24:4 (2009:12) Table of Contents

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December 2009

Table of Contents

President’s Corner
Executive Board Minutes
August Conference Call
Fall Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
NASIG/UKSG to Give Merriman Award
Champion Award 2010
2010 Awards Application Process Announced
NASIG/ALPSP Collaboration
25th Conference (2010)
25th Anniversary Plans
Board Announces Tentative Rates
Kathy Machin
Other NASIG News
New Mentoring Forum
Committee Annual Report-CPC
—Committee Updates
——Awards & Recognition
——Continuing Education
——Database & Directory
——Electronic Communications
——Financial Development
——Library School Outreach
——Membership Development
——Nominations & Elections
——Proceedings OATF
——Telecommunications TF
Other Serials & E-Resources News
ASA Conference Program
ALPSP Elects First Non-UK Chair
ALPSP 2009 Award Winners
Thanks to Our Donors!
Title Changes



24:4 (2009:12) President’s Corner

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President’s Corner
Rick Anderson, NASIG President

The colder it gets here in northern Utah (I’m having to bundle up more and more for my early-morning run), the more I find myself thinking about Palm Springs and our upcoming conference there – and I’m having a hard time believing that it’s now only seven months away.  We had a very productive Executive Board meeting at Rancho Las Palmas this past October, and I was impressed again by the quality of the facilities, the beauty of the setting, and the great bargain we’re getting for such a great hotel in such a desirable place.  It’s going to be a fantastic location for our 25th anniversary – here’s hoping we’ll see all of you there!

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24:4 (2009:12) Thanks to Our Donors!

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Thanks to Our Donors!

The following members made donations to NASIG in the period of May-December 2009.  Donations are used to support NASIG scholarships and awards.  Thanks for your support of these important programs!

Char Simser

Virginia Taffurelli – Rose Robischon Memorial Fund

24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Telecom TF

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Telecommunications Task Force
Derrik Hiatt, Selden Lamoureux, and Char Simser, Chair


The Telecommunications Task Force was charged with identifying a cost-effective conference calling solution for NASIG.

  1. Identify 3-5 alternatives to Netspoke including Skype and investigate functionality for conference calling. Web conferencing and webinar presentation were to be considered to aid CEC.
  2. Present preliminary findings at the fall board meeting for each provider.

Task Force Summary
Background and Discussion
The Task Force compiled a list of 18 products, 8 of which offered “free” conference calling. (See Appendix A for the complete list of products.)  Basic information about each service was noted and the list narrowed after the follow considerations were taken into account: 1) some only offered web conferencing; 2) fees for well known products (such as WebEx & Citrix) would be well beyond NASIG’s reach based on information from other colleagues or task force members’ experience/knowledge; 3) information and/or instructions about the features of the product was confusing; and 4) product only supported PCs.
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24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: PubPR

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Publications and Public Relations
Kathryn Johns-Masten and Wm. Joseph Thomas, Co-Chairs

Continuing Activities

Marilyn Carney continues to serve admirably as NASIG Publicist, and is joined by new member Betsy Appleton as publicist-in-training.  The publicist has been sending announcements and   will continue to update the Publicist’s Manual as needed.

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24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Proceedings

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Allyson Zellner and Lori Terrill, Co-Editors

  • We have collected most of the 2009 conference papers and copyright forms.  We are using Google Docs again this year for editing the papers and will upload them into CATS, Taylor & Francis’ online manuscript program, after our edits are complete.
  • For the 2009 conference, CPC continued its use of a cassette recorder to record the vision sessions for the reporters.  Unfortunately the sound quality was poor and we have included a line in our 2010 budget request for a digital audio-recorder.
  • This year there was some confusion regarding reporters for the NASIG Newsletter and recorders for the Conference Proceedings.  It needs to be made clear to both newsletter reporters and speakers that the report for the NASIG Newsletter is not the same thing as the paper required for the Conference Proceedings.
  • A couple of authors expressed the desire to retain copyright to their papers.  After discussions with Taylor & Francis and the NASIG Board, these authors were given the option to sign a form retaining their copyright, but allowing for publication in the Serials Librarian.  Permission was requested to post the papers to the NASIG website.

24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Proceedings OATF

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Proceedings Open Access Task Force
Carol Ann Borchert

Members:  Carol Ann Borchert, David Bynog, Anna Creech, Char Simser

The Proceedings Open Access Task Force met via conference call on August 12 to map out a game plan.  One of the questions was about the reason the task force was created, so Char provided background on that.

After the call, Carol Ann put several documents into GoogleDocs for the task force members to edit, comment, and brainstorm:

  • Pros and cons of publishing open access
  • Functions that Haworth performed for us as publishers
  • Questions for open access publishers

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24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Newsletter

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Kathryn Wesley, Editor-in-Chief

PDF Catchup Project

September 2008 completed and posted August 3.  A copy was sent to the archivist.  Angela, with input from Kathryn, has developed a new design incorporating the new logo to begin with the December 2008 issue.  This issue is in the final stages of proofing and should be posted within a few days.  Angela has the files ready to produce the March 2008 issue.  This should proceed quickly now that the design issues are settled.

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24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: Mentoring

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Gracemary Smulewitz and Dana Walker, Co-Chairs

As recommended by the NASIG Board, the Mentoring Committee is currently engaged in increasing the value of mentoring by encouraging mentoring throughout the year so that it is not a single event that takes place at the beginning of the conference. 

To accomplish this, the committee has established a forum for mentoring activities and suggestions.  The committee has also sent 78 emails to all 2009 mentors/mentees informing them of the forum.
Also the committee has established a calendar checklist for mentors/mentees to prompt contact with mentees for significant events throughout the year.   The checklist has been posted on the Mentoring page.

24:4 (2009:12) Committee Updates: MDC

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[Ed. note:  The following is excerpted from the fall report to the Executive Board.]

Membership Development
Alice Rhoades and Jenni Wilson, Co-Chairs

Activities Since Last Report on May 2009
Obtained updated membership data from Database & Directory and made corrections.

  • Vendor member solicitation project:
    o Got spreadsheet based on Charleston Conference attendee list from 2008, to use to solicit membership from vendors that are not currently NASIG members; began looking up email contact information
    o Prepared draft letter for Board review (Abigail Bordeaux, Victoria Stanton, Sarah Tusa)
  • Brochure translations:
    o Received final drafts for Spanish and French translations
    o Currently reviewing French draft for Canadian French compatibility

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