24:3 (2009:09) 24th Conference: User Group: SirsiDynix

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SirsiDynix User Group

Sharon Dyas-Correia, University of Toronto
Reported by Sharon Dyas-Correia

Approximately thirty SirsiDynix customers attended the Sunday morning user group meeting in Asheville.  Sharon Dyas-Correia, SIRSI Serial Enhancements Forum moderator, led the session.  She began by welcoming everyone, introducing herself and presenting a basic agenda.  The group was polled as to which SirsiDynix product they currently use.  Participants were disappointed when they were informed that a SirsiDynix representative was not available to attend the meeting.  Sharon reminded attendees of the enhancement process for SirsiDynix products and encouraged users to actively participate on SirsiDynix lists and enhancement forums.  She indicated that voting information is expected to be available in the summer.

Sharon presented key serials update slides provided by Jane Grawemeyer, the SirsiDynix product representative.  The slides were originally presented in April 2009 at the SirsiDynix SuperConference held in Dallas, and included a summary of expected enhancements for Symphony 3.3.  The expected enhancements announced included: new selections and print options in serial control record reports; a new rollover vendor cycles in serial control records report; a change title link helper; a modify vendor information tool; a search library list type behavior property setting; and a MARC holdings display tab on the view pane.

Considerable discussion of future directions and sluggish product development followed.  Attendees expressed dissatisfaction that some enhancements announced as new developments over the past few years were still not working properly.  Many tips and tricks were shared as well.  Sharon asked if there were any final questions or comments and adjourned the meeting.


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