24:3 (2009:09) 24th Conference: NASIG Executive Board Wrap-Up Notes

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Date, Time:    June 7, 2009, 8:05 a.m. – 9:37 p.m.
Place:        Renaissance Hotel
Asheville, North Carolina

Jill Emery, President
Rick Anderson, Vice President/President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Char Simser, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Bob Boissy
Anna Creech
Kim Maxwell
Jeff Slagell
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah Wessel

Katy Ginanni, incoming Vice President/President-Elect
Lisa Blackwell, incoming Treasurer-in-Training
Carol Ann Borchert, incoming Secretary
Patrick Carr, incoming Member-At-Large
Steve Kelley, incoming Member-At-Large
Christine Stamison, incoming Member-At-Large

All agreed that it had been a great conference and that CPC and PPC did an excellent job.  Special praise was given to the Renaissance staff for their outstanding level of service.

Emery noted the following action items:

The A&R and Treasurer’s manual should include the following information:

  • A $10.00 international calling card should be purchased for the Mexican Student Grant winner.
  • The Mexican Student Grant winner should receive $75.00 in cash when they arrive at the conference for on-site expenses.
  • The cost of the visa for the Mexican Student Grant winner should be included in the funding for the award.

Other A&R issues:
Boissy reported that more information will be coming about the progress of the Merriman Award.  He and Carol Ficken will continue their work on the award process over the summer and fall.  The NASIG A&R committee would vet the NASIG member and the UKSG would vet the UKSG member.  Board members would not be eligible for the award during their tenure on the board.

Student Grant winners should be encouraged to apply for a mentor at the conference and the Mentoring Committee will let A&R know if any of their winners have not signed up so A&R can offer additional encouragement to sign up for a mentor.  The process works better if it goes through the normal channels of mentor sign up.

Creech noted that some of the A&R documentation was lost in the website transition and Slagell volunteered to assist in reconstructing information and documentation for that committee.  Carr will assist in the process.

A discussion of the whole issue regarding not displaying logos and the line between sales pitch versus explanation of processes, systems, or products was discussed and how to give attendees more information in the abstracts in the program to determine what they would like to attend.  Kelley will work with PPC to insure sufficient information is in the program to determine if it will meet the expectations of the attendees.

Discussion group logistics need some attention next year.  Try to have them far enough apart from general lunch conversations and other groups, so attendees can easily hear the conversations.  Tables for eating are useful, so need some areas to spread out.

The registration form for next year should have a checkbox next to special events to see if people will be attending.  This should help in cutting down on the cost for events where significant numbers do not attend all conference events.

It was agreed that the final decisions on vendor expo cost and time would be made in the next few weeks to be published for participants in the 2010 conference.

Suggested timeframe was Thursday from 1:00-4:00 for vendor expo, then have the first timers reception from 4:15-5:15 then have opening session from 5:30-6:30 then reception.

It was proposed that PPC give estimates to CPC on the number of attendees expected at the strategy and tactics sessions and not have attendee signup for these sessions.  This will cut down on the work of the registrar and alleviate some of the technical problems with the registration system.

Blackwell suggested that committee meetings be given the option to have AV.  It was agreed that if they need this it could be included in their committee budget and get the information to CPC early in the conference planning process.

It was suggested that CPC have a row of power cords in the front of the room so the bloggers could have place to plug in and have a seat.

Wireless access in the meeting rooms was a big hit; Tenney will investigate cost of this for the 2010 conference.

Bottled water for the 2010 conference should be purchased from a discount facility and handed out at registration. Bottled water and bottled juices from hotels/resorts are very expensive and should be avoided if possible.

Possible topics for 2010 were discussed and it was agreed that cutting edge issues need sessions.

User group meeting may need AV, so they should be treated like regular sessions and fill out an AV form to determine needs and costs.

Having the brainstorming session right after another meeting without a lag time worked well.   The board agreed that PPC/CPC would add additional information into the conference packets/schedule to promote the business meeting to attendees.

It was agreed that the 9:00 a.m. start time for sessions worked well and should be continued next year.

Drafted 6/16/09 by Joyce Tenney; revised 8/12/09 cab

BOARD APPROVED with correction:  8/7/09


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