25:1 (2010:03) Executive Board Minutes

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Executive Board Minutes
January 14, 2010
MIT Dewey Library, Boston, Massachusetts


Rick Anderson, President
Katy Ginanni, Vice President/President-Elect
Jill Emery, Past President
Carol Ann Borchert, Secretary
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Lisa Blackwell, Treasurer-in-Training

Bob Boissy
Patrick Carr
Steve Kelley
Christine Stamison
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah George Wessel

Kathryn Wesley, ex-officio, NASIG Newsletter editor

Anne Mitchell, PPC co-chair
Mike Markwith, CPC co-chair

1.0     Welcome (Anderson)

The meeting was called to order at 9:20 a.m. eastern time.

2.0 Secretary’s report (Borchert)

2.1 Approve December 7 minutes

2.2 Approval of Board actions since December meeting

Anderson moved to approve the December 7, 2009 conference call minutes pending the correction of one typo, and the list of board actions.  Wessel seconded.  All voted in favor.

NASIG Board Activity December 7, 2009-January 14, 2010:

12/09 The board approved the preliminary slate of conference programs from PPC.

12/09 The board requested that PPC draft a policy statement regarding “no-sales pitches” by for-profit or non-profit entities.

12/09 VOTE:  The NASIG Executive Board elects to continue providing the UKSG Serials E-News service to NASIG members.
Motion by Anderson, seconded by Stamison; all voted in favor.

12/09 The board discussed enhancements for the NASIG website and assigned preferred priorities.

1/10 VOTE:  The NASIG Executive Board approves the proposed amendment to the bylaws pertaining to organizational memberships, as forwarded from the Bylaws and Membership Development Committees, which can now be forwarded for membership review.
Motion by Anderson, seconded by Emery; 11 votes in favor, 1 abstention.

1/10 The board discussed the issue of archiving committee listserv information and decided to keep a 12 month archive of information for NASIG listservs.

1/10 The board provided feedback on the draft call for volunteers for the 25th Anniversary Task Force.

2.3 Outstanding action items

There was one update to the list of action items, the final version of which is below:

Not done/in progress:

Action Item:  All Board Liaisons will request feedback from their committees on the new PPR guidelines.

Action Item:  Anderson will sign the MDC vendor letters, stuff the envelopes, and mail them.

Action Item:  Blackwell will work with Pennington to present a prioritized listing of requested enhancements and fixes to the website at the fall board meeting.

Action Item:  Blackwell will ensure the ArcStone contract is reviewed and ArcStone will be notified that we will be requesting revisions to the contract. ITEM ON HOLD

Action Item:  Borchert and ECC will work with the archivist on web presence and other archives issues.

Action Item:  Carr will ask MDC to send letters and addressed envelopes to Anderson.

Action Item:  Emery will work with N&E over the course of this year to insure that the manual is complete and posted on the website. ONGOING


  • Anderson will contact the board’s top choice for a scenario planning facilitator to find out if they are available and still willing.
  • Blackwell, Pennington, Whiting, Mary Bailey and other selected website administrative users will review the upgrade to the website and determine if it would be advantageous for NASIG to move to the new upgrade.
  • Blackwell will work with Pennington to ensure that a programming request for a donation option will be added to the listing of possible website enhancements.
  • Borchert will forward the items pertaining to “all board liaisons” as a reminder now and will then remove these from the action items list until April.
  • Borchert will present a report at the January board meeting on behalf of the Proceedings Open Access Task Force.
  • Carr and Ginanni will work with MDC and E&A to have them collaborate to make the survey of who is attending the conference and renewing membership happen and distribute results.
  • Emery will ask N&E to check membership statuses in January when it is time to do the slate for the 2010 elections, and will let them know they do not need to also check during the vetting process.
  • Ginanni will approach the recommended individual regarding the archivist position, and if that does not work out, will solicit the Executive Board for further suggestions.
  • Ginanni will send out an email in early January to all committee co-chairs, asking them to poll their committee members on their desire to remain on a committee or any issues that may have arisen with committee membership or need for appointments.
  • Kelley will have PPC update their manual to reflect the change in the policy on selection of programs that have been presented at other venues.
  • Kelley will have PPC update their manual to reflect the change in speaker reimbursements.
  • Kelley will ask PPC to add into the manual that they need to verbally make the written paper and copyright form requirement clear to the vision speakers when making arrangements.

3.0     Treasurer’s report (Whiting/Blackwell)

3.1     NASIG finances

Whiting reported that the account balance is about where we were last year, so we are on target.  We are keeping our Schwab accounts as they are.

3.2 2010 NASIG budget

There was some discussion about the ECC budget and whether the ArcStone expenses are in the current committee budget.  The cost of our enhancements wishlist is a best guess at this point. There was also some conversation about the issue of conference attendance and how that could impact our finances.

4.0 Consent Agenda (all)

Emery made a motion to accept the following committee reports with no further discussion.  Stamison seconded the motion, and all members voted in favor.

  • Bylaws
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Continuing Education
  • Database & Directory
  • Financial Development
  • Library School Outreach
  • Mentoring
  • Site Selection

5.0     CPC (Wessel/Markwith)

The registration form is now ready.  Markwith went over the CPC report that was submitted to the board.

There are no shuttles from the Palm Springs airport, but folks can group together in taxis.  The Ontario airport has vans from the airports.  It costs $120 to get to the resort from the Los Angeles airport, so folks flying in there would do better to rent a car.

The top price for wireless at the conference is $5000 per day, but this might be lower once we get the full audiovisual needs quote.

The website has hotel price information online.  The hotel cost is a bit lower than Asheville was.  We might also want to post the pros of the Palm Springs meeting site.

CPC would be interested in ideas from the board about how to best recognize sponsors for the audiovisual expenses.  There will only be tote bags if there is a sponsor to fund them.  Otherwise, we won’t have them this year.

The board discussed ways to keep within our food budget to allow money for wireless access.

5.1 Set conference rates, including preconferences

There is one confirmed preconference, and given the dearth of preconference proposals, the board suggested that PPC not pursue any further preconferences.  The board also discussed the conference registration rate.  In honor of our 25th anniversary, and to help members with conference expenses due to the current economic situation, the board decided to offer $25 off of the normal registration cost for folks who register more than 25 days before the regular cut-off date.

Ginanni made a motion to give a $25 discount to any conference registrant who registers 25 or more days before the close of registration.  The motion was seconded by Taffurelli.  All members voted in favor with none opposed, no abstentions.

Anderson made a motion that all registration rates remain the same for 2010 with the exception of the discount.  Stamison seconded, and all voted in favor.

Emery made a motion that the day-long preconference would be set at $125 for members and $200 for non-members.  Kelley seconded, and all voted in favor.

6.0     PPC (Kelley/Mitchell)

There are 10 confirmed strategy sessions and 16 confirmed tactics sessions.  Vision session speakers are still pretty tentative.  The tentative ½ day preconference is possibly being moved to 2011.  The board discussed the program slate.

6.1 Closing session panel

The board approved moving forward with the proposed closing panel, and asked PPC to be sure to reiterate the NASIG speaker guidelines about how to present the topic.

The board asked that our ½ day meeting be added to the Thursday schedule for 8:00 a.m. to noon.  Board members will get breakfast on their own, rather than having a catered breakfast.

The 25th anniversary dinner will be on Friday night, starting at 6:30 and running until 11:00.  Dinner will be served at 7:00.  Guest prices for the anniversary dinner and opening reception have been set at $60 for each event.

PPC will try to get registration information available by January 30.  Usually it is March 1, but several members have been anxious to get travel funds encumbered.  We will try to open registration by February 1 with as firm a program as we have at that time.

7.0     25th Anniversary Task Force (Stamison)

Do we need to have release forms for photos?  In lieu of that, we are going to do an email blast with contact information for individuals to have their photo removed from the pool of those used for the 25th Anniversary celebration.

The Board approved using the NASIG logo instead of the conference logo for coasters.  There will be a welcome message from the Executive Board in the pamphlet.  The Task Force asked if there had been any extra volunteers that had not already been assigned to committees, but there are not.

There was a question about the NASIG photos that are online and who has permission to load them on the site.  Some photos are in the blog, some on the web site, and some in Flickr.  Anyone can load photos into Flickr and tag for NASIG.  The final product will be on the NASIG site with a limited number of pictures.

8.0  NASIG Open Access Proceedings Task Force report (Borchert)

Emery made a motion that given the loss of revenue if we move to open access, the board will table the open access move to next year and examine our economic situation at that time.  Blackwell seconded the motion, and all voted in favor.

The board wishes to express their appreciation to the task force for their work in compiling information about possible venues for publishing the NASIG Conference Proceedings as an open access publication.

9.0     Telecommunications Task Force (Ginanni)

After testing Skype as a possible replacement for our conferencing software, it was decided that Skype has a number of issues for NASIG committee use.  At this time, we will continue with the current conference call product.  The board wishes to express their appreciation for the task force’s work and believes this report will inform future decision-making.

Action Item:  Ginanni will have instructions for setting up a conference call and a note to use Skype if desired or possible to the committee chairs manual.

10.0     Nominations & Elections slate of candidates (Emery)

Emery reported that we have three candidates for vice president/president-elect and eight candidates for member-at-large for the 2010/2011 election slate.  The board wishes to express their pleasure and gratitude to N&E for their work.

11.0     Sponsorship update (Emery)

In addition to items in the sponsorship report, wireless access was added as one of the items for which we are seeking sponsors.  At this time, sponsorship commitments total $36,500, and we hope to pass $40,000 by the deadline of March 1.  The board applauded Emery’s great work.

12.0     MDC membership survey results (Carr)

While reviewing the membership survey, there were a few categories of reasons given for not renewing membership or attending the 2010 conference.  The board expressed concern about the percentage of people not planning to attend or unsure about attending.  It was suggested that these results be distributed to selected committees next year to assist in planning.  Another idea was to have an online option for the conference.  The board wishes to express its gratitude to the Membership Development Committee for their work on this survey.

13.0     Responsibility for soliciting Newsletter advertisements (Kelley)

The Newsletter editors are unsure about how to solicit advertisements.  Perhaps someone from FDC could handle that, or designate someone on the Newsletter Committee.

Action Item:  Anderson will ask FDC to set up guidelines regarding sizes of ads and length of time ads will run.  This should be in the form of a brochure with information and contact information for the past president to include when sending conference sponsorship information.

Action Item:  Ginanni will find an advertising coordinator for the Newsletter during 2010/2011 appointments.

14.0     Sales Pitches/OLE (Rick)

[This item was included as part of the PPC discussion under item 6.0]

15.0     Awards & Recognition (Stamison)

Because we are offering the Champion Award and the new Merriman Award this year, the board decided to offer only six student grants this year.  A&R had expressed some concerns about the method for selecting the Mexican Student Grant award winner.

Action Item:  Stamison will ask A&R to submit a formal proposal outlining their suggestions for how to handle the Mexican student award.

Emery made a motion to provide cash upon arrival and a calling card upon request for the Mexican Student Grant Award winner.  Whiting seconded the motion, and all voted in favor.

16.0     PPR Guidelines feedback (Boissy)

Boissy reported that he had received no direct feedback regarding the PPR guidelines sent out to committee chairs.  There were no formal templates written; the guidelines sort of served as a pseudo-template.  It was suggested that PPR work more proactively with committees most likely to do external announcements, such as CEC. We need a calendar for publicizing the NASIG conference and other activities that happen each year.

One committee reported some concerns.  Should conference publicity be assigned to PPR committee members, not just to the NASIG Publicist?  It was suggested that LSOC ambassadors could pass on conference announcements and membership brochures.  PPR could send a message to solicit publicity messages, with a deadline for committee liaisons to submit them.  It was suggested that we could put something in Library Journal or C&RL News, but that would require an advertising budget that we do not have.

17.0  ECC communication preferences survey (Boissy)

ArcStone won’t handle email communications, such as a listserv, so if we go that way, we’d need to explore another way of doing that.  The board approved ECC doing a survey regarding preferred communication methods to and among the membership.

Action Item:  Boissy will ask ECC to create a survey for the membership regarding their preferred communication methods (email, online forums, Twitter, etc.) and will submit a draft to the board.

18.0     ArcStone Liaison and ECC (Ginanni)

There was a question about who does the training for the committee web liaisons.  It was decided that the ArcStone Liaison would be an ex-officio member of the Electronic Communications and Database & Directory Committees in order to better stay in the loop.  ECC and D&D can help do the web training for the incoming co-chairs. ECC should have the main responsibility for training, posting to the web page, etc.  The D&D group should send a representative to the training.

Action Item:  Ginanni will notify Pennington that he will be added as an ex-officio member of the ECC and D&D.

Action Item:  Blackwell will find out from D&D who they will appoint to attend the web liaison training session.

19.0     Archiving conference photos (Borchert)

The Archivist had a question about which conference photos to send to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign archives.  The board made suggestions about printing the photos commercially at a drugstore or online (from sites like Flickr or Snapfish) rather than using her own printer.

20.0     ArcStone enhancements [added agenda item]

The board discussed the suggested ArcStone enhancements.  The board discussed whether a separate donation form was worth the cost, versus the programming cost for adding it to the membership form and the conference registration form.  The board had a list of questions to be taken back to the web liaison.

Action Item: Blackwell will take the following questions and comments back to Pennington:

  1. Could we please get some justification for the project management charge that is listed?
  2. The board approved the administrative membership updates.
  3. It is fine to do re-programming to have the donation form as part of the conference registration form, as long as we can get it in writing that ArcStone will not charge us again for re-programming it after the AMP build.
  4. The board decided not to do a separate online donation form.

21.0     Contingency planning session brainstorming (Anderson)

The board discussed preliminary information to send to Mark Lane for the June contingency planning session.  At the end of the session, we’d like to have some decision-making flowcharts and a sort of roadmap with some number of reasonably likely scenarios and what our preparation for each might look like.  We need to determine what we can do to position ourselves better for the future.  Anderson will send him the information in a bulleted format.

Action Item:  Anderson will send a list to Mark by April 15 of conditions we believe are functionally permanent to which we need to adjust and for which we need to plan.   This will be based on feedback from committee chairs.

Action Item:  Ginanni will ask continuing chairs to attend and request that they send input to their liaisons by April 1.

Action Item:  Borchert will send Ginanni the spreadsheet of who is being asked to attend.

Action Item:  Borchert will craft a paragraph for board liaisons to solicit committee feedback after Ginanni sends invitations to committee chairs.

Each liaison will send committee chair input to Borchert, who will consolidate the list.

Action Item:  Anderson will make sure that Mark Lane has a copy of the NASIG Strategic Plan, along with preliminary information and suggestions from the January 14 board meeting.

Stamison made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Boissy.  All voted in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m. eastern time.

Minutes approved by NASIG Executive Board March 5, 2010.

Minutes submitted by:
Carol Ann Borchert
NASIG Secretary
January 26, 2010

Revised March 5, 2010


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