorders formerly used to record vision sessions.  These will be recycled or otherwise disposed of, and the auditor will be notified of this action.

2/10                    The board agreed to have the web liaison be the official point person and sole contact to authorize ArcStone enhancements, with the chair of ECC serving as backup.

2/10                  The board provided input and approved the wording of the follow-up email for MDC to send to vendors.

2/10                  The board discussed a possible site proposal for the 2012 NASIG conference.

2/10                  The board discussed the ArcStone policy and procedure document and the length of appointment for the web liaison.

2/10                  The board discussed the dilemma of a tie-breaker on one of the awards and ideas for how to handle this now and in the future.

2/10                  The board reviewed the list of award winners and applauded the Awards & Recognition Committee for their excellent work.

2/10                  The board discussed an appropriate airline baggage compensation amount for award winners.

2/10                  The board discussed whether to provide flash drives for the 2010 conference in absence of a sponsor.

2/10                  The board provided input on logo proofs for the 25th Anniversary commemorative coasters.

3/10                  VOTE: Stamison made a motion to provide a check to the Merriman Award winner and have them make their own travel and hotel arrangements.  Blackwell seconded.  10 votes in favor; 2 abstentions.

3/10                  The board discussed and agreed that ECC will routinely remove outdated messages pertaining to the conferences from the online NASIG forum.

2.3 Outstanding Action Items

Corrections were made and updated.  The corrected list is below.

Not done/in progress:

Action Item: All board liaisons will request feedback from their committees on the new PPR guidelines.

Action Item: Anderson will ask FDC to set up guidelines regarding sizes of [Newsletter] ads and length of time ads will run.  This should be in the form of a brochure with information and contact information for the past president to include when sending conference sponsorship information.

Action Item: Anderson will send a list to Mark [Lane] by April 15th of conditions we believe are functionally permanent to which we need to adjust and for which we need to plan.   This will be based on feedback from committee chairs.

Action Item: Blackwell will ensure the ArcStone contract is reviewed and ArcStone will be notified that we will be requesting revisions to the contract. ITEM REMOVED UNTIL SUMMER 2011

Action Item: Borchert and ECC will work with the archivist on web presence and other archives issues.

Action Item: Borchert will craft a paragraph for board liaisons to solicit committee feedback after Ginanni sends invitations to committee chairs.  Each liaison will send committee chair input to Borchert, who will consolidate the list. ITEM REMOVED; handled by Ginanni

Action Item: Emery will work with N&E over the course of this year to insure that the manual is complete and posted on the website.  ONGOING

Action Item: Ginanni will have instructions for setting up a conference call and a note to use Skype if desired or possible to the committee chairs manual.  IN PROCESS

Action Item: Ginanni will find an advertising coordinator for the Newsletter during 2010/2011 appointments.

Action Item: Ginanni will ask continuing chairs to attend the contingency planning session and request that they send input to their liaisons by April 1.  PARTIALLY COMPLETE

Action Item: Stamison will ask A&R to submit a formal proposal outlining their suggestions for how to handle the Mexican Student Award.  IN PROCESS


  • Anderson will sign the MDC vendor letters, stuff the envelopes, and mail them.
  • Anderson will make sure that Mark Lane has a copy of the NASIG Strategic Plan, along with preliminary information and suggestions from the January 14 board meeting.
  • Blackwell will work with Pennington to ensure that a programming request for a donation option will be added to the listing of possible website enhancements.
  • Blackwell will work with Pennington to present a prioritized listing of requested enhancements and fixes to the website at the fall board meeting.
  • Blackwell will find out from D&D who they will appoint to attend the web liaison training session.
  • Blackwell will take the following questions and comments back to Pennington:
  1. Could we please get some justification for the project management charge that is listed?
  2. The board approved the administrative membership updates.
  3. It is fine to do reprogramming to have the donation form as part of the conference registration form, as long as we can get it in writing that ArcStone will not charge us again for reprogramming it after the AMP build.
  4. The board decided not to do a separate online donation form.
  • Boissy will ask ECC to create a survey for the membership regarding their preferred communication methods (email, online forums, Twitter, etc.) and will submit a draft to the board.
  • Borchert will send Ginanni the spreadsheet of who is being asked to attend.
  • Carr will ask MDC to send letters and addressed envelopes to Anderson.
  • Ginanni will notify Pennington that he will be added as an ex-officio member of the ECC and D&D.

3.0 Treasurer’s Report (Whiting/Blackwell)

Whiting reported that registration is up and running, and will close on May 20.

4.0 Committee Updates (All)

For sake of time, only committees who had action items reported during this call.

Boissy asked about social networking and PPR, but this is being handled in a later agenda item.

Blackwell reported that she and Ginanni will discuss a new co-chair for D&D.

Jill Grogg is standing in as senior co-chair for CEC, and Kelli Getz is the continuing co-chair.  Since neither of them have a lot of background on this committee, they are strategizing this spring about how to be more active in the coming year.

Action Item: Carr and Boissy will work with CEC and PPR to create a proposal for better ways to promote the contributions of NASIG’s membership in continuing education programs and also to share the content of these contributions with the membership as a whole.

The Newsletter committee now has a new PDF editor.

PPC has sent the schedule information to CPC.  They need to know who handles conference publicity—PPC, CPC, or PPR?  PPR distributes copy provided to them.  CPC is publicizing the conference every other week, and PPC can publicize specific items or programs if they want, or not.

Action Item: Boissy will clarify with PPR regarding their role in publicizing the conference and will ask them to add this information to their manual.

Action Item: Wessel, Boissy, and Kelley will set up a call to coordinate the publicizing of the annual conference.

There was a question about a presenter wishing to do an audio recording of their session, including the Q&A session.  It was decided that this is permissible only if identities of people other than the presenters were stripped from the final recording.  It was suggested that it be announced at the beginning of the session that it is being recorded, and to suggest that folks not identify themselves when asking questions if they were not comfortable.  They could also approach the presenter after the session.  It was also suggested that a sign be posted at the entrance to the room in case folks came into the session late.

A&R has selected awardees and did a great job!  The board was impressed by the quality of candidates and appreciates A&R’s work.

The 25th Anniversary Task Force is working to get pictures and video clips of past presidents, and editing the interviews done at the 2009 conference.

William Joseph Thomas is the new Conference Proceedings co-editor, and Allyson Zellner is stepping down after two years of excellent work!

Wessel reports that CPC is extremely busy, but has no issues for the board.

FDC might be appointing a co-chair to assist Zac Rolnik; this is one of the few committees that does not have a co-chair currently.  Anderson, Ginanni, and Rolnik will discuss this further.

5.0  Mark Lane and Scenario Planning Session (Anderson)

Ginanni is contacting chairs directly and having them send feedback to Borchert by April 1.  The associated action item for Borchert was removed.

Action Item: Ginanni will ask committee chairs to solicit committee feedback for the contingency planning session, to be sent to Borchert by April 1.

6.0 Social Networking for Conference Promotion (Anderson)

Anderson asked about using social networking to promote the conference.  It was suggested that board members, conference planners and keynote speakers could use social networking media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and possibly Facebook to post a link to the conference.  We could set up a Facebook page for the conference and invite people to become fans.

Action Item: Boissy will ask if PPR has anyone on Facebook who could set up a page for the annual conference.

7.0 Publicizing Institutional Membership Implementation (Blackwell)

We can’t afford to create a separate organizational membership form online due to programming costs.  The solution will be to place a link on the Join Now page for institutions and organizations to work with D&D.  D&D will need procedures in place.  We need a structure in place before publicizing this new membership category.

Action Item: Blackwell will work with D&D to put procedures in place for handling organizational memberships.  She will also have them work with ECC to have the link put on the Join Now page to send interested organizations to D&D for membership processing.

8.0  Updating the Committee Guidelines (Borchert)

The Committee Guidelines have not been updated for a few years.  We need a small group to review and update these.

Action Item: Borchert will edit the committee guidelines and send a draft to Ginanni for discussion.

We need at least one more board conference call scheduled before June.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 EST.

Minutes submitted by:
Carol Ann Borchert
NASIG Secretary
March 18, 2010
Revised 4/27/10

Minutes approved by NASIG Executive Board April 29, 2010.


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