25:1 (2010:03) Call for 2010/2011 Volunteers

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Call for 2010/2011 Volunteers
Katy Ginanni, NASIG Vice President/President-Elect

It’s that time of year when tears can be seen streaming down my face, and my tissues come out.  Nope, it’s not the “cedar fever” that strikes so many folks in south central Texas.

It’s time for me to beg for volunteers for NASIG committees!

The link to the Volunteer Application can be found in the center of the page at http://www.nasig.org/about_committees.cfm.   Below that is a list of all committees; descriptions of each committee can be found when you link to them.

Please remember that we are still 100% a volunteer organization.  All of the work that we accomplish each year is carried out by members who volunteer to serve on committees, and the volunteers you elect to serve as members of the Executive Board.  One of the duties of the vice president/president-elect is to solicit committee volunteers, and then to assign volunteers to committees.

If you currently are finishing your first term of service on a committee and would like to be reappointed to the committee, please let your co-chairs know; you will not need to fill out a volunteer application.  The exception to this is members of Nominations & Elections; they may serve only one term.  If you’re not sure whether or not you should submit an application, go ahead and submit one.  I’ll figure it out!

Most people who volunteer usually do get placed on a committee.  So don’t hesitate!  If you’ve never served on a NASIG committee, or if you have but have taken a break, please consider submitting a volunteer application.  It’s a great way to meet other members and to learn more about NASIG!


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