24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: Archivist

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This has been a quiet year for the archivist; time has been spent accumulating materials from board members.  I will send a box of documents to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIU-C) later this summer.

Unfortunately, the shipment that was sent in the summer of 2008 has not yet been added to the UIU-C Archives inventory.  The most frequent reason given by staff is that they are “short-handed.”   The individual I communicated with most frequently left the Archives section late last year, and now I must communicate with the department head, a very busy individual.  Our communication is friendly, and I still have hopes that the listing will eventually be posted.

Only one problem surfaced with Archives.  There is no specific “Archives” section on the NASIG site.  By entering a keyword such as “correspondence” or “archives,” some topics are retrieved, but not consistently.  It depends on whether or not the creator of the page entered keywords for searching, per Jia Mi.  This inconsistency isn’t good.  I’m not sure what is “missing” at this point.  It’s going to take some thinking, and some close work with the website committee, to resolve this dilemma.  If, on the other hand, the board believes that having the files listed only on the UIU-C site is adequate, then the problem isn’t so great.

The downside of this is that UIU-C does not list documents further than on the folder level.  If you want the Executive Board minutes for a specific date, there won’t be a problem.  However, if you want specific correspondence on a topic, retrieval will be more difficult because the correspondence is filed by date, and there is no listing of the topics involved.  Likewise, if you need the history of a discussion topic, it will be difficult to track because only committees are listed on the UIU-C site, and there is nothing on the issue level.

Jia and I are working on the problem.  I am sure this is something that can be addressed satisfactorily.

I am beginning my third year as archivist, expected to be my final year in this position.  It is my intention to have all procedures finalized, and manuals up-to-date by the time I leave the position.  I look forward to working with an archivist-in-training this year; if no one accepts the position, I would consider continuing.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheryl Williams


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