24:3 (2009:09) Citations

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Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report citations for publications by the membership—to include scholarship, reviews, criticism, essays, and any other published works which would benefit the membership to read.  You may submit citations on behalf of yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at kcblythe@email.unc.edu.  Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the author(s) before they are printed.  Include contact information with submissions.]

This quarter’s introduction will be short and sweet (with “sweet” being subjective, of course).  Thanks to the authors of the below-noted works for engaging with ideas and then making the result of their labor available to us, their friends and colleagues in NASIG.

ABIGAIL BORDEAUX, “Using Standards to Tame Electronic Resource Management,” Information Standards Quarterly (Winter 2009).

BARBARA POPE, review of Marketing Today’s Academic Library: A Bold New Approach to Communication with Students, by Brian Mathews, ARBAonline.

CHRISTOPHER H. WALKER and Ann Copeland, “The Eye Prophetic: Julia Pettee,” Libraries & the Cultural Record 44, no. 2 (May 2009): 162-182, in a special issue on women pioneers in information science, ed. Trudi Bellardo Hahn and Diane Barlow.

CHRISTOPHER H. WALKER, “Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic: A Drowning Cataloger’s Call to Stop Churning the Subject Headings,” in Radical Cataloging: Essays at the Front, ed. K. R. Roberto (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., 2008).


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