24:2 (2009:05) President’s Corner

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Jill Emery, NASIG President


The 24th annual conference is just about two weeks away and it is definitely exciting these days!  The board is finishing up some last minute business items before our meeting on 3 June 2009, my last as president of the board.  The conference program is wonderful and all the sessions are getting some really fantastic turn-outs.  The preconferences have all made their minimum enrollments and the “Basics of E-Resources Licensing” has far exceeded our anticipation for attendance.  This is a really solid offering of programs and Program Planning has done a truly amazing job getting speakers lined up and set.  It should be noted that one program planning co-chair even found time to give birth to her first child on the first of May!  Congratulations to Erika Ripley and her new daughter Honora!!  Erika will be unable to attend the conference but Anne Mitchell, the co-chair assigned for 2009-10, will step in to help Morag Boyd out with all Program Planning concerns from this point forward.

Conference Planning has also done a wonderful job keeping everyone up-to-date regarding travel information and making arrangements to and from the hotels and the Asheville airport.  The Biltmore House dinner has met the minimum of attendees as well and all of the other conference planning has fallen readily into place. Cannot wait to get to Asheville and enjoy all the many splendid events and opportunities that CPC has worked so diligently arranging!  Let’s hear it for Mary Bailey, conference registrar, for keeping registrations running smoothly despite a series of behind-the-scenes technical glitches that made her work twice as hard this year! Mary really deserves recognition for all her diligence and perseverance!!

Char Simser and Dan Tonkery have done an exceptional job with the organizational sponsorships and have raised just under $40K towards the conference this year.  The money will be used to underwrite the opening reception, busing to the Crest Center, vision speaker arrangements, and a myriad of other expenses such as conference bags, flash drives, and notepads for all attendees.

The Financial Development Committee looked into our current banking arrangements with Bank of America and compared our current banking services with those from other commercial banking opportunities. Their recommendation to the board was that we stay with Bank of America since our funds are insured via the FDIC.  The board has accepted this recommendation and look forward to the future recommendations regarding fundraising and other development opportunities from the Financial Development Committee going into 2010.

While our conference registration numbers have dropped from last year, the drop has not been as much as other library events have experienced in 2009.  Since registration will remain open until 25 May 2009, we won’t really have a final tally until after the conference; we remain relatively optimistic about the financial outcomes of the conference due to the organizational sponsorships.

The board also revisited a proposal initiated by the Membership Development Committee to offer institutional memberships.  The board has reviewed their recommendation, established an FAQ regarding this proposal, done a preliminary consultation with the Bylaws Committee to see what areas of the bylaws would be affected by membership adoption of this membership category, and have set a time-table to start discussion of institutional memberships after the 24th annual conference.  Look forward to a lively debate via the membership discussion forums starting in July to help give direction and input into a crucial future bylaws vote.
NASIG held its first unconference on 20 March 2009 and as you can see from the write-up, this was a successful event!  CEC will look into holding similar events in other areas of the country in 2009/10!

NISO reported that a third of all programs they’ve offered have been made up of NASIG members, so we’re glad to see this partnership is working out for both NISO and for NASIG!

Lastly, the Academic Library Association of Ohio, Technical, Electronic, and Digital Services Interest Group, event held on 24 April 2009, “Taming the E-Serials Beast: Challenges and Solutions,” presented by Regina Reynolds was also well attended and evaluated.  NASIG co-sponsored this event.

We look forward to meeting all of the new award winners at the 24th annual conference and are especially pleased to have Marilyn Carney attending as the initial recipient of the Rose Robischon Award.  Rose’s family has provided the board with a very lovely card expressing their gratitude for the ongoing recognition of their daughter. NASIG is delighted to be able to offer this award with the help of Swets during times of financial hardship at many institutions.

Rick Anderson is finalizing the committee appointments and we’re also excited to have all the incoming board members meet with us at the board meeting in Asheville. The board has developed an outline for committee chair leadership development that we hope will be adopted by all the standing committees to continue to development of leadership within NASIG. Please see the NASIG committee’s page on the website to preview the document: http://www.nasig.org/about_committees.cfm .

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as NASIG president this past year.  All of the committees and board members have been a pleasure to work with and we’ve accomplished a number of goals from the strategic plan as well as developed a number of important collaborations with other information and library organizations. After 7 June 2009, NASIG will be in the capable leadership hands of Rick Anderson who is sure to bring us many further growth opportunities and developments in our 25th anniversary year.


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