24:2 (2009:05) Other Serials & E-Resources News: The Scholarly Kitchen Serves Up a Unique Buffet of Topics in Scholarly Publishing

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Society for Scholarly Publishing

Wheat Ridge, CO (February 20, 2009) – If you think the world of scholarly publishing is all about the “so quiet you can hear a pin drop” library, think again. The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) has established the Scholarly Kitchen – a moderated blog that invites dialogue on diverse topics and current trends in the broad area of communication and the more focused issues of scholarly publishing.    

The blog, first launched in early 2008, is under the direction of Kent Anderson, an SSP board member and executive director, International Business & Product Development at Massachusetts Medical Society/The New England Journal of Medicine. Since its launch, other blog contributors have lent their expertise to Anderson in the Kitchen including Phil Davis from Cornell University, Joe Esposito of Portable CEO, Howard Ratner of the Nature Publishing Group, Stewart Wills of Science Magazine/AAAS, and most recently, Ann Michael of Really Strategies.

Like any culinary hot spot, the Scholarly Kitchen buzzes with activity. The moderated blog keeps a finger on the pulse of publishing concerns; from the more serious issues surrounding plagiarism, open access, self-citations, and editorial controversies to the more playful entries on Friday, when the writers serve up a light-hearted offering.  New communication technologies also feature prominently in the blog, since scholarly publishers are responding to the emergence of the iPhone, Kindle, Hulu, and Twitter.

Having recently celebrated its first birthday, the Scholarly Kitchen has had over 80,000 views and is considered by SSP members to be one of the most valuable components of the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s website. Nearly daily entries from the diverse co-bloggers result in a site that thought provoking, insightful, and certain to occasionally invoke controversy.

The blog’s witty and gregarious style is made evident by the Scholarly Kitchen’s byline, “What’s hot and cooking in scholarly publishing.” Come get a taste of the Kitchen at http://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org. You might just stay for dinner.


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