25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Newsletter

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[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board.]


Kathryn Wesley and Angela Dresselhaus, Co-Chairs

Activities since fall 2009 report

Production schedule

December 2009 issue (24:3)

Blog postings completed December 9-18

Newsflash sent December 18

This issue included announcements on awards and the board’s intention to keep conference rates comparable to last year if possible; also an article on the new NASIG/ALPSP collaboration, two announcements from ALPSP, and one from ASA on their upcoming conference program.

PDF catch up project

This has not proceeded as quickly as we had hoped.  December 2008 was posted to the website at the end of October.  The March 2009 issue is almost completed.

Other activities

  • Posted “What’s New” items for NISO Webinars for October, November, and December
  • Also sent the above items to ECC for the events calendar
  • Updated Executive Board minutes webpage
  • Updated committee annual report page to link CPC report
  • Updated Newsletter webpage to link December issue

Personnel issues

Immediately after the January board meeting, Kathryn and Angela will review position descriptions for PDF editor and conference/calendar editor and then issue calls for volunteers.  When selected, Angela will train the incoming PDF editor and Kathryn will train the incoming conference/calendar editor.


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