24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: LSOC

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April 2009

Committee members:  Sarah Sutton, Texas A&M University Corpus-Christi (chair); Marcella Lesher, St. Mary’s University of San Antonio (co-chair); Janie Branham, Southeastern Louisiana University; Carol Green, University of Southern Mississippi; Linda Smith Griffin, Louisiana State University; Kara Killough, Serials Solutions; Steve Oberg, Abbott Laboratories
Board liaison:  Jeff Slagell, Delta State

The committee continues to work to recruit new ambassadors through individual committee member efforts and through articles in the NASIG Newsletter/blog.  We have also discussed the possibility of using the new “graduate school” feature in the NASIG Directory to find and recruit possible ambassadors. Continue Reading 24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: LSOC…


24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: FDC

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May 1, 2009

Committee members: Rachel Frick, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Peter McCracken, Serials Solutions, Zac Rolnik, now publishers (chair), Peter Whiting, University of Southern Indiana
Board liaison: Jill Emery

May 1, 2009

Since the last report, there has been a change in the chairperson of this committee with Zac Rolnik succeeding Denise Novak in this capacity.   Continue Reading 24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: FDC…

24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: ECC

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Jia Mi, co-chair (The College of New Jersey)
Nancy Beals, co-chair (Wayne State University)

Members: Beth Ashmore (Samford University), Smita Parkhe (Georgetown University Law), Tonia Graves (Old Dominion University), Jonathan David Makepeace (Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information), Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa)
Board Liaison: Anna Creech

May 1, 2009


  • Beth A. has been maintaining and updating the Jobs blog (http://jobs.nasig.org/).
  • Beth A. and Jia M. have been working on creating instructions on using the new website.
  • Jia M. worked with ArcStone to set up a new forum “Vendor Exhibits.”
  • A new blog has been created on WordPress at http://nasig.wordpress.com/ by Beth A.
  • Beth A. has uploaded the 2008 conference Proceedings on NASIGWeb.
  • Jia M. has updated the documentation for all the NASIG accounts and Web management.
  • Jia M. and Beth A. have been updating the Web pages regularly and have been involved in supporting several projects from other committees (online voting, online registration forms).
  • Jia M. has worked with ArcStone on some unsolved issues.
  • At the request of the Nomination & Elections Committee, Beth A. asked ArcStone to create a new forum for the discussion of nomination and election procedures. Continue Reading 24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: ECC…

24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: D&D

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4/2009, revised 6/2009

Lisa Blackwell (Nationwide Children’s Hospital), 07/09 and  Bob Persing (University of Pennsylvania), 07/10, co-chairs

Members: Alice Bright (Carnegie Mellon University), 07/10, Heather Cannon (Loyola Health Sciences Library), 07/09, Ann Ercelawn (Vanderbilt University), 07/09, Cecilia Genereux (University of Minnesota), 07/10, Julie Kane (Sweet Briar College), 07/09, Tzu Jing Kao (University of Connecticut), 07/10, Greg Matthews (Washington State University), 07/09, Marit Taylor (University of Colorado, Denver) 07/09, Suzanne Thomas (University of Pittsburgh), 07/09
Board liaison:  Peter Whiting

The months of January, February and March were primarily spent processing payments and troubleshooting inquiries from members as they struggle to adjust to the new rolling membership cycle.  January-April memberships processed: 281 (83 are new members.) With the opening of conference registration we have found that the registration system and the membership directory records don’t work together smoothly.  Members wishing to renew while registering for the conference are forced to enter as new members. This has resulted in quite a few duplicate member records which the committee then must consolidate.  The registrar, treasurer and D&D continue to work closely together to track payments in what frequently feels like separate accounting systems.  We hope to simplify the working procedures before the 2010 conference cycle begins and this may require additional programming adjustments in the database payment system. Continue Reading 24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: D&D…

24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: Bylaws

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April 23, 2009

Members: Evelyn Brass (University of Houston),  David Burke (Villanova University), David Bynog (chair, Rice University), Pam Cipkowski (Loyola University Law Library), Deberah England (Wright State University), Elizabeth Parang (co-chair, Pepperdine University), Linda Pitts (University of Washington), Kate Seago (University of Kentucky), board liaison: Kim Maxwell

None since last report of January 2009.


Not applicable at this time.

The creation and posting of a Bylaws manual is nearing completion and should be available by mid-May. The manual was created from existing Bylaws Committee documents, and further revisions will be necessary when we experience our first online voting on proposed bylaws amendments.

Respectfully submitted,
David Bynog, chair  and Elizabeth Parang, co-chair

24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: A&R

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Date of Report: 27 April 2009

Committee members: Carol Ann Borchert, Chris Brady, Patrick Carr (co-chair), Alan Diehlman, Carol Ficken (co-chair), Christine Freeman, Trina Holloway, Jessica Ireland, Yumin Jiang, Rita Johnson, Elizabeth MacDonald, and Sarah Morris Lin.
Board Liaison: Robert Boissy


In January 2009, the committee developed criteria for evaluating applicants for the recently approved Rose Robischon Scholarship. Continue Reading 24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: A&R…

24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: Archivist

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This has been a quiet year for the archivist; time has been spent accumulating materials from board members.  I will send a box of documents to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIU-C) later this summer. Continue Reading 24:2 (2009:05) Committee Annual Report: Archivist…

24:2 (2009:05) Taking the Sting Out of Serials! Makes Its Way Online

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Buddy Pennington and Allyson Zellner, 2008 Proceedings Co-Editors

The 2008 NASIG conference Proceedings have been published by Taylor and Francis as volume 56 of The Serials Librarian and are now available online through their InformaWorld portal.  PDFs of all of the articles have been forwarded to the Electronic Communications Committee, so the Proceedings should be available to members on the NASIG website soon. The editors would like to thank all those who contributed their time and effort in making the conference and Proceedings a success!

24:2 (2009:05) N&E Seeks Member Input on Election Process

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June Garner, N&E Co-Chair

The NASIG Board has asked the Nominations & Elections Committee to review the nomination and election procedures currently in place and to make recommendations on how the system might be improved.  N&E would like your input.  What, if anything, would you like to see changed in the current nomination and election procedures?  Briefly, the current process includes the following steps:

  1. Nominations are sought.
  2. N&E members contact nominees to ascertain their interest in standing for nomination.
  3. People who are willing to stand for nomination submit a resume, the names of three references, and a position statement.
  4. N&E members contact references, read all nominee information, and select who will be on the ballot.
  5. Messages containing a secure link to the ballot are distributed to qualified NASIG members.

Additional information on the election process may be found at http://nasig.org/about_elections_process.cfm.

One possible revision centers on the notion of an open election.  That is, everyone nominated for an office would be on the ballot.  The committee would ensure that each nominee is a NASIG member in good standing and that his or her nominee profile packet is complete.

What are your concerns, questions, or comments regarding the way NASIG conducts its annual election?  Email your comments to June Garner (jgarner@library.msstate.edu).  See the related discussion on the NASIG discussion forums:

24:2 (2009:05) LSOC Still Seeking Ambassadors

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Marcella Lesher, Co-Chair

The NASIG Library School Outreach Committee is seeking volunteers to serve as ambassadors to all ALA-accredited library schools.  Part of our charge is to “foster strong relationships with library science schools and recruit the next generation of serials specialists.”

Currently, we have ambassadors working with the University of Texas at Austin, Louisiana State University, Indiana University, Dominican University, the University of Illinois, the University of Arizona, the University of Washington, Texas Women’s University, San Jose State University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and SUNY/Buffalo.

Ambassadors can play numerous roles, including promoting the NASIG awards, identifying NASIG colleagues who might serve as mentors or guest lecturers, and/or recruiting for NASIG.

If you are interested in being an ambassador, please contact either Marcella Lesher (mlesher@stmarytx.edu) or Sarah Sutton (sarah.sutton@tamucc.edu).  We can provide you with further guidelines and connect you with a current ambassador to find out more about the program.  We would also love to talk with you at the NASIG conference.   Even if you would like to work with one of the schools already served by an ambassador we would like to hear from you.  As ambassadors cycle out of the program, we’d love to know who else might be available to serve.

We have set up a networking site for our ambassadors so that they can exchange ideas and information as well.

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