25:2 (2010:05) Archivist Annual Report

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Archivist: Sheryl Williams
Archivist-in-training: Peter Whiting

Board liaison:  Carol Ann Borchert

Time was spent this year on sorting out the realia that has shipped from one archivist to another.  I have photographs of the tee-shirts, numerous conference bags, and water bottles for the conference folders at UIU-C.  I also located the artist from the 2004 conference, Fritz Schwartz Award winner Sandra Wiles, and returned the painting to her; photographs are going to UIU-C for the conference archives, where they will be placed in archival sleeves or jackets, in the appropriate folders.  The remaining item is a set of disks from 1995; they cannot be read.  We are still trying to track down the information on them.

Conversations with Melissa Salren, our UIU-C account representative, have concerned the confidentiality restrictions on some of our materials.  There are two specific instances of correspondence that are marked “confidential.”  Additionally, the conference summary that is submitted to the board is deemed confidential, and is different from the summary report as published in the Newsletter.  These have not been marked as such at UIU-C.  The NASIG board has determined that comments made in a public forum will not be labeled as “confidential.”  It has been decided, at the recommendation of UIU-C and the concurrence of the board, that the time period for confidential files would be 30 years.  A user requesting these restricted materials must complete a user application, to be approved by both the university archivist and the NASIG archivist.  Restricted materials must be so designated at the time they are submitted to UIU-C.

In 2009, I had received a request for a copy of the contract with UKSG, regarding Serials E-News.  It is not in the archives.  As Peter and I were discussing the responsibilities of the archivist, I mentioned this to him.  He said he may have it in the treasurer’s files.  I would suggest that something Peter do while he is archivist is to determine what contracts from the treasurer’s files need to go to the archives, copies if not the originals.  Melissa has assigned a graduate assistant with the task of “making a brief survey of the NASIG holdings to identify the presence of any legal documents or contracts.  Once identified, these items will be added to the online finding aid to make their retrieval easier for users.”

Melissa has also noticed that we have many committee folders that duplicate reports and papers from the board meetings.  Her recommendation is that the folders be gone through, and relabeled, plus rewriting the scope and content note.  She estimates this would take approximately six hours of work by a graduate assistant, and is estimated to cost $106 for the project.  I have relied on the expertise at UIU-C archives regarding organization of the materials; I would support this project.

We currently have $604.21 in our account, some of which will be used for the processing of materials to be sent this summer.  Another shipment of materials probably will not happen for a couple of years, so that a full box can be sent.  Other anticipated expenses would be the shipping of materials to Peter, and the purchase of folders, for approximately $80-$100.

Finally, I want to say that serving as NASIG archivist has been a most interesting and enjoyable time.  I have tried to define and clarify procedures for the archivist, the NASIG board, and the membership.  Although my term officially ends in June, I am willing to continue to receive materials from the 2009/10 committees until August, to complete the shipment to UIU-C.  I will also complete and load the archivist manual.

Statistical information (if applicable)


Action(s) required by Board (if applicable)


Questions for Board (if applicable)


Recommendations to Board (if applicable)

  • Committees be instructed to send only electronic files, to be printed by the archivist, or copies of paper files for the archives.  No media should be retained, as we cannot plan on equipment or hardware being available to read it.  This includes disks, movies, slides, etc.
  • The treasurer review through his files to determine what contracts or legal documents should go to the archives.
  • That the project of reorganizing the archives, eliminating duplicate materials and grouping like materials together, be undertaken by UIU-C.

Feedback on New Website

The archive listing is difficult to locate.  There should be a category under “About NASIG” that links to the site archives.  Additionally, a link should be included in Resources to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the NASIG page.

Submitted by:
Sheryl Williams
April 29, 2010


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