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Citations: Required Reading by NASIG Members
Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report citations for publications by the membership—to include scholarship, reviews, criticism, essays, and any other published works which would benefit the membership to read.  You may submit citations on behalf of yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at kcblythe@email.unc.edu.  Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the author(s) before they are printed.  Include contact information with submissions.]

Our fellow members have been busy this past quarter, which is good news for those of us looking for some professional reading to help us get through the winter.  So, light a fire (not around the journals, of course) and open one of the following articles:

CHESLER, ADAM. “Perspectives on Job Stress in the Serials Information World: A Publisher’s Insights.” Serials Review 35:3 (2009): 159-161.

JOHNS, BETH. “The Fall of the Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later.” Reviews of The Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Revolutionary Legacy of 1989, by Jeffrey Engel; Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Implosion of the Communist Establishment, by Stephen Kotkin and Jan Gross; 1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe, by Mary Elise Sarotte; Revolution 1989: The Fall of the Soviet Empire, by Victor Sebestyen; and, The Wall in My Head: Words and Images from the Fall of the Iron Curtain. Library Journal, Oct. 9, 2009. http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6701181.html?nid=4683&source=link&rid=655628658. (accessed Nov. 2, 2009).

POPE, BARBARA M. and Waudenna Agee. “Social Networking for Promotion and Bibliographic Instruction.” Presented at the College and University Libraries Section, Kansas Library Association, Fall 2009 Conference, Hays, KS, Oct. 15-16, 2009.

POPE, BARBARA M. “Black Belt Librarians.” KLA Connects Newsletter (Spring 2009): 2.

POPE, BARBARA M. “Increasing Access to Serials without ISSN.” Poster presented at the NASIG 24th Annual Conference, Asheville, NC, June 5-8, 2009.

POPE, BARBARA M. Review of Marketing Today’s Academic Library, by Brian Matthews. ARBAonline, June, 2009.

POPE, BARBARA M. Review of Professional Liability Issues for Librarians and Information Professionals, by Paul D. Healey. Journal of Hospital Librarianship 9:4 (Oct. 2009): 445-448.

ROLNIK, ZAC. “Big Deal = Good Deal?” The Serials Librarian 57:3 (2009): 194-198. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03615260902913087 (accessed Nov. 2, 2009).

SIBLEY, B. JEAN. Record of “Taking the Sting out of Multiple Format Serials Displays,” presented by Marsha Seamans and Nancy Lewis at the NASIG 23rd Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ, June 5-8, 2008. The Serials Librarian 56:1/4 (2009): 220-225.

SIBLEY, B. JEAN. “Shifting Gears: Planning and Processing of a Large Gift Serials Collection.” The Southeastern Librarian 57:1 (Spring 2009): 12-16.

STEPHEN, DAWN and Jenny Rushing. “Tying Information Literacy to a Library Materials Budget: Repackaging the Formula to Meet Learning Goals.” Presented at the 29th Annual Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC, Nov. 4-7, 2009.

Strauch, Bruce and ADAM CHESLER. “A Licensing Survival Guide for Librarians.” Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries 6:2 (2009): 123-137.

And, in a special notice relating to scholarship, KELLI GETZ writes that:

In lieu of the current economic climate, the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) is working on creating continuing education opportunities for serialists via regional unconferences and webinars.  Members of the CEC will be contacting various regional groups to explore opportunities for unconferences, or one-day facilitated gatherings centered on a specific topic.  Unconferences are ideal because they are low-cost options both for the unconference attendees and for NASIG.  Please let any of the CEC members know of any group willing to co-sponsor an unconference with the CEC.

During the coming year, the CEC also plans on setting up a series of webinars that would provide additional continuing education opportunities for NASIG members.  With many institutions cutting travel budgets, these will provide low-cost alternatives for those who cannot travel.  The CEC will be exploring how to set-up and how to conduct a webinar in the coming months.  Please contact the CEC if you would like to host a webinar or for webinar ideas.

The CEC may be reached at: cec@list.nasig.org.


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