25:1 (2010:03) Citations

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Required Reading by NASIG Members

Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report citations for publications by the membership—to include scholarship, reviews, criticism, essays, and any other published works which would benefit the membership to read.  Feel free to provide abstracts or any other brief insights into your work.  You may submit citations on behalf of yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at kcblythe@email.unc.edu.  Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the author(s) before they are printed.  Include contact information with submissions.]

This spring, consider the following for a bit to read while the snows melt and the sun shines.

BLACK, STEVE. “Life spans of Library Journal‘s ‘Best Magazines of the Year.’” Serials Review 35 (2009): 213-7, doi:10.1016/j.serrev.2009.08.013.

BLACK, STEVE. “Editors’ Perspectives on Current Topics in Serials,” Serials Librarian 57 (2009): 199-222, doi:10.1080/03615260902876870.

GENEREUX, CECILIA and PAUL D. MOELLER, eds. Notes for Serials Cataloging, 3rd ed. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2009.

JONES, WAYNE. “Editing a Library Association Magazine.” In Writing and Publishing: the Librarian’s Handbook, edited by Carol Smallwood, 161. Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.

JONES, WAYNE. “Editing Books.” In Writing and Publishing: the Librarian’s Handbook, edited by Carol Smallwood, 158. Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.

KANE, JULIE. “Mr. Monk Goes to the Library.” In Mr. Monk and Philosophy: the Curious Case of the Defective Detective, edited by D.E. Wittkower, 105-118. Chicago: Open Court, 2010.

SIBLEY, B. JEAN. “Holding Patterns: Current Trends in Serial Holdings Statements,” Technical Services Quarterly 27:1 (2010): 39-50.

SORENSEN, CHARLENE. “The 5K Run Toolkit: A Quick, Painless, and Thoughtful Approach to Managing Print Journal Backruns,” Serials Review 35:4 (2009): 228-234.

And a note regarding future publication: FRAN WILKINSON, deputy dean at the University of New Mexico Libraries, is working on her dissertation.  Her topic is leadership in academic libraries that have experienced disasters or emergencies such as fires, floods or earthquakes.  Fran notes, “I am pleased to have finished my course work and passed my comps toward my doctorate in Educational Leadership at UNM.  I look forward to finishing the research on my dissertation.  I hope it will be useful to the library profession.


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