24:3 (2009:09) 24th Conference: Preconference: Basics of E-Resource Licensing

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Basics of E-Resource Licensing
Selden Durgom Lamoureux, North Carolina State University Libraries; Clint Chamberlain, University of Texas
Reported by Catherine Seago

The “Basics of E-Resource Licensing” was a half day preconference.  Selden Durgom Lamoureux, North Caroline State University, and Clint Chamberlain, University of Texas at Austin, led the workshop.  They laid out an ambitious schedule including all the basics of licensing, from defining what you want from the license, the primary elements of the license, negotiating clauses, emerging standards,  alternatives to licensing, and ERM mapping.

Although Selden and Clint did not cover everything on the agenda, they addressed the important points and offered ways to follow up on the items that were not covered during the workshop.  Selden and Clint concentrated on what your institution wants out of the license, the elements that should be in a license, and what terms should be questioned.

They offered two hands-on exercises which were particularly helpful to license rookies.  One was identifying the desirable and undesirable parts of a license and the other was rewriting unacceptable parts of a license.  Selden and Clint were knowledgeable instructors who encouraged participants to ask questions and raise issues they faced at their own institutions.  In addition, they encouraged the publishers present to share their viewpoints.

A significant amount of the value of the workshop came from hearing a variety of participants discuss the diverse licensing challenges they face and what strategies might be employed to resolve them.  Participants in this workshop definitely walked away with a better understanding of how a license should work.  Furthermore, participants now have a handy toolkit to use and tips on which NASIG sessions to attend in the future to increase their licensing knowledge.  This preconference was well worth the time and could easily be repeated at a future date.


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