24:3 (2009:09) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time:    June 3, 2009, 8:42 a.m. – 4:13 p.m.
Place:        Renaissance Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina

Jill Emery, President
Rick Anderson, Vice President/President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Char Simser, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Bob Boissy
Anna Creech
Kim Maxwell
Jeff Slagell
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah Wessel

Ex Officio:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Katy Ginanni, Incoming Vice President/President Elect
Lisa Blackwell, Incoming Treasurer-in-Training
Carol Ann Borchert, Incoming Secretary
Patrick Carr, Incoming Member-At-Large
Steve Kelley, Incoming Member-At-Large
Christine Stamison, Incoming Member-At-Large
Eleanor Cook, Co-Chair, 2009 Conference Planning Committee
Steve Kelley, Co-Chair, 2009 Conference Planning Committee
Anne Mitchell, Co-Chair, 2009 Program Planning Committee
Morag Boyd, Co-Chair, 2009 Program Planning Committee

1.0 Welcome (Emery)

Emery called the meeting to order at 8:42 a.m. She welcomed all to the meeting and reviewed the rules of order.

2.0 Secretary’s report (Tenney)

2.1 Approval of board actions

Tenney presented the listing of Executive Board actions.  No amendments or edits were proposed. Slagell moved to accept the presented listing on Executive Board actions and Anderson seconded.  The board voted unanimously to accept the listing of board actions as noted below.

NASIG Board actions February – May 2009

2/09 Board voted to support the CEC proposal to co-sponsor the ALAO-TEDSIG program.

2/09 Board approved the A&R promotion document regarding award announcements.

2/09 Board approved the pricing for the preconferences for the annual conference.

2/09 Board agreed to not share our membership list with other nonprofit organizations at this time.

3/09 Board agreed to accept the revision to the John Merriman Award, to have the award be a conference exchange only in the first year of the award (2010).

3/09 Board agreed to initiate a discussion forum on the proposed Vendor Expo on the membership discussion forums to obtain member comment on the proposal.

3/09  Board agreed to support the recommendation of the Financial Development Committee to leave our current banking arrangements as they currently are, since Bank of America is FDIC insured.

4/09 Board agreed to accept the Library School Outreach Committee’s proposal and create an Ambassador’s Program web page.

4/09 Board approved the institutional membership FAQ and set a timeline for establishing a discussion forum and publicizing the forum for member discussion.

4/09 Board approved the PDF form for the NASIG shuttle for Asheville Airport transportation service for the 2009 conference.

2.2 Action items from April conference call

Tenney noted that most of the items were completed, or would be completed after the conference.  Send any updates to her.

2.3 Working calendar updates

Tenney reported most committees have reviewed the working calendar.  New updates should be sent to Carol Ann Borchert, the incoming NASIG Secretary.  Each committee should continue reviewing the working calendar and submitting updates as needed.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting)

3.1 Overview 2009 budget and expenditures to date

Whiting reported that the budget looks good for this year.  Expenditures are being closely monitored and we are on target for the year.  We currently have 789 active members and last year at this time we had 733 active members.  After discussion about various categories for expenditures, Whiting noted that he would review the categories and make any needed adjustments.

3.2 Donations update

Whiting reported that donations are significantly down, due to the cumbersome donations process currently in place.  Simser noted that adding a quick link to the donation form might help.  Blackwell made the addition to the quick link section of the website.  Adding a donation box to the renewal form, the conference registration form and the initial membership application process on the web will be included in the list of programming requests being complied by Buddy Pennington, the new web liaison.  It was also suggested that there should be some additional publicity on the donation option.  Anderson will add that item to his President’s Column for the upcoming newsletter.

ACTION ITEM: A programming request for a donation option will be added to the listing of possible website enhancements.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will add a section in his upcoming President’s Column on making a donation to NASIG.

ACTION ITEM: Blackwell will work with Simser to get additional links to donation form on the website.

3.3 Organizational insurance policies

Whiting reported on the status of NASIG insurance policies.  Currently, we have two policies, one for officers and one for general liability.  The current policy for officers has been renewed and will not expire until February 28, 2011.  The policy for general liability is with a different company that is not very responsive to requests for information and policy information and documentation.  Whiting suggested that we review other options for that policy.  It was agreed that FDC would be asked to review options for this policy and make recommendations to the board.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will ask FDC to review options for general liability insurance and have a report and recommendation ready for the fall board meeting.  Whiting will send information to FDC on our current policy and issues that have arisen with the current company.

4.0 Organizational sponsorship update (Simser)

Simser reported that we have $39,700 in organizational sponsorship donations.  Dan Tonkery and Jill Emery assisted in the process with good support from CPC members.  CPC was able to set up a wiki to keep everyone updated on process and progress.  It was noted that several sponsors wanted to donate for a specific item.  The program was a great success this year and, hopefully, next year will attract even more sponsors with the 25th anniversary celebrations.

It was noted that the organizational sponsorship program would be interwoven into the Vendor Expo, should that idea move forward.  It was agreed that the comments on Vendor Expo via the discussion forum were positive and that the discussion had offered several weeks for comments.

Anderson moved that we accept the recommendation of the FDC to hold a Vendor Expo at the 2010 conference.  Taffurelli seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.  It was agreed that the cost of a table at the Vendor Expo would be $1,000, or if the sponsor had made an organizational sponsorship donation of $1,000 or more they would have the option of having a table at the Vendor Expo.  Taffurelli moved that the cost of a table at the Vendor Expo would be $1,000, or anyone who donates $1,000 or more would have the opportunity to have a table at the Vendor Expo.  Whiting seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

5.0 Consent agenda (All)

Emery presented the reports from the consent agenda:  A&R, CEC, D&D, E&A, ECC, FDC, Mentoring, Proceedings, Pub/PR, and Translators Team.  After brief discussion D&D, and E&A were moved off of the consent agenda for discussion.  Emery noted the hard work of all committees and the board expressed their thanks to all who made it a successful year.  Simser moved to accept the reports of the committees on the consent agenda with the thanks of the board.  Maxwell seconded the motion.  The board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

Boissy asked how D&D compiled the membership numbers.  Blackwell explained the reporting process and limitations of the current technology on the available data.  After discussion, it was agreed that D&D would reformat their report to have the inactive membership numbers in a separate heading to allow for a clearer view of current membership numbers.

ACTION ITEM: Blackwell will work with D&D to revise the membership number report.

Creech noted that a question had come into E&A from a member to allow for paper evaluation form submission.  After discussion it was agreed that we would continue with the online only process.  It was agreed that the evaluation form could be posted in advance of the conference in pdf format, to allow for self printing to take notes at the conference then attendees could just key in the information after the conference.  The form would say “subject to change,” as some sessions are added at the last moment or speakers may change.  It was agreed that the evaluation form and process should be promoted throughout the conference announcements.

6.0 Archivist (Tenney)

6.1 Job description needed for recruitment

Tenney reported that Sheryl Williams has done an outstanding job as NASIG Archivist. There was discussion on whether the archivist position should be recruited or appointed.  Anderson moved that the position of NASIG Archivist be a board-appointed position, with the term of appointment not to exceed six years.  Wessel seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.  It was agreed the archivist web page would be edited to reflect this decision, and it would be noted that that an archivist-in-training may be appointed.

ACTION ITEM: Tenney will ask Williams to update the archivist web page up to reflect the appointment and term limit of archivist.

6.2 Assign a liaison from ECC to archivist to help with web presence

ACTION ITEM: ECC will work with the archivist on web presence and other archives issues.

7.0 MDC (Boissy)

7.1 Charleston attendee list

Boissy reported that MDC would be able to assist with the Vendor Expo solicitations via the Charleston attendee listing.  Emery asked that they coordinate with the past president to avoid overlap and duplicate solicitations.

MDC will also be working on the possible institutional membership issues that may arise as the process to gain member input and vote moves forward.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will ask MDC to work with past president on Vendor Expo issues for the 2010 conference.

8.0 N&E (Simser)

8.1 Number of votes candidate receives report to candidate and published

Simser reported that N&E had received a request to publish the number of votes received by candidates.  It was agreed that N&E could report to individual candidates the number of votes they received, but not for other candidates, and the numbers would not be distributed to the membership.

Simser noted that N&E still needed to complete their manual.  The section detailing the acknowledgement to candidates that their candidacy materials have been received and how the process moves forward is not detailed in their manual yet.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will work with N&E over the course of this year to insure that the manual is complete and posted on the website.

Emery noted that the committee appointment process for N&E is confusing and that the documentation for the process is not consistent.  After discussion, it was agreed that the committee would consist of nine members per year, and five of the nine members should be new appointments to the committee.  This will maintain consistency with the bylaws.

9.0 Newsletter (Emery)

9.1 Clarification on committee report form

Wesley reported that there was some confusion on the May committee report. Some committees were treating it as a regular update and some committees were using it as an annual report.  Traditionally, it has been an annual report and the board concurred that it should remain an annual report for the committee activities.

ACTION ITEM: Tenney will have committee report form updated to reflect that the May report is an annual report for committee activities.

9.2 ALCTS/ANO liaison

There was some confusion on who should perform this task.  After discussion, it was agreed that the publicist should fill this role.  It was agreed that there might be a need for a publicist-in-training.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will appoint a publicist-in-training.

10.0 Site Selection (Tenney, Anderson, Emery)

10.1 Proposed sites for 2011 conference

Tenney reported that approximately 100 proposals had been received and reviewed for the 2011 conference site.  The proposals were discussed and it was agreed that the Site Selection Committee would review the following cities for 2011 conference and make a recommendation to the board:  Buffalo/Niagara, Nashville, St. Louis.

Many good proposals were received and it was agreed that we would move as quickly as possible to establish the 2011 conference site, and then bid the 2012 to take advantage of the reduced rates in hotel and venue options in the current economic climate.

11.0 25th Anniversary Task Force (Maxwell)

Maxwell reported on the activities of the task force and noted that the release form for filming was being used and that it covered still photography as well as video filming.  It was noted that if anyone objects to a photograph on the website, it can be removed.

12.0 Committee size discussion (Emery, Anderson)

12.1 Should committee size be limited by board or by committee

The issue of committees self regulating size within the bounds of the bylaws was discussed.  It was agreed that board liaisons should be communicating regularly with committee co-chairs to see if they need fewer or more committee members, and if all committee members are participating as needed.  The timeline for committee appointments and the need for information on interest in continuing on a committee was discussed.  It was agreed that liaisons would ask co-chairs to poll their committee members in January, in regards to their interest on continuing on a committee and relay that information to the vice president. Emery reminded all of the new committee chairs leadership document.  Liaisons should be having monthly conversations with their co-chairs so issues can be dealt with in a timely manner.  Committee co-chairs should be delegating work down to the committee members and encouraging the distribution of knowledge within committees.

ACTION ITEM: Vice president will send out an email in early January to all committee co-chairs, asking them to poll their committee members on their desire to remain on a committee or any issues that may have arisen with committee membership or need for appointments.

13.0 CPC (Wessel, Cook, Kelley)

13.1 Final conference registration

Kelley reported that the final conference registration for the 2009 conference as of this week is 437.  There are 29 non-members registered.

13.2 Conference budget

Kelley reported that thanks to organizational sponsorship, we should end up breaking even or possibly making a slight profit.  He requested that the final information on the money collected be forwarded to CPC for accounting within the conference budget.  Whiting will forward the information to Kelley for the CPC budget.

13.3 Event planning update

Kelley and Cook reported on final arrangements for the Biltmore event and the Crest Center event.  Both events look on target and should be good experiences for attendees.

The board expressed their appreciation for all of the hard work from CPC for what looks to be a great conference.

14.0 PPC (Anderson, Boyd, Mitchell)

Boyd reported that there are a total of 71 speakers in the 2009 conference program. She noted that no sessions were going to be repeated.  Special thanks were noted for Michael Hanson from PPC for loading all of the flash drives with the speaker handouts prior to the conference.  Cook noted that a question about using digital recorders for the sessions for the Proceedings recordings had come up, but was not resolved this year.  It was agreed that the Proceedings editors should investigate what is needed and submit a budget request for this year.  The board expressed their appreciation for a great program.

14.1 Change to user group slot in light of Vendor Expo

Boyd questioned the need for user groups in light of the proposed Vendor Expo.  After discussion, it was agreed that these two entities served different purposes, and would both be a part of the 2010 program.

14.2 LSOC programming for 25th anniversary conference

Library school reunions were slotted as informal discussion groups this year and it seemed to be a good fit in the program.  It was agreed that PPC would have early discussions with LSOC to insure that advertising and information is consistent.

14.3 No repeat program policy implementation

Boyd noted that the current program selection process gives strong preference to the program not having been presented elsewhere.  After discussion, it was agreed to delete this requirement, and for copyright issues for the Proceedings it was agreed that every effort will be made to obtain copyright clearance to publish the paper in the Proceedings, but if it is not available, a note will be placed in the Proceedings to record where the paper may be found.

ACTION ITEM: PPC will update their manual to reflect the change in the policy on selection of programs that have been presented at other venues.

14.4 Evaluation of reimbursement guidelines to limit number of speakers

Boyd reported that the current policy on speaker reimbursements for panel presentations is expensive and she suggested that reimbursement for panel presentations be limited to three speakers.  Emery moved to accept the recommendation of PPC to normally limit the number of reimbursements for strategy speakers in a single presentation to three.  However, PPC may make exceptions as needed with the approval of the board.  Slagell seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

ACTION ITEM: PPC will update their manual to reflect the change in speaker reimbursements.

ACTION ITEM: PPC will update the website to reflect the change in speaker reimbursement and the call for proposals.

ACTION ITEM: Tenney will update the reimbursement document to reflect the change in speaker reimbursement.

14.5 Speaker guidelines for multiple sessions

After discussion it was agreed that speakers would generally not be booked for multiple sessions at the same conference.  However, PPC may recommend specific exceptions to the board.

14.6 PPC/CPC coordination outlined in manuals

There was concern expressed that there may be some ambiguity in the PPC and CPC manuals in the areas of conference publicity.  Simser recommended that PPC and CPC review the chart of responsibility and revised as necessary to clarify any ambiguities.  Both the CPC and PPC manuals should be updated to reflect any changes.

15.0 Publicity (Anderson)

15.1 Should publicity be distributed to committees or centralized

Anderson discussed the issues surrounding the current process for NASIG publicity.  It was agreed that official NASIG publicity for the large national and international listservs, and media outlets should be funneled through the NASIG publicist.  The Publications/PR Committee will produce a template for the announcements.  Announcements within NASIG and in a regional area may be distributed by the individual committee, after the announcement has been reviewed and approved by the NASIG Publicist.  Each committee shall have in their manual a notation to reflect this process.  Boissy will produce a notice to add to each manual.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will draft a notice to reflect the publicity process for NASIG committees.

ACTION ITEM: All board liaisons will verify that the notice on the publicity process has been added to the committee manuals.

16.0 Conference Proceedings follow-up (Emery/Simser)

16.1 Open access model

Simser and Emery reported on investigations in open access publishing options for the NASIG Proceedings.  Two possible options were discussed.  The most likely model is from Kansas State, as they are willing to offer some assistance and guidance in the process.  The pros and cons of adopting an open access model were discussed and it was agreed that a task group would be asked to review options and present a draft RFP for moving the NASIG Proceedings to an open access publishing model.  A possible 2011 start to this process would be investigated.  FDC would be asked to investigate the possibility of an IMLS Grant.  The members of the task force will be as follows:

Borchert, chair
Creech, member from FDC
Simser, ex officio

The task force will report at the January board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: The Proceedings Open Access Task Force will present a report at the January board meeting.

17.0 Committee chairs leadership development (Emery)

17.1 Harping

Emery reported that the document detailing the plan that starting with the 2009/2010 period, committee chairs and liaisons are asked to institute an organizational structure to their committees to insure productivity of all committees, and the development of leaders within NASIG, is posted and should be followed by all committees.  Each liaison should be aware of the document and verify that co-chairs are aware of the document and moving toward this model.

ACTION ITEM: Each liaison should work with committee co-chairs to insure that the committee chairs leadership development document is being followed.

18.0 Website liaison (Emery)

Emery reported that Buddy Pennington will be the website liaison.  He will be compiling a listing of issues and enhancement requests over the next few months and will report at the fall board meeting.

18.1 Meeting at conference

Simser reported that a time has been set aside at the conference in the Internet Café for website administrative training.  All of the committee co-chairs and members who need to use the administrative functions of the website are invited to attend.

18.2 Contract revisions with ArcStone

Emery discussed the issues with the current contract and lack of resolution with ArcStone.  It was agreed that it was time for a revision of the contract.  The current contract is valid until the end of October, and any discussions with ArcStone should happen before the end of the contract.  It was reported that a new version of the interface will be released soon and there will be additional costs, should we decide to adopt the upgrade.  It was agreed that the upgrade should be investigated and reviewed.

ACTION ITEM: Blackwell will work with Pennington via web conferencing to review the administrative functions and issues with the current website.

ACTION ITEM: Pennington will present a prioritized listing of requested enhancements and fixes to the website at the fall board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: The Arcstone contract will be reviewed and Arcstone will be notified that we will be requesting revisions to the contract.

ACTION ITEM: Blackwell, Pennington, Whiting, Mary Bailey and other selected website administrative users will review the upgrade to the website and determine if it would be advantageous for NASIG to move to the new upgrade.

ACTION ITEM: The revision to the contract will have specific language to address a mutually agreed upon version of data for NASIG archiving purposes upon termination of contract.

19.0 Other business (All)

Simser reported on the Conference Calling Task Force. She noted that the task force needed a clarification to their charge in order to proceed.  They had questions on the size of the calling groups and if there should be web conferencing available.  It was agreed that it should just be for committee calls and web conferencing is not required.  Simser will forward the complete list of questions from the task force to the board and the task force will finalize their report this summer.

Emery noted that the “Meet the Board” session at the conference will be during the opening reception this year. She encouraged all current and incoming board members to use the time to meet NASIG attendees.

The Board discussed whether A&R would offer the Champion Award next year, which is usually offered every 5 years. It was decided that we would offer this award for next year.

ACTION ITEM: Stamison will work with A&R to make sure the Champion Award is on their list for the 2010 conference awards.

Emery called for any additional items. None being received, the meeting was adjourned at 4:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Tenney
NASIG Secretary

Drafted 6/16/09, revised 7/28/09 cab

BOARD APPROVED with correction:  8/7/09


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