24:4 (2009:12) NASIG Executive Board Minutes

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NASIG Executive Board Minutes
Date:    August 28, 2009
Place:    Conference call

Rick Anderson, President
Katy Ginanni, Vice President/President-Elect
Carol Ann Borchert, Secretary
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Lisa Blackwell, Treasurer-in-Training

Members At-Large:
Bob Boissy
Patrick Carr
Steve Kelley
Christine Stamison
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah George Wessel

Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Jill Emery, Past-President

1.0 Welcome (Anderson)

Anderson called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m. EDT.

Anderson brought before the board the issue of the laptop NASIG purchased 4 or 5 years ago for the registrar’s use.  It is not currently being used and is in the possession of D. Novak.

VOTE:  NASIG will a) de-accession the laptop and remove it from NASIG’s books, b) have the NASIG data wiped from the laptop, and c) not replace the laptop with a new one.

Motion made by Anderson, seconded by Blackwell.  All voted in favor, with no dissenting votes.

ACTION ITEM:   Whiting will ask Novak to have the hard drive wiped clean, either by her husband or a member of her IT staff.  Whiting will follow up on this item and can have the laptop donated to another organization.

There was a question on the FAQ listed in the discussion forum regarding institutional membership.  Is it $1000 or $1500?  Wesley corrected the form to read $1500 during the meeting.

2.0 Secretary’s report (Borchert)

2.1 Approval of board actions since June meeting

Below is the list of board activity since the June board meeting.  There were no corrections or additions noted during the conference call.

8/09    R. Anderson created a discussion forum for the institutional membership issue, with the
FAQ document that the board approved.  The board agreed that the discussion period will be open until September 30.

8/09    Board provided input for questions from the NASIG 25th Anniversary Task Force and the Program Planning Committee.

8/09    Board provided suggested revisions to the Champion Award documents.

8/09    Board approved the rewording for the Speakers Reimbursement document regarding strategy speakers to: “Under normal circumstances, only three (3) speakers will receive this waiver for each session.”

8/09    Board approved final minutes from the NASIG Conference Executive Board meeting, business meeting and Executive Board wrap-up meeting on 8/7/09.

8/09    Board reviewed and provided input on sample 2010 conference logos.

7/09    Tafurelli forwarded a question to the board from the Proceedings editors regarding author retention of copyright.  Wessel suggested the board support authors’ retention of copyright.  The T&F document might need to be altered so that both T&F and NASIG maintain rights to first publication (in Serials Librarian) and distribution in whatever formats exist currently or in the future.  Tafurelli is taking this back to the Proceedings editors to renegotiate with Taylor & Francis.

7/09     Board provided suggested changes and approved the draft of the reciprocal agreement with the Association of Subscription Agents regarding the sharing of information and conference attendance.

7/09    The board provided input for the Merriman Award draft documents.

7/09    The board suggested an alternate slogan to CPC for the 2010 conference, which was accepted by CPC:  “An Oasis in Shifting Sands: NASIG at 25.”

7/09    The board provided input into the organizational sponsorships guidelines and application.

7/09    Anderson discussed with the board the option of having a conference call versus an in-person meeting in January.  The board decided on an in-person meeting, and Anderson announced that Kim Maxwell has arranged for a meeting room at the MIT library for the board meeting.

7/09    Carr brought some questions from MDC to the board, which Emery was able to answer.

7/09    Stamison provided the 25th Anniversary Task Force report to the board for input on questions.

6/09    The Board discussed the Mentoring Group report, and Emery took action items back to the committee.

6/09    Carr sent the report from the Continuing Education Committee from their grant-sponsored event.  The Technical, Electronic and Digital Services Interest Group (TEDSIG) of the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) held their annual Spring Workshop on April 24, 2009, 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. in Dublin, Ohio, with the theme of “Electronic Serials: Getting Them and Keeping Them.”

6/09   VOTE:  The board voted unanimously in favor of the following guidelines for organizational sponsorships proposed by the FDC:

  1. A vendor expo table costs $1,000.
  2. If and when the NASIG membership approves the new category of institutional membership, that will cost $1,500 annually and will include registration for three conference attendees.
  3. Institutional members may purchase a vendor expo table for $500.

6/09    The board discussed clean-up issues pertaining to the NASIG website.  It was decided to remove the Translators Resource Team page.  The Administrative Support Task Force page will be noted as being currently suspended.

2.2 Outstanding action items

The board discussed the outstanding action items, which are listed below.  Per Anderson’s request, each action item now includes a board member’s name.  Blackwell volunteered to be Pennington’s board liaison and to have the Translator Team’s pages removed from the website.

Not done/in progress:

ACTION ITEM:  Blackwell will work with Pennington to ensure that a programming request for a donation option will be added to the listing of possible website enhancements.

ACTION ITEM:  Borchert and ECC will work with the archivist on web presence and other archives issues.

ACTION ITEM:  Emery will work with N&E over the course of this year to insure that the manual is complete and posted on the website. ONGOING.

ACTION ITEM:  Ginanni will send out an email in early January to all committee co-chairs, asking them to poll their committee members on their desire to remain on a committee or any issues that may have arisen with committee membership or need for appointments.

ACTION ITEM:  Kelley will have PPC update their manual to reflect the change in the policy on selection of programs that have been presented at other venues.

ACTION ITEM:  Kelley will have PPC update their manual to reflect the change in speaker reimbursements.

ACTION ITEM:  Kelley will have PPC update the website to reflect the change in speaker reimbursement and the call for proposals.

ACTION ITEM:  Boissy will draft a notice to reflect the publicity process for NASIG committees.

ACTION ITEM:  All board liaisons will verify that the notice on the publicity process has been added to the committee manuals.  By 8/28 J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E, D&D added?

ACTION ITEM:  Borchert will present a report at the January board meeting on behalf of the Proceedings Open Access Task Force.

ACTION ITEM:  Each liaison should work with committee co-chairs to insure that the Committee Chairs Leadership Development document is being followed. ONGOING. J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E.

ACTION ITEM:  Blackwell will work with Pennington to present a prioritized listing of requested enhancements and fixes to the website at the fall board meeting.

:  Blackwell will ensure the ArcStone contract is reviewed and ArcStone will be notified that we will be requesting revisions to the contract.

ACTION ITEM:  Blackwell, Pennington, Whiting, Mary Bailey and other selected website administrative users will review the upgrade to the website and determine if it would be advantageous for NASIG to move to the new upgrade.  SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 2009.

ACTION ITEM:  Anderson is working on the revision to the T&F contract to have specific language to address a mutually agreed upon version of data for NASIG archiving purposes upon termination of contract.

: Borchert will add item to working calendar or list of president’s duties from the ASA reciprocal agreement:  Twice yearly, the NASIG President will provide ASA with a briefing covering key NASIG activities and developments.  The ASA will feature this information in the news section of the ASA website and in ASA News.  The ASA will send NASIG similar information to be featured on the NASIG website and Newsletter.  The supply of copy will be the responsibility of the organisation contributing the news story.

ACTION ITEM:  Blackwell will remove the Translators Resource Team page.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will work with Taylor & Francis to get a contract for the 2010 NASIG Proceedings.  He will verify that we will receive a copy of the .pdf to post on the NASIG website.

ACTION ITEM:  All board liaisons should remind their committees to submit announcements for “What’s New”.  ONGOING J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E.

ACTION ITEM:  All board liaisons will have committees add a reminder in their manuals that they should be submitting updates and announcements to the publicist for the “What’s New” section of the website, and that all external announcements should be funneled through the NASIG publicist.

: Each liaison will work with the incoming committee to have a web liaison for each committee. That person will need to attend the training being offered by ECC during the conference to see how to use the new website and use the administrative functions available.  Date and time for this session will be announced. Each committee should have a person dedicated to monitoring the discussion forums and help drive discussion and topics to keep members informed and connected.  BY 8/28 J. Emery for Mentoring and N&E.


  • Anderson will add a section in his upcoming President’s Column on making a donation to NASIG.
  • Emery will ask FDC to review options for general liability insurance and have a report and recommendation ready for the fall board meeting.  Whiting will send information to FDC on our current policy and issues that have arisen with the current company.
  • Blackwell will work with D&D to revise the membership number report.
  • Tenney will ask Williams to update the archivist web page up to reflect the appointment and term limit of Archivist.
  • Boissy will ask MDC to work with past president on Vendor Expo issues for the 2010 conference.
  • Tenney will have committee report form updated to reflect that the May report is an annual report for committee activities.
  • Anderson will appoint a publicist-in-training.
  • Tenney will update the reimbursement document to reflect the change in speaker reimbursement.
  • Blackwell will work with Pennington via web conferencing to review the administrative functions and issues with the current website.
  • Stamison will work with A&R to make sure the Champion Award is on their list for the 2010 conference awards.
  • Boissy will ask ECC to note the Administrative Support Task Force page as being currently suspended.  Borchert will draft information about the changes to the Administrative Support Task Force and the Translators Resource Team for the Newsletter and the What’s New section of the web pages.
All board members should review entries in the NASIG Working Calendars with their committees, task forces and working groups. Submit edits to Tenney before the June Executive Board Meeting.
  • Simser will ask N&E to verify that a communication process between N&E and the nominees is in place by the June board meeting to confirm to nominees that their information packet has been received.
  • Blackwell will work with Simser to get additional links to Donation Form on the website.

2.3 Working calendar updates – which committees did you not hear from?

Taffurelli reviewed the working calendar for the Library School Outreach Committee.  Wesley sent a list of items to Tenney prior to the NASIG annual conference, which has been added.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting/Blackwell)

3.1 Financial status

Whiting reported that the balance in the checking account is down right now while we are paying deposits.  At this point in the year, all committees are well within their budgets.

3.2 Asheville conference income/expenses

Whiting reported that with a lot of help from organizational sponsorships, we made approximately $40,000 on the 2009 annual conference.

The board noted that Char Simser, Jill Emery, and Dan Tonkery did a fabulous job on the organizational sponsorships and appreciates all of their hard work!

Blackwell expressed concern that we may have lost money on the second social event at the Crest Center, as confirmed by Whiting.  The board discussed the issue of charging a fee for evening events, but tabled the issue until the October meeting (or will discuss via email).

4.0 Committee updates (all)

Anniversary Task Force
Stamison reported that the TF will be asking for more volunteers and will be working with the Publications and Public Relations Committee.  The TF work is going well, and she will send a draft of the minutes to the Board.

Awards & Recognition
Stamison said the committee’s work is up to date, and the Champion Award information will go up next week.  There have also been conference calls regarding the Merriman Award.  Blackwell reminded Stamison to notify D&D to put a box for the new awards in the member records.

Wessel had no report from this group.

Conference Planning
Wessel reported that subcommittee assignments are done, and the basic website is ready.

Continuing Education
Carr had a question for the board about how to get proceeds for co-sponsored events back to NASIG.  The board decided to table this issue until the October meeting.

Database & Directory
Blackwell reported that D&D is updating membership records to reflect committee assignments.

Electronic Communications
Boissy said the committee is working like mad updating the NASIG website.

Evaluation & Assessment
Ginanni has a list of programs and rankings from Asheville and Phoenix.  Carr reported that CEC does not currently have it, so Ginanni will resend.

Financial Development
Anderson reports that the committee is working on the board response to their proposal.

Library School Outreach
Taffurelli had nothing new to report.  They are updating the working calendar.

Membership Development
Carr reported that MDC has a list of Charleston vendor attendees to solicit for NASIG membership.

[from Emery via email]  The Mentoring Task Force has two action items to complete before the October Board meeting:

1.    Create and implement a calendar-oriented checklist for mentors to work through with their mentees. This document can be posted to the mentoring group web page (Target date-fall board meeting)

2.    Start a NASIG discussion forum on mentoring for any mentee to post a message and any mentor to respond to regarding NASIG as an organization and to encourage further NASIG participation. (Target date: fall board meeting.)  On this one, go ahead a send a message to: web@nasig.org when you’re ready to get started on it.  Dana is the web liaison for mentoring and they take turns monitoring the discussion forums.

Wesley said the .pdf editions are getting caught up, and she now has superuser status.  Sharon Heminger resigned as .pdf editor, and is being replaced by Dresselhaus in the interim.  Praises for Dresselhaus, her work ethic, and her many contributions were sung to the heavens by multiple board members!

Nominations & Elections
[from Emery via email]

  • N&E started a follow-up discussion using the NASIG forum to carry on the discussion about the election process. This is a follow-up to the brainstorming session held at the annual conference.  The forum posting was announced via email blast and “What’s New” entry on August 6.
  • Sent out an open call for nominations via an email blast and “What’s New” entry. An article will also be posted in the September Newsletter.  Follow-up blasts will be sent out periodically. Nomination deadline is 10/12.
  • Committee members started a discussion via email regarding the election process, calendar and changing the bylaws.  After reviewing notes from brainstorming session and forum entries and our own comments, we concluded that N&E will pursue bylaws amendment (will work with Bylaws Committee).  Want to have a vote ready this fall/winter.  Will present 3 different scenarios for members to vote on: 1) no change in election process; 2) no vetting for any office; 3) hybrid system with vetting for VP/PE and treasurer; no vetting for secretary or member-at-large.  These amendments would be effective for the election in 2011.  Will also propose that bylaws be amended to change voting period on the election from 30 days to a shorter period (have yet to ascertain the number; still up for debate).  No need to have 30 days when we now have electronic voting.
  • N&E are working on cleaning up the committee manual and working on a budget.
  • N&E are thinking about asking people who are slated to submit a “head shot” as part of their nomination packet.  This photo would be voluntary.  As voters review the packets, they would have access to the photos.  Voters may recognize a face before they recognize a name.

**Does the board endorse this idea?  The Board endorses this as long as submitting a head shot is voluntary and not required.

  • N&E are considering asking all nominees to submit a 5 page (no longer) CV/resume as part of their nomination packets (packets include position statement, references and biographical info). Once slating/vetting has taken place, those who are on the ballot will submit the standardized profile form.  This is an effort to make things easier on the nominees; they won’t need to complete the standardized form unless they are slated; less work for the people who aren’t slated.  And to make things easier on the voter, have standardized information and structure to review before voting.

***Does the board endorse this idea?  This generated a lot of discussion:

It is nice that N&E is making the process easier, but it might be hard to cut down or fill up to match 5 pages.  It was noted the length requirement is a ceiling not a floor (maximum of 5 pages, not minimum).  Some board members were concerned about a CV being intimidating when comparing academic institution candidates versus public library or vendor candidates.  Some preferred no CV or resume, and one person preferred keeping the form (in addition to or in absence of CV/resume).  Another member asked how this was a new process versus the existing one.  We need more clarification.  Given the variety of views, the board tabled this discussion until the October meeting.

  • Also Jacqui Samples is their web liaison person & Eleanor Cook is monitoring the discussion forums

Program Planning
Kelley said that the updated scheduling proposal has been sent.  The committee is leaning toward both poster sessions and lightning talks.  In order to do that, do we shorten the user groups to 45 minutes?  It was suggested that PPC could keep user groups at one hour and shorten poster sessions, or do the poster sessions during a break.  The board likes the idea of doing both poster sessions and lightning talks, and said it is okay if committee meetings overlap with user groups.  Blackwell reminded Kelley that the ECC training session needs a relatively conflict free time.

Publicity & Public Relations
Boissy is drafting the publicity instructions for committees.  Publicity announcements will need to follow a template to cover all information needed, and national and international announcements will need to go through the NASIG publicist.

Site Selection
See agenda item 6.0.

Conference Proceedings editors
Taffurelli had two items.  Two authors want to retain copyright, so she will follow up with editors regarding the copyright form question.  The second item pertained to the purchase of a digital recorder for the vision sessions.  It was decided the editors will purchase the recorder and be responsible for getting it to each of the vision sessions.  One member asked if we needed a release form, but this is already part of the MOU for vision speakers.  No other sessions are digitally recorded.

5.0 Sponsorships update (provided by Jill via email – discussion as needed)

  • Documentation is 99% complete but still need URL for Champion Award so nothing has been sent out to potential sponsors.
  • The sponsorship documents on the public NASIG website have not been updated since the award URL is needed.
  • All documentation in its current form has been loaded into the board space under important documents.
  • The sponsorship wiki has been updated with the new documentation and a new tracking table has been created. Currently, Peter Whiting, Selden Lamoureux, and Jill Emery have access to the wiki in PBWorks.  Selden is included because the logos reside here until ready to go up on the conference website.

***Is there anyone else who needs access to the sponsorship wiki?  Blackwell needs to be added.

Stamison spoke to C. Ficken regarding updates for the Champion Award.  We are holding up the call for sponsorship so that we can link to the Champion Award pages.

ACTION ITEM:  Emery needs to add Blackwell for access to the sponsorship wiki.

6.0 Site Selection update (Anderson/Ginanni) / EXECUTIVE SESSION

7.0 Serials E-News update (Anderson)

Anderson reported that the Serials E-News distribution problem has been solved to retain links in the messages and keep the emails out of spam folders.  The response so far has been positive and there has been a slight increase in ad revenue.  There are no solid numbers yet, but we should be expecting a report soon.  The amount of money won’t be much—probably less than $100 at first.  Hopefully it will grow with time.

8.0 Board mentoring reminder and documentation (Anderson)

Anderson reminded everyone to read through the mentoring checklist on the board space.

9.0 Institutional memberships update (Anderson)

We need to add a list of benefits of institutional memberships to the FAQ page.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will add list of benefits to the FAQ page for institutional memberships.

10.0 Program evaluations from Asheville (Ginanni)

Ginanni reminded everyone to be sure to read the documents posted in the board web space.  Asheville rated higher than the previous two years, but there was a question about the lower response rate.  It was suggested that perhaps a lower response rate indicates a lack of problems.  Phoenix had a higher response rate than Asheville.

Someone asked if the evaluation period was open until July 1 or through July 1.  Some folks tried to fill out evaluation forms on July 1 and were denied access.  It seemed that the free registration drawing was not advertised as much as it had been the year before, which may have affected the response rate.  There was some confusion about whether folks could fill out the evaluations part-way and then go back.  It turns out they could not, so some people may have started an evaluation then been unable to finish it.

Ginanni will check with Ann Doyle Fath to see if we can add a feature to ArcStone to be able to return to the evaluations multiple times before submitting.


12.0 Conference Proceedings contract with T&F (Anderson)

The Taylor & Francis contract has arrived!  Comments from the board, based on the draft sent to the Board listserv on 8/27/09:

Paragraph 2f:  Add that the author has the right to post the article on an institutional repository (IR).  This is not necessarily covered by the current wording, as IRs are not always accessible only to the author’s institution.  The IR issue is covered in the copyright agreement.  Anderson will ask T&F to make the contract agree with the copyright agreement.

Paragraph 2e:  Please clarify “275 gratis subscriptions.”

Paragraph 8:  Is T&F handling the copyright agreements or are the editors?  Clarify if this refers to pre-publication copyright or copyright issues post-publication.  This might refer to permissions requests for use of materials after publication, which would be handled by T&F.  NASIG Proceedings editors will continue to collect signed copyright forms from the authors and T&F will handle permissions requests after the fact.

Paragraph 9:  Term of agreement is currently listed as 3 years, not one year.  It was noted that typically the term of this sort of agreement is 5 to 7 years.  Anderson will ask T&F for a 2-year term instead of 3.

Paragraph 13:  The address needs to be changed to the current New York address.

Paragraph 2j:  Will there be free NASIG subscriptions to the entire volume?  Yes, and we will no longer have to post the Proceedings on the NASIG website.  How will this be authenticated?

VOTE:  Anderson will clarify with T&F the following issues:

  1. The 275 gratis subscriptions
  2. The language in paragraph 2f pertaining to the author being able to post content in an institutional repository.
  3. Who is handling copyright agreements (paragraph 8)
  4. Changing the term of the contract from 3 years to 2 years.

All votes were in favor, no votes against.

ACTION ITEM:  Anderson will take suggested revisions and clarifications for the contract back to T&F.

13.0  Other miscellaneous items

Anderson reminded board members about a few housekeeping items relating to the October Palm Springs meeting.

Referring back to the T&F contract, does paragraph 3.a.3 refer to the Proceedings only, or to the entire Serials Librarian journal?

Boissy reported, as an FYI for the Library School Outreach Committee, that he’ll be doing a presentation to a serials class at SUNY Albany’s library school regarding NASIG.  He’ll also be hitting Syracuse and other northeast locations.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:56 p.m. EDT.

Minutes submitted by:
Carol Ann Borchert
September 3, 2009

Revised September 22, 2009

Minutes approved by NASIG Executive Board on October 2, 2009


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