25:2 (2010:05) A&R Annual Report

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Awards & Recognition Committee
Date of Report:  15 April 2010

Committee members:  Aimee Algier ,Chris Brady (co-chair), Carol Ficken (co-chair), Christine Freeman, Trina Holloway, Jessica Ireland, Yumin Jiang, Rita Johnson, Sofia de la Mora Dozal, Lisa Kurt
Board liaison: Christine Stamison

June 2009

  • A&R Committee met at the 2009 NASIG annual conference to discuss the committee’s responsibilities and agenda for the coming year

Summer 2009

  • Rita Johnson conducted an online survey of 2009 award winners and submitted  results for publication in September 2009 issue of the Newsletter
  • Chris Brady and Yumin Jiang updated the A&R calendar to reflect 2010 committee
  • Received the 2008 Tuttle Award report and submitted it for the September 2009 Newsletter
  • Tuttle Award winner for 2009 reported that he would travel to Russia in August to begin his research project
    • Project description was submitted for  the September Newsletter
    • Final report was submitted in October for publication in future issue of  the Newsletter
  • In celebration of NASIG’s 25th anniversary the Champion Award will be offered for the second time (the first Champion Award was presented in 2005).  Documents were reviewed and updated for this award.

Fall 2009

  • By collaborating with the UKSG a proposal was developed for a joint award for 2010 titled the John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award named in honor or John Merriman.  The award involves a conference-swap and the purpose of the award is for people working at a practical level in e-resource management to learn and share experiences.  The NASIG award recipient will attend the UKSG conference in April 2010, and the UKSG recipient of the award will attend the NASIG conference in June 2010.  Materials, including an announcement, FAQ page, application form, reference form, and evaluation criteria, were developed for the award.
  • Chris Brady and Yumin Jiang, web liaisons, updated the application materials to reflect information for 2010 and uploaded the new forms to the NASIG website.  Information was added for the Merriman Award (new) and the special Champion Award.
  • Rita Johnson, Lisa Kurt, and Christine Freeman updated the library contacts for award  outreach
  • Committee sent the first round of announcements in late October

January – April 2010

  • After sending the final reminders of awards being offered, ranking spreadsheets were updated prior to the ranking process.
  • The award deadline was January 18, 2010, which is a month earlier than previous years due to the joint NASIG/UKSG award and the UKSG conference in April.  Committee co-chairs received the following number of applications for each award category prior to the deadline:
    • 11 Student Grant Award applications
    • 3 Fritz Schwartz Scholarship applications
    • 1 Horizon Award application
    • 8 Serials Specialist Award applications
    • 1 Marcia Tuttle International Grant application
    • 1 Rose Robischon Scholarship application
    • 7 John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award applications
    • 2 Champion Award applications

All applications and supporting documents were blinded by the co-chairs.  An Excel spreadsheet was distributed to committee members for their use in recording scores for all awards.  Chris Brady compiled the ratings.  After winners were approved by the board, applicants were informed of the status of their applications and the award recipients were announced.

The 2010 award recipients are:

Fritz Schwartz Serials Education Scholarship
Ivey Glendon, Florida State University

Horizon Award
Jennifer Sauer, Fort Hays State University

Marcia Tuttle International Award
Charlene Simser, Kansas State University

NASIG Conference Student Grant
Zach Coble, University of Missouri-Columbia
Ning Han, Louisiana State University
Sarah Razer, Texas Woman’s University
Richard Rybak, Dominican University
Angela Black, Florida State University
Jessica Lewis, SUNY-University at Buffalo

John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award
Selden Lamoureux, North Carolina State University

Champion Award
Susan Davis, SUNY-University at Buffalo

Rose Robischon Scholarship
Pam Cipkowski, Loyola Law Library

Serials Specialist Award
Janet Bassett, Salem Public Library (Oregon)

Jessica Ireland and Lisa Kurt worked with award recipients to make travel arrangements.

An order for plaques and gifts, to be presented at the conference, has been placed with Brandon’s.

Any Changes or Exceptions to Budget

Exceptions were noted in the A&R Committee report for September to address the number of Student Grant Awards and estimated increased expenses for the Champion and Merriman Awards if no additional sponsorships were forthcoming.

Statistical Information


Actions Required by Board


Questions for Board


Recommendations for Board

As mentioned in the A&R Committee report for September, there was a lack of reponse to all attempts to communicate with AMBAC regarding the Mexican Award and this continued into spring.  In short, as of today, it is likely there will be no Mexican Student Grant awarded this year.  To ensure that the A&R Committee can establish communication channels with AMBAC, we recommend that the board appoint an individual to the committee for this purpose only.

Name of Person Submitting Report

Carol Ficken


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