24:3 (2009:09) 2009 Marcia Tuttle Award Project

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Oleg Vinogradov, Marcia Tuttle International Award Winner 2009

The goal of my project is to catalog the periodical literature (journals and newspapers) published by Jewish organizations in Russia and/or about Jews in the period 1990-2009.  This catalog will provide a window to the impressive array of Slavic Judaica publications, which are not easily obtainable in USA libraries.  Hopefully it will map the scope of these publications and improve access to them.

During the existence of the Soviet Union there were only two periodicals concerning Jews in the whole country – the magazine Sovetish Heimland and the newspaper Birobidzhaner Shtern (in Yiddish).  When the Soviet Union collapsed in the late 1980’s, tens, if not hundreds, of serials by or about Jews began to be published.  They appeared in every major city in Russia, primarily in the Russian language.  Often several Jewish publications appeared concurrently or consecutively in the same city.  Sometimes they even have the same title, but were published by different organizations.  Most of the Jewish serials in Russia disappeared when there was no more funding or when the founders emigrated from the country, but many are still being published.  Most of these serials, which document the revival of Jewish life in Russia at a particular point in time, have not been studied properly until now.

I work at the Library of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research as a catalog/acquisitions librarian.  (YIVO is the biggest American repository of the materials on East European Jewry).  Before coming to the US, I worked during fourteen years at the National Library of Russia (NLR), St. Petersburg.  And it is there where I am going to carry out my project.  In accordance with the Russian copyright law, every publication published in Russia has to be deposited in the National Library.  Therefore the NLR has the most comprehensive collection of Russian Jewish serials.

I plan to search for Jewish serials published in Russia after 1990 and catalog them in the following format: title, publisher, place of publication, issuing organization, date of first (and last) issue, number of issues a year, ISBN if any, main topics covered, audience to whom it is addressed, circulation, way of distribution (free, subscription, Jewish community centers, etc.), area of distribution.  I also plan to scan or photocopy the most interesting editions/issues.

The catalog will be done in two languages, English and Russian, and will have the transliteration according to the standards of the Library of Congress.  It will benefit scholars studying both Jewish revival and revival of general political and social thought in Russia.


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