24:3 (2009:09) 24th Conference: Tactics Session: Managing Electronic Resource Statistics

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Managing Electronic Resource Statistics

Nancy Beals, Wayne State University
Reported by Alita Pierson

Nancy Beals of Wayne State University discussed the popular topic of statistics management.  Every single person sitting in the audience knew the pain and challenges involved in shepherding such data.  Beals’s presentation was a friendly introduction to how Wayne State Libraries (WSL) handles statistic management.  Utilizing tools such as SUSHI and formal ERMs, Beals outlined a multi-pronged strategy that permits WSL to glean the maximum benefit from its electronic resources.

After a brief “What are we really talking about when we talk about electronic resources’ statistics?” introduction, Beals discussed the core components of WSL statistics management.  Formal ERMs play an integral role in WSL’s data management; specifically, Beals discussed that they use tools from Scholarly Stats, Serials Solutions, and Innovative.

A distinguishing feature of the WSL system is the way in which it empowers selectors to analyze their own resources.  It is one thing to have a bevy of tools at one’s disposal, but it is even better if more than one person can use them; Beals and her colleagues have ensured just that.  Librarian selectors are provided with the tools and training to read and interpret the data churned out by the ERMs, but the best part is that they are not then left to fend for themselves.  Their continuing statistics education is ensured by a quarterly series of “InfoSessions.”  This fashion of embedding statistical awareness in the staff consciousness has proven invaluable in making sure that collection development is driven by accurate data.


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