25:1 (2010:03) Table of Contents

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March 2010

Table of Contents

President’s Corner
Executive Board Minutes
December Conference Call
Midwinter Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Slate for 2010 Election
Message Regarding the NASIG Election
Organizational Membership Passed
Voting Period Amendment Passed
2010 Award Winners Announced
Call for Volunteers
25th Conference (2010)
CPC Update
PPC Update
Call for Poster Sessions
Call for Discussion/User Groups
Marilyn Lewis
25th Anniversary Task Force
Other NASIG News
Call for Proceedings Reporters
Call for Newsletter Conference Reporters
LSOC Seeking New Ambassadors
New Editors Chosen for NASIG Pubs
—Committee Updates
——25th Anniversary TF
——Awards & Recognition
——Continuing Education
——Database & Directory
——Financial Development
——Membership Development
——Library School Outreach
——Proceedings Open Access TF
——Publications/Public Relations
——Site Selection
Other Serials & E-Resources News
Steve Shadle Receives ALCTS Award
Checking In
Title Changes
Thanks to Our Donors!
PDF Edition


25:1 (2010:03) President’s Corner

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President’s Corner
Rick Anderson, NASIG President

Thinking Warm Thoughts of Palm Springs

For many of us, it’s probably hard to believe that spring is really around the corner.  As I write this, the northeastern corner of the United States is bracing for another pair of massive snowstorms, just as it’s finishing digging out from the blizzards that came two weeks ago.  And it’s not just New England, either: there’s been snow in Texas, snow in Mississippi, and I have it on good authority that there was frost under the palm trees in Gainesville, Florida last week—it’s been a crazy, crazy late winter all around the country. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) President’s Corner…

25:1 (2010:03) Call for Discussion Groups and User Groups

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Call for Discussion Groups and User Groups

The NASIG Program Planning Committee (PPC) invites ideas for topics and volunteers for session facilitators for discussion groups and user groups at the 25th annual conference (http://www.nasig.org/conference_registration.cfm) in Palm Springs, California, June 3-6, 2010. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Call for Discussion Groups and User Groups…

25:1 (2010:03) Thanks to Our Donors!

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Thanks to Our Donors!

The following members have made donations to NASIG during the period of  January-March 2010 .  Donations support NASIG programs and scholarships .  Many thanks for contributing to these important aspects of NASIG’s mission!

Katy Ginanni – In honor of Sylvia Martin
Gale Teaster

A donation form is available online at https://secure.arcstone.com/amo/nasig/uploaded_documents/Forms/DonationForm.pdf.

25:1 (2010:03) Profile: NASIG 25th Anniversary Task Force

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NASIG 25th Anniversary Task Force
Susan Davis, Profiles Editor

It’s hard for many of us, especially the attendees at NASIG’s 1st conference in 1986, to believe that NASIG is celebrating its 25th conference in 2010!  Our task force was created to help plan special celebratory events at the upcoming Palm Springs conference and to document the occasion for posterity.   There were wonderful celebrations and projects for NASIG’s 10th and 20th anniversaries and we hope the 25th will be just as memorable. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Profile: NASIG 25th Anniversary Task Force…

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: PubPR

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[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board.]

Publications and Public Relations
Kathryn Johns-Masten and Wm. Joseph Thomas, Co-Chairs

Continuing activities

Joseph Thomas will draft a new webpage with the goal of providing information on calls for papers, people interested in collaborating and people seeking co-authors.  This will serve our charge of “serving in a proactive role to encourage publication of serials-related literature, whether for publication by NASIG itself or by an outside publishing agent.” Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: PubPR…

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Proceedings Open Access Task Force

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Proceedings Open Access Task Force
Carol Ann Borchert, Char Simser, David Bynog


The task force met a few times by phone and used Google Docs as a workspace for sharing and editing documents.  We considered the functions that Haworth was previously performing for us as our publisher and created a list of possible pros and cons of open access publishing.  Next, we created a list of 15 questions to ask potential open access publishers for the NASIG annual conference Proceedings. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Proceedings Open Access Task Force…

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Newsletter

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[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board.]


Kathryn Wesley and Angela Dresselhaus, Co-Chairs

Activities since fall 2009 report

Production schedule

December 2009 issue (24:3)

Blog postings completed December 9-18

Newsflash sent December 18

This issue included announcements on awards and the board’s intention to keep conference rates comparable to last year if possible; also an article on the new NASIG/ALPSP collaboration, two announcements from ALPSP, and one from ASA on their upcoming conference program. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Newsletter…

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Anniversary Task Force

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[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board.]

Anniversary Task Force

Members: Susan Davis, Deberah England, Tina Feick (co-chair), Marty Gordon, Teresa Malinowski (co-chair), Dan Tonkery, David Winchester

25th Anniversary Celebration – Activities Update

From October/November 2009 Conference Call

1)     New Member— Deberah England was added as a new task force member and will be the technical person for the task force.  A conference call with Char Simser, our liaison from ECC, will be arranged in the very near future.  Deberah created a Yahoo group site for the task force.

2)      Task Force Charge—Tina drafted a revised task force charge.  Charge and membership list were added to Yahoo group site and NASIG site.

3)     Newsletter Article—Susan prepared an article about the 25th celebration and the need for volunteers that appeared in the December Newsletter. Continue Reading 25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Anniversary Task Force…

25:1 (2010:03) Committee Updates: Site Selection

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Site Selection
Rick Anderson, Katy Ginanni, Joyce Tenney

The committee presented the slate of options to the Executive Board for the 2011 conference at the June 2009 NASIG Board meeting.  Over the summer the Site Selection Committee refined the bids from three cities and conducted site visits.  All three cities were viable and offered good bids.  After Executive Board discussion, bids were pursued for sites for both the 2011 conference and 2012 conference.  A favorable contract was negotiated with the 2011 city, which will be announced at our conference in Palm Springs.

Upon completion of that contract, the committee began negotiations for 2012.  It was determined that the needed dates for the conference were not available in that city due to a city-wide conference already booked there.  After consultation with the Executive Board, it was agreed that another city would be slotted for 2012, and we might look again at the second city for the 2013 conference, if favorable dates and rates could be obtained.

Currently, bids are being reviewed to determine good choices for the 2012 conference location.

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