24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: LSOC

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April 2009

Committee members:  Sarah Sutton, Texas A&M University Corpus-Christi (chair); Marcella Lesher, St. Mary’s University of San Antonio (co-chair); Janie Branham, Southeastern Louisiana University; Carol Green, University of Southern Mississippi; Linda Smith Griffin, Louisiana State University; Kara Killough, Serials Solutions; Steve Oberg, Abbott Laboratories
Board liaison:  Jeff Slagell, Delta State

The committee continues to work to recruit new ambassadors through individual committee member efforts and through articles in the NASIG Newsletter/blog.  We have also discussed the possibility of using the new “graduate school” feature in the NASIG Directory to find and recruit possible ambassadors.

The relationship between committee members and ambassadors continues to be refined.  Since we are a new committee, some of our members have also served as ambassadors.  We want to encourage a mentoring relationship between more experienced LSOC members, new committee members, and new ambassadors.  A Google group site specifically for ambassadors has been created and ambassadors have been asked to post an information page for their library school assignment to ensure continuity when ambassadors choose to resign their appointments.    There is no intention at this point to have a limited term for ambassadors.

We hope to have a public page highlighting the Library School Ambassadors program.   If approved, the page will increase awareness of NASIG’s commitment to library and information school education, provide information to possible volunteer ambassadors, and communicate the availability of ambassadors and what they can offer to library schools and the public.

We continue to work with Awards & Recognition to help them identify library school contacts for the awards program.  We also want to look at the relationship between schools that have ambassadors and whether students from those schools are more likely to apply for NASIG awards.

We have been experimenting with promoting social events at NASIG for alumni from the various library schools.  One of our ambassadors has been particularly interested in working on this project.

Ambassadors are now assigned to the following universities:

Louisiana State University, Linda Smith Griffin (continuing)
University of Texas at Austin, Eugenia Beh (continuing)
Dominican University, Steve Oberg (continuing)
University of Illinois, Steve Oberg (continuing)
San Jose State University, Carole McEwan (new in 2008-09)
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Emma Cryer (new in 2008-09)
Indiana University, Angela Dresselhaus (new in 2008-09)
University of Arizona, Cynthia Porter (new in 2008-09)
University of Washington, Alita Pierson (new in 2008-09)
Texas Woman’s University, Sarah Sutton (continuing)
State University of New York-Buffalo, Brenda Battleson (new in 2008-09)

Guidelines are in place for ambassadors. Returning members were assigned as mentors to new members.

There are 11 schools with ambassadors.
Seven schools with ambassadors had applicant(s) for the NASIG student awards for 2009.

We have submitted a proposal for a public space on the NASIG website describing the ambassador program and are hoping for approval.

Submitted by Sarah Sutton (LSOC chair) and Marcella Lesher (LSOC co-chair)


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