25:1 (2010:03) Executive Board Minutes, December 2009

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Executive Board Minutes
December 7, 2009
Conference Call

Rick Anderson, President
Katy Ginanni, Vice President/President-Elect
Jill Emery, Past President
Carol Ann Borchert, Secretary
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Lisa Blackwell, Treasurer-in-Training

Bob Boissy
Patrick Carr
Steve Kelley
Christine Stamison
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah George Wessel

Angela Dresselhaus, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Training

Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

1.0 Welcome (Anderson)
Anderson called the meeting to order at 3:04 eastern time.

2.0 Secretary’s report (Borchert)

2.1 Approval of board actions since October meeting
Below is the list of board activity since the June board meeting.  There were no corrections or additions noted during the conference call.

10/09    The board discussed a missing vision session paper from the 2009 Proceedings and advised the editors to have the author of the Newsletter version expand the paper if we did not receive the copy from the recorder for the Proceedings.

10/09     The final copy of the Publicity Guidelines for NASIG Committees was sent out to all committee chairs.

10/09    The board suggested a replacement correspondent for SSP.

10/09    MDC drafted a bylaws change, which Bylaws submitted to the board for review.  The board approved the wording of the bylaws amendment, which will next go to the membership for a vote.

10/09    The board encourage CPC to pursue a possible collaboration or coordination with a local serials organization, the Southern California Technical Processes Group in Palm Springs.

10/09    The board examined the pros and cons of possibly moving the dates for the 2012 conference.  Ultimately, it was decided that it was OK to move from a Thursday-Sunday to Friday-Monday arrangement if needed.

10/09    The board approved a revised charge for the NASIG 25th Anniversary Task Force.

11/09    The board suggested seeking a speaker to discuss academic journal file-sharing as a program topic.  A list of possible speakers was forwarded to PPC.

11/09    Anderson developed a draft proposal to seek a facilitator for a contingency planning session with the board in June 2010.

11/09    The board discussed the possibility of reviving the NASIG-L listserv, due to the very low member participation in the online discussion forums, or starting a NASIG Twitter account.

11/09      The board discussed NASIG sponsorships and what benefits we might expect for co-sponsorship of events.

11/09    The board provided input into the wording of the NASIG Bylaws revision for organizational memberships.

Taffurelli provided an update that the issue with the vision session paper has been resolved.  A discussion followed regarding the need to make sure the speakers are aware of the need to submit a paper and sign the copyright form.  This is clearly stated in the speaker agreement, signed by all speakers, but each year, the editors seem to encounter at least one speaker who is surprised by the requirement to submit a paper for the Proceedings.

ACTION ITEM: Kelley will ask PPC to add into the manual that they need to verbally make the written paper and copyright form requirement clear to the vision speakers when making arrangements.

2.2 Outstanding action items

The board discussed the outstanding action items, which are listed below.  Several items are ongoing reminders.

ACTION ITEM: Borchert will forward the items pertaining to “all board liaisons” as a reminder now and will then remove these from the action items list until April.

Not done/in progress:
Action Item: All board liaisons should remind their committees to submit announcements for “What’s New.”  ONGOING J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E

Action Item: Each liaison will work with the incoming committee to have a web liaison for each committee. That person will need to attend the training being offered by ECC during the conference to see how to use the new website and use the administrative functions available.  Date and time for this session will be announced.  Each committee should have a person dedicated to monitoring the discussion forums and help drive discussion and topics to keep members informed and connected.  BY 8/28 J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E.

Action Item: All board liaisons will verify that the notice on the publicity process has been added to the committee manuals.  BY 8/28 J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E, D&D added?   IN PROCESS FOR SEVERAL COMMITTEES.

Action Item: Each liaison should work with committee co-chairs to insure that the Committee Chairs Leadership Development document is being followed.  ONGOING J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E.

Action Item: Blackwell will work with Pennington to ensure that a programming request for a donation option will be added to the listing of possible website enhancements.

Action Item: Blackwell will work with Pennington to present a prioritized listing of requested enhancements and fixes to the website at the fall board meeting.

Action Item: Blackwell will ensure the ArcStone contract is reviewed and ArcStone will be notified that we will be requesting revisions to the contract.
Action Item:  Blackwell, Pennington, Whiting, Mary Bailey and other selected website administrative users will review the upgrade to the website and determine if it would be advantageous for NASIG to move to the new upgrade.  SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 2009.

Action Item: Borchert and ECC will work with the archivist on web presence and other archives issues.

Action Item: Borchert will present a report at the January board meeting on behalf of the Proceedings Open Access Task Force.

Action Item: Carr and Ginanni will work with MDC and E&A to have them collaborate to make the survey of who is attending the conference and renewing membership happen and distribute results.

Action Item: Emery will work with N&E over the course of this year to insure that the manual is complete and posted on the website. ONGOING.

Action Item:
Ginanni will send out an email in early January to all committee co-chairs, asking them to poll their committee members on their desire to remain on a committee or any issues that may have arisen with committee membership or need for appointments.

Action Item: Kelley will have PPC update their manual to reflect the change in the policy on selection of programs that have been presented at other venues.  IN PROCESS.

Action Item: Kelley will have PPC update their manual to reflect the change in speaker reimbursements.  (IN PROCESS)

Action item: Whiting will find an attorney to review the ArcStone AMP contract.  FEBRUARY/MARCH?


  • All board members will float names for a new planning consultant by November 1 and ideas for contingencies that need to be addressed during the planning session.
  • All board liaisons will have committees add a reminder in their manuals that they should be submitting updates and announcements to the publicist for the “What’s New” section of the website, and that all external announcements should be funneled through the NASIG Publicist.
  • Anderson will draft an explanatory blurb for the survey of who is planning to renew membership and/or attend the conference.
  • Boissy will ask ECC to investigate the possibility of a productivity space for PPC with ArcStone.
  • Borchert will consult with Joyce Tenney to determine feasibility of scenario planning at the June conference.
  • Carr will ask MDC to draft a change to the bylaws to include institutional memberships and submit to the Bylaws Committee by October 31.
  • Carr will send a final copy of the vendor member letter for the archives to the NASIG Secretary.
  • Carr will ask CEC to create a menu of expectations for levels of sponsorship and bring this back to the board.
  • Carr will make sure that MDC adds to their manual that brochures go to the NASIG Secretary.
  • Emery will load sample thank-you letters into the board web space.
  • Emery will ask N&E to list terms of office on the website for the various positions.
  • Ginanni will ask Char Simser to invite CEC as a guinea pig to try the Skype system for NASIG business.
  • Kelley will have PPC update the website to reflect the change in speaker reimbursement and the call for proposals.
  • Wessel will ask CPC to add events to the conference registration page for member to indicate their intention to attend or not.

2.3 Working calendar updates from committees?

There were no updates reported for the working calendar.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting/Blackwell)

Our balance at this time is $309,785.  At this time last year, it was about $9,000 higher, but we are in pretty good shape versus last year.  The difference in balance might be due to the difference in conference revenues.

4.0 Committee updates (all)

Awards & Recognition: Stamison reported that the committee sent requests for award applications, which are due in January.  We have the new Merriman Award this year, and are offering the Champion Award this year as well.

Bylaws: Wessel said that the bylaws vote is in process regarding the change in the voting time periods.  Bylaws is discussing the institutional membership changes.

Conference Planning: CPC is moving along.  There will be a tentative announcement regarding registration rates posted on the website.  The board discussed whether we might be able to open registration a little earlier than usual this year so that people can get the travel funds expended.   The limiting factor is the need to have PPC programming information on the registration form.  At the very least, we need to get a headcount for the preconferences.  The board discussed the pros and cons of having program signup as part of registration.  In Palm Springs, all of the meeting rooms will be the same size, so it will not make a difference for room assignments this year.  However, there is a minimum attendance requirement for the preconferences.

Conference Proceedings: Editing is in process.

Continuing Education: CEC has created a menu of support options for co-sponsored events.  CEC is trialing the Skype software to test for conferencing as a possible replacement for our existing conferencing software.  Some libraries don’t allow employees to download software, but this is a limitation of which we were already aware.

Database & Directory: D&D is having some problems with invoicing glitches.  Membership is down, with 114 unpaid memberships from October, but may go back up as people renew at the end of the year.  There was a discussion about N&E and when they check to make sure someone is a member in good standing.  N&E can check membership statuses at the point of creating a slate, and not during the vetting process.  This will save time and confusion.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will ask N&E to check membership statuses in January when it is time to do the slate for the 2010 elections, and will let them know they do not need to also check during the vetting process.

Electronic Communications: Boissy reports that ECC is working on creating a productivity space for PPC.  The idea of using Twitter for NASIG communications is still under discussion.

Evaluation & Assessment: No report.

Financial Development: FDC is still discussing advertising in the NASIG Newsletter and how that will work.  Also, after reviewing NASIG’s liability insurance, they recommended no changes and to stay with the current provider.

Library School Outreach: LSO continues to recruit more ambassadors.

Membership Development: MDC is busy finalizing the member survey.  They’ve also been working with Bylaws regarding the revision for the institutional memberships.  The membership brochures have been translated into Spanish and French, and the final copies have been sent to the NASIG Secretary.  MDC had a question about who would sign the 100 or so letters going to vendors.

ACTION ITEM: Carr will ask MDC to send letters and addressed envelopes to Anderson.  Anderson will sign the letters, stuff the envelopes, and mail them.

Mentoring: No report.

Newsletter: This is on the agenda already.

Nominations & Elections: N&E is vetting candidates.

Program Planning: The program schedule as it currently stands was sent to the board for review.  The preconferences are still being arranged.  PPC is considering a panel discussion to close the conference, and the board asked that the committee follow the guidelines for panel presentations that were previously set.  Further discussion on the content of the proposal was tabled until the January meeting.

Publications & Public Relations: PPR is waiting for feedback on how the recently distributed guidelines are working.

ACTION ITEM: All board Liaisons will request feedback from their committees on the new PPR guidelines.

Proceedings Open Access Task Force:  The Task Force has compiled a list of questions and is surveying six open access publishers for information.

25th Anniversary Task Force: The Task Force has a new member, Deberah England, and they are working on a Newsletter item and a photo array.

5.0 FDC Proposal for advertising in NASIG Newsletter (Kelley)

There is a proposal on the table to begin advertising in the NASIG Newsletter to raise revenue.  The Newsletter editors have concerns about how this would work, given the nature of the NASIG Newsletter.  It seems advertising might be contrary to the spirit of an open source blog.  However, many blogs do carry advertisements.  An alternative is to just advertise in the .pdf version, but there are concerns about how much exposure that would provide.  It is fine to just do the .pdf advertisement, as long as that is made clear ahead of time.  It has not been decided yet who would find advertisers, but we do not wish to increase the already-substantial workload of the editors.  If we get no advertisers, that leaves us where we are now, so no loss.  This does not, however, dovetail with sponsorship activities.  We might be able to assign an ad hoc person to sell advertisements.   This item has been tabled until the January meeting for further discussion.

6.0 Scenario-planning proposals (Anderson)

The board discussed the facilitator proposals for the June scenario planning session.  The board selected a top candidate, and Anderson will approach that person to check their availability.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will contact the board’s top choice for a scenario planning facilitator to find out if they are available and still willing.

7.0 NASIG attendance (Anderson)

Anderson received a note from a NASIG member concerned that many people will not come to the 2010 NASIG annual conference due to travel funding concerns.  It was suggested that we leak out tidbits about the NASIG programming to generate excitement about the conference.  This was done last year, particularly in announcing vision speakers, and it seemed to work well.

8.0 Sponsorships update (Emery)

Total checks received & commitments: $33,500

•    EBSCO—$5K for 25th anniversary conference
•    IOP–$3K for First Timer’s Reception
•    TnF–$2.5K Notepads
•    Swets–$2K for Rose Robischon Award
•    Annual Reviews–$1K for one day of wireless access
•    NEJM–$5K for the opening reception

All companies who have submitted checks have received payment confirmation.  Emery is following-up with 8 companies who provided sponsorship last year and is still sending out messages to other companies that could be potential sponsors.  She also has a scheduled phone call with Mike Markwith from CPC to start discussion needs for the vendor forum.

9.0 Site Selection update (Anderson/Ginanni)

Plans for St. Louis in 2011 are going well.  Joyce Tenney is investigating options for 2012.  The previously selected 2012 choices have sort of fizzled.

10.0  NASIG archivist (Ginanni)

There is no formal process for selecting an archivist, so Ginanni asked for ideas on who to approach to replace Sheryl Williams.  A name was suggested, and Ginanni will follow up.

ACTION ITEM: Ginanni will approach the recommended individual regarding the archivist position, and if that does not work out, will solicit the Executive Board for further suggestions.

The meeting adjourned at 4:46 p.m. EST.

Minutes submitted by:

Carol Ann Borchert
NASIG Secretary
December 11, 2009

Minutes were approved by the NASIG Executive Board on January 14, 2010.


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