24:2 (2009:05) March 2009 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time:    March 17, 2009, 10:07 a.m.-11:18 a.m.
Place:        Conference Call

Jill Emery, President
Rick Anderson, Vice President/President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Char Simser, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Bob Boissy
Kim Maxwell
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah Wessel

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Anna Creech
Jeff Slagell

1.0 Welcome (Emery)

Emery called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. She welcomed all to the meeting and reviewed the rules of order.

2.0 Secretary’s report (Tenney)

Tenney reminded all to review the Working Calendar with their committees and submit updates.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting)

Whiting reported on the progress of conference registration.  Special thanks to Mary Bailey for her work as NASIG Registrar.  Whiting noted that a question had been submitted on a ½ day registration for the conference, and it was agreed that $75 would be the rate.

4.0 John Merriman Award update (Boissy)

Boissy reported that planning for this award is progressing and he will be meeting with the UKSG representative to discuss final plans.  He noted that the first year would just be a conference exchange, not the full week job exchange.  Carol Ficken did agree to work on the planning and execution of this award with Boissy and is the A&R representative in the planning process.  Boissy and Ficken will meet at the NASIG Conference to continue the planning process.

5.0 Committee appointments (Anderson)

Anderson reported that most committee re-appointments are completed, and he will be in contact with board liaisons for the few remaining appointees who are eligible for re-appointment on committees and have not responded to complete the process.

6.0 Vendor Expo discussion forum (Anderson)

Anderson reported that there had been little discussion on the proposed Vendor Expo.  Maxwell noted that some of the blast emails may end up in spam folders, so it would be good to get the announcements out in other venues.  Various ideas were discussed for distributing the announcement and jump starting the discussion.  Emery suggested posting the announcement in the NASIG Newsletter blog.  Anderson will follow up on suggestions.  Simser suggested that all board liaisons check with committee chairs to see if they are having trouble with NASIG blasts going into spam folders and remind them to check the discussion forums for current discussions.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will send information on Vendor Expo to Newsletter blog, What’s New section of website and other avenues for PR for discussion.  He will continue monitoring the discussion forum on this topic.

ACTION ITEM: Simser suggested that all board liaisons check with committee chairs to see if they are having trouble with NASIG blasts going into spam folders and remind them to check the discussion forums for current discussions.

7.0 25th Anniversary Task Force (Maxwell)

Maxwell reported that the task force was ready to get a blast announcement out to the membership.  The task force is interested in having a contact person with the 2009 CPC and the 2010 CPC.    The task force will be working on the blast announcement to send to the NASIG Publicist for distribution.  Tenney will supply any location information needed for the announcement.

ACTION ITEM: Maxwell will work with 25th Anniversary Task Force on an email blast for membership on their planning and Tenney will supply location information as needed.

8.0 Institutional memberships (Boissy)

Boissy reported that MDC was interested in offering additional assistance in moving this proposal forward.  Emery noted there will be good opportunities for MDC to assist in membership discussions and publicity for the proposal.  Emery and Boissy will work together to develop the plan of moving this proposal forward.

ACTION ITEM: Emery and Boissy will consult on ways MDC can assist in moving the membership discussion of institutional memberships forward.

9.0 Mentoring (Maxwell)

Maxwell reported that the Mentoring Team will be working with CPC to get the Mentoring program in place for the 2009 conference.  It was agreed that the long term Mentoring proposal that was distributed earlier would be discussed at the June board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Maxwell will present final comments on the long term Mentoring proposal at the June board meeting.

10.0 Conference Planning Committee/registration update (Wessel)

Wessel reported that 99 people have registered for the conference as of 3/13/09.  Preconference registration numbers are being monitored.  It was suggested that additional PR should go out to various venues on preconferences and the conference in general. Wessel will discuss PR with CPC.

Board housing for conference was discussed and it was agreed that the board will stay at the Renaissance for Tuesday and Wednesday evening and then move over to the Sheraton to use up the room block at the Sheraton.  Wessel noted that there were issues with Sheraton for dates outside of the Thursday-Saturday room block, and CPC is working on the issue.

ACTION ITEM: Wessel will discuss additional conference PR with CPC.

ACTION ITEM: Board members will stay at the Renaissance for Tuesday-Wednesday prior to the conference at the Sheraton Thursday-Saturday during the conference.

11.0 Program Planning Committee/preconferences (Anderson)

Anderson reported that PPC is closely monitoring registration for the preconferences and will be doing PR for them over the next few weeks.  The registration system seems to be working well.

12.0 UnConference (Simser)

Simser reported that 41 people are registered for the session and it includes an M.L.S. student, 14 NASIG members, non-members from public libraries and other areas.  Doodle software is being used to request ideas for topics and to pull together an agenda.  Simser will report on the outcome of the conference in the NASIG Newsletter.

13.0 New Business

Emery reported on the great success of the sponsorship drive this year. She noted that Dan Tonkery has been very helpful in the process and that to date we have $37,000 promised in sponsorship from a variety of sources.

Emery noted that she will be blogging from UKSG for NASIG members to keep them informed the high points of the UKSG meeting.  Simser will also contribute to the postings.  Emery noted that she will look at setting up a Twitter site for NASIG.

Simser reported that voting for incoming NASIG board members closes tomorrow and to date 275 members have voted.  N&E is working on getting documentation updated and co-chair trained.  Announcement of winners of the election will be made in early April.

The next conference call will be on April 27, 12 p.m.-2p.m. EST.

The conference call was adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Tenney
NASIG Secretary

Approved 4/15/09


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