24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: MDC

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Membership Development
Alice Rhoades and Jenni Wilson, Co-Chairs

Activities Since Last Report on May 2009
Obtained updated membership data from Database & Directory and made corrections.

  • Vendor member solicitation project:
    o Got spreadsheet based on Charleston Conference attendee list from 2008, to use to solicit membership from vendors that are not currently NASIG members; began looking up email contact information
    o Prepared draft letter for Board review (Abigail Bordeaux, Victoria Stanton, Sarah Tusa)
  • Brochure translations:
    o Received final drafts for Spanish and French translations
    o Currently reviewing French draft for Canadian French compatibility

Recommendations to Board

  • Pros and cons of print versus email vendor member solicitation (see second item above):
    o Print:  Advantages to a print letter are that we can include a brochure and hard-copy correspondence tends to make a bigger impression nowadays; disadvantages are the extra work and expense involved, our contact list doesn’t have mailing addresses on it, and the chance that print mail can be screened out by a secretary or assistant.
    o Email:  Advantages to e-mail are that it doesn’t cost, it’s less work, we already have most of the e-mail addresses, it could include a “hot link” to the NASIG website, and it goes directly to the intended recipient.  Disadvantages are that email is more easily overlooked or ignored.
    o Another option is to make initial contact through one means of communication, and followup with another.

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