24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: D&D

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[Ed. note: The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Database & Directory
Bob Persing and Greg Matthews, Co-Chairs

September 2009

The summer has been quiet for D&D — a little too quiet.  Both new memberships and renewals have been coming in slowly, and more members have become inactive each month than have joined.  We suspect that as a result of rolling renewals and two-tiered registration fees, most renewals and new members will naturally concentrate in the spring.  This year will be the test case for this.

We are currently discussing with Membership Development how to best urge non-renewing members to renew before they’re deactivated.  Currently, D&D sends them one reminder message.  The new procedure will probably involve a second message sent by Membership Development, extolling the benefits of membership.

A topic needing more consideration is how to handle organizational affiliations that are no longer accurate.  There are a few types of these:

  • Inactive members who are no longer with the organization they listed when a member.  Should we make any effort to update these records?  Or should we assume they will go away each time the database is purged?
  • Active members who have retired.  (Should they stay listed under their previous organization, or should they move to the “retiree” organization?  Or should it be up to them?)
  • Active members who are unemployed.  This appears to be a growing category.  Some have asked to be changed to “No Organization”, but others remain listed under their old organization.

The committee will discuss these questions and try to make recommendations.


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