25:1 (2010:03) NASIG Treasurer’s Report

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NASIG Treasurer’s Report
Peter Whiting, NASIG Treasurer, and Lisa Blackwell, NASIG Treasurer-in-Training

The transition to the new NASIG Treasurer has begun.  Lisa Blackwell and Peter Whiting met after the January 2010 board meeting in Boston to discuss treasurer duties.  Please note that Lisa has established a post office box for receipt of official NASIG Treasurer mail.  The Post Office Box address is:

Lisa Blackwell
NASIG Treasurer
P.O. Box 547
Dublin, OH, 43017

This year, checks for conference registration will be sent to that post office box.  Lisa Blackwell will work with Jennifer Arnold, the 2010 NASIG Palm Springs registrar, with the checks that are received for conference payment.

We thank EBSCO for dedicating $5,000 towards the NASIG 25th anniversary celebration dinner at the 2010 annual conference in Palm Springs.  In addition, we are using last year’s annual conference profit to fund the dinner.

Donations to NASIG totaled $130 for 2009.  Of that $130 we had $50 donated to the Rose Robison Memorial Fund and $75 donated to the Fritz Schwartz award.  NASIG appreciates all donations.

Balance Sheet
(Includes unrealized gains)
As of 02/19/10

The NASIG budget runs on a calendar year for tax purposes.

2009 expenses and 2010 estimate.  A note about funding the 25th anniversary celebration dinner is in the treasurer’s report at the beginning of this document.

NASIG committees 2009 expenses 2010 estimate
Admininstration $27,285.72 $25,600.00
Archives $0.00 $150.00
A&R $15,225.61 $20,650.00
Bylaws $0.00 $0.00
CEC $782.36 $1,005.00
CPC $1,413.30 $2,550.00
D&D $93.53 $200.00
ECC $14,405.63 $14,500.00
E&A $0.00 $180.00
FDC $24.15 $0.00
LSOC $0.00 $50.00
MDC $1,761.47 $2,200.00
Newsletter $34.65 $0.00
N&E $189.13 $180.00
Proceedings $0.00 $275.00
Publications $0.00 $12.42
PPC $785.58 $800.00
Site Selection $3,002.74 $1,000.00
Treasurer $8,701.72 $9,625.00
Web liaison $47.95 $200.00
Twenty Five Ann task force (2008 – $437.00 $44,870.00
TOTAL $74,190.54 $124,047.42

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