24:2 (2009:05) January 2009 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time:    January 22, 2009, 8:30 a.m.-4:38 p.m.
Place:        Penrose Library, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Jill Emery, President
Rick Anderson, Vice President/President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Char Simser, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Bob Boissy
Anna Creech
Kim Maxwell
Jeff Slagell
Virginia Taffurelli

Sarah Wessel
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

1.0 Welcome (Emery)

Emery called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. She welcomed all to the meeting and reviewed the rules of order. Special thanks were noted for all at Penrose Library that had helped in the logistics and arrangements for the board meeting.  Emery reminded all that board members should expect to spend on average approximately 10 hours a week on NASIG business.  Liaison responsibilities with committees should include consistent communication with committees and the board. 

2.0 Secretary’s report (Tenney)

2.1 Approval of board actions

Tenney presented the listing of Executive Board Actions.  No amendments or edits were proposed.

Board Actions:  October 2008-January 2009

10/14/08 New NASIG logo design approved.

10/22/08  Executive Board motion to appoint Joyce Tenney as a conference coordinator under a two-year contract to negotiate future conference sites through the 2012 venue and also to work with the CPC co-chairs on the 2010 and 2011 conferences were unanimously approved.

10/24/08 Minutes of the September Executive Board meeting were approved.

12/1/08 Minutes of the November Executive Board conference call meeting were approved.

12/3/08 Text and design of new membership brochure was approved with special thanks to the Membership Development Committee.

12/10/08 NASIG Committee Confidentiality and NASIG Survey Confidentiality Policy were approved.

1/12/09   The board voted unanimously to approve the following motion:
Motion Text: Executive Board would create a NASIG website liaison. This position would be a contract position who would work closely with D&D, ECC, & the board to communicate needs and work we would like to see accomplished by ArcStone. ArcStone would have this person to send any notices to regarding downtimes, or other known functional issues as well. The position will also develop a yearly tracking form to solicit improvements needed on the committee side and public side from each standing committee. These enhancements will be submitted to the board at the fall board meeting with associated costs for the board to determine priorities for the current and subsequent years. This person will be the point of contact for following through on all enhancement requests for each given year. Lastly, this position will also evaluate the financial viability of ArcStone and give indications to the board of any potential problems regarding these services. The position will have the treasurer as the board liaison since almost all communications will more than likely involve costs of one sort or another. We will offer 1/2 off registration costs for the next two years for this position as compensation for taking on the duty and the 1/2 off registration is transferable.

2.2 Action items from November conference call

Tenney asked that any updates to the Action Items list be sent to her as they occur.

2.3 Working calendar updates

Tenney reported that the NASIG Working Calendar needed detailed review by the various committees, task forces and working groups.

ACTION ITEM: All board members should review entries in the NASIG Working Calendars with their committees, task forces and working groups. Submit edits to Tenney before the June Executive Board Meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting will draft a job description for the treasurer position.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting)

3.1 Overview 2009 budget and expenditures to date

Whiting presented the 2009 budget requests and Maxwell requested that a line item be added for the 25th Anniversary Task Force.  Whiting noted that expenses for 2009 would be less than 2008, due to the 2008 payments for the technology upgrade.  Anderson moved to accept the proposed budget with the amendment for the 25th Anniversary Task Force.  Simser seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous to accept the 2009 budget.

3.2 Donation form

Whiting reported that the cost to have the programmers create an online interactive Web donation form would be $1,100.  He suggested just posting a pdf form and linking to it from the membership renewal page.  Emery suggested adding a copy of the donation form to the conference packet.  Simser moved to accept the proposal to have a pdf donation form.  Maxwell seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the pdf donation form.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting will send CPC a copy of the donation form to include in the conference registration packets for the 2009 conference.

ACTION ITEM: Creech and Whiting will finalize the form and have it posted to the website and add an announcement of this action to the “What’s New” page of the website.

3.3 Schwab account/Move anything to savings?

Whiting reported that the NASIG Schwab investment account is reflecting the national trend of most investment accounts.  We have lost some money over the last several months.  Several ideas were discussed for protecting NASIG assets.  Emery suggested asking our accountant for ideas; however this would cost money for a consulting fee.  Whiting suggested discussing the situation with our Schwab representative for investment strategy ideas.  Emery wanted to have a plan to allay member concerns that NASIG assets were being protected.  Anderson suggested that in the President’s Column in the next NASIG Newsletter Emery should report on the steps being taken to monitor and protect NASIG assets.   Simser moved that Whiting should consult with the NASIG Schwab representative and report back to the board at the February Executive Board conference call meeting.  Boissy seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting will consult with Schwab for an investment strategy for the NASIG investment account.

Slagell suggested that as NASIG has most of its assets in savings and checking accounts, it would be good to shop around and find the best deal for our accounts.  Simser suggested that the Financial Development Committee could investigate this proposal.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will ask the Financial Development Committee to investigate the various savings and checking options from banks and report by the March Executive Board conference call meeting on the best option for NASIG.

4.0 Organizational sponsorship update (Simser)

Simser reported that we have $30,450 promised in organizational sponsorship donations.  She hopes to find some additional sponsors in the next few months. Simser noted that the process and communication from all involved committees has been great.  There was a discussion on how to increase non-profit sponsorship.  It was agreed that CPC would be consulted for additional local regional sponsorship options.

Simser reported that there were some organizational sponsorships for the UnConference in Kansas this spring.

5.0 Consent agenda (All)

Emery presented the reports from the Consent Agenda: Archivist, Bylaws, CEC, D&D, E&A, ECC, LSOC, and Site Selection.  She asked for any discussion on these reports.  Simser noted that E&A had requested a reduction in the size of the committee due to the decrease in workload with the introduction of online evaluations.  Anderson noted that this was in process for the next cycle of committee appointments.  Simser reported that some of the links to the NASIG Newsletter were broken in various locations on the website and that several listings of email address for committees were incorrect.  Tenney noted that the contract for the 2010 conference site has been signed and we will be at Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Springs, California, from June 3-6, 2010.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will work with ECC to ensure that links to the NASIG Newsletter are working correctly and that the committee email listings are correct.

Simser moved to accept the reports from the committees on the consent agenda with the thanks from the board for all of their work.  Maxwell seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous in favor the motion.

6.0 Administrative Task Force (Simser)

6.1 Job description

Simser reported that the Administrative Task Force completed the job description for the part time paid administrative position.  The board had decided earlier in the process to delay the discussion of when we would do the search for the position until after the June board meeting.  After discussion, Emery moved to accept the job description.  Slagell seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.  Simser noted that this completed the assigned task of the task force, as the recruitment for the position will be delayed.  Emery will sunset the committee.

7.0 Awards & Recognition proposals (Boissy)

7.1 Award promotion document

A&R will be working with MDC on a document to publicize all of the awards and the annual conference. Once the document is final, A&R will work with the NASIG Publicist to get the document distributed to various internal and external sources.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will send the draft document for publicizing awards to the board for review by the last week of January.

7.2 John Merriman Award

Emery announced that the proposal for the John Merriman Award was approved by the UKSG.  It will start with the 25th Anniversary NASIG Conference in 2010.  She reported that we have been asked to designate two representatives for coordination of the process.  Emery suggested that one of the co-chairs of A&R (Carol Ficken), and board liaison to A&R (Boissy) be designated as the representatives.  Boissy noted that A&R may need additional members to monitor and carry out the needed functions. He will keep the board informed as the planning progresses.  Anderson moved to nominate Boissy and Ficken as the official NASIG representatives to the joint NASIG/UKSG group developing the Merriman Award.  Emery seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will ask Ficken to be a representative for the joint NASIG/UKSG group developing the procedures and process for this award.  Boissy will keep the board informed of developments in the planning process.

8.0 Conference Proceedings (All)

8.1 RFP brainstorming

Emery and Anderson reported on the ongoing discussions with Taylor & Francis on the future publication issues with the NASIG Proceedings and the possibility of doing an open RFP.  Emery discussed five possible options:
•    Issue an RFP for the Proceedings only
•    Issue an RFP for Proceedings and NASIG journal
•    Go open source with Proceedings
•    Go open source with Proceedings and NASIG journal
•    Leave the current process in place

Emery opened the issue up for discussion.  Various concerns and ideas were expressed.  It was agreed that the Proceedings need to continue in some form to disseminate the information from the conference, offer members the benefit of the current papers and to publicize NASIG.  Various issues and ideas for online publishing were discussed.   After much discussion, it was agreed that the current arrangement would stay in place until 2011.  As 2010 is NASIG’s 25th anniversary, it was agreed to keep the print arrangement until after that edition is completed.  It was agreed that we would investigate various options for 2011 forward and that whatever is decided would need to keep the same impact factor that we have with the current model.  Also, it was agreed that we would just plan for the NASIG Proceedings and not accept responsibility for any additional publications at this time.  A possible idea discussed was looking for ways to combine the NASIG Newsletter and the NASIG Proceedings.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will work with Taylor & Francis to get a contract for the 2010 NASIG Proceedings. He will verify that we will receive a copy of the pdf to post on the NASIG website.

ACTION ITEM: Emery and Simser will investigate online publishing options and procedures and report at the June board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will add discussion of this issue to the June board meeting agenda.

9.0 Financial Development Committee (Emery)

9.1 Vendor exhibits consideration

Emery reported that the committee had not had a lot of time to consider larger financial planning issues of the organization due to time constraints of committee members.  She noted that next year they will be working on the 3-5 year financial contingency planning document and other issues that arise.  It was suggested that perhaps the membership of the committee may need to be expanded to adequately meet deadlines, and establish co-chairs to mirror other NASIG committees.  Anderson will review committee needs this spring.

The FDC submitted a report to the board on the possible establishment of vendor exhibits for the 2010 conference.  The board discussed the report and various options.  Emery suggested charging $500 per table, and detailing the specific organizational levels for exhibitors.  It was agreed that if this event was approved, it would be for a limited time, perhaps Thursday afternoon.  Emery suggested that after the board voted on the issue an informational email blast be sent to membership to create a discussion forum for this topic.

Maxwell moved to accept proposal from FDC for a 2010 vendor showcase on the Thursday afternoon of the conference and revisit the timing and success of the event after the 2010 conference.  Whiting seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously to approve the motion.  Boissy noted that in order to be successful full information would need to be available to vendors in July.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson and Creech will work with ECC to create a discussion forum for membership discussion on a vendor showcase for the 2010 conference.

ACTION ITEM: After the discussion forum is created, Anderson will send out an email blast to the membership reporting on the vendor showcase and solicit member feedback on the proposal.

ACTION ITEM: After the membership discussion has started, Maxwell will ask Bylaws to investigate what sections of the bylaws would need revision for the inclusion of a vendor showcase for the 2010 conference.

10.0 Membership Development Committee (Boissy)

10.1 MDC forums

Boissy reported that he is working with MDC to get the discussion forums started.  He noted that MDC is working on a draft of a letter to send to Charleston Conference attendees who are non-NASIG members to invite them to join NASIG.

10.2 Institutional memberships

After a general discussion on issues dealing with the establishment and administration of institutional memberships, the following was agreed upon:
•    Institutional memberships would be for the calendar year
•    $1,000 would allow three full memberships from that institution

Possible process for introduction, discussion and resolution of institutional membership issue would be as follows:
•    Develop a one page document to describe and explain the concept and issues and develop an FAQ page to describe the proposal.
•    Initiate discussion with membership on discussion forum in March with a defined timeline for discussion
•    Initiate discussion with Bylaws Committee to determine what wording would be necessary if a bylaws change is requested
•    Finalize wording for bylaws vote, if it is determined that the process would proceed
•    If the process does proceed, have a vote on bylaws changes in April or May
•    If the amendment passes, implement the administrative process in July

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will develop a one page document and FAQ to start the discussion with the membership on the issue of institutional memberships.

10.3 Membership brochure

Boissy reported that the new membership brochure has been translated into French. It will need a little formatting work, but it is basically finished.   The board was very excited to have the membership brochure updated. Special thanks to MDC for completing this task. Various places to distribute the brochure were discussed.

Boissy noted that MDC has been contacting non-renewing members to invite them back to NASIG, and they are working with A&R to finalize a document describing the various award opportunities in NASIG.  Emery noted that information to membership should go out in an email blast.  Creech asked that all committee chairs have information on how to post information to the “What’s New” section of the website and how to send email blasts to the membership.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will work with ECC to develop information for committee chairs on posting information to the “What’s New” section of the website and sending out email blasts to the membership.

11.0 Conference Planning Committee (Cook, Kelley)

11.1 Current conference report

Cook and Kelley reported that planning is progressing for the annual conference and the budget estimates are looking good.  Logistics for getting from the airport to the hotel were discussed.

11.2 Conference budget

The proposed conference budget was discussed and additional information will be available later in the process.

11.3 Event Planning

They noted that the all-conference event will be at the Crest Center on Saturday evening and on Fridays there will be ticket information for the baseball game or the special event at the Biltmore.  The Biltmore event will offer transportation to and from the mansion, a lovely dinner, guided tour and re-admission to the mansion on Sunday for those that would like to return. The cost of the Biltmore event will be $125 per person.  Cook noted that the CaféPress site to sell conference souvenirs is live and people have been purchasing items from it.  Simser asked that a site on CaféPress be established for generic NASIG items.

ACTION ITEM: CPC will establish a CaféPress site for generic NASIG items.

11.4 Set registration

After discussion, Emery moved to keep the conference registration rates for the full conference and individual day rates at the 2008 rate.  Simser seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The board thanked CPC for doing a great job.

12.0 Program Planning Committee (Anderson, Boyd, Ripley)

12.1 Speaker update

Boyd and Ripley reported that preconference proposals were still being solicited and they were interested in board suggestions and feedback on preconference offerings.  Several ideas were discussed and they will review possible options.  Boyd and Ripley discussed concerns over the policy that accepted programs may not be repeated at other conferences.  They suggested that this limits the offerings for our conference and that this policy may not be necessary now.  After discussion, it was suggested that PPC consult with the Proceedings editors to verify what would be needed in the initial contracting phase with speakers to confirm if a program will be publishable or not.  Handout distribution and posting was discussed and PPC will consult with ECC to verify process for this year.

ACTION ITEM: PPC will consult with ECC to verify process and timeline for posting conference handouts to NASIG website for the 2009 conference.

12.2 Other

Creech reported that ECC would like to have a training timeslot reserved in the Internet café room.  They will be doing training for committee chairs on the website administrative functions.  PPC and CPC will work with ECC to confirm logistics for this session.

The board thanked PPC for doing a great job.

13.0 Mentoring (Maxwell)

13.1 Mentoring Forum

Maxwell reported that she had not completed discussion with the Mentoring Task Group, but will have a report by the end of January. Emery noted that the idea of a timed discussion sounded interesting and there might be some opportunities to have discussions on Facebook.

ACTION ITEM: Maxwell will ask Mentoring to explore Facebook as a possible venue for discussion.

14.0 Nominations & Elections slate (Simser)

Simser announced the slate of candidates for the 2009 election, as determined by the Nominations & Elections Committee.

•    Vice president/president-elect nominees
Stephen Clark
Katy Ginanni
Selden Durgom Lamoureux
Buddy Pennington
•    Secretary nominees
Carol Ann Borchert
Meg Mering
•    Treasurer nominees
Lisa S. Blackwell
Dana M. Walker
•    Members at large nominees
Patrick Carr
Sandy Folsom
Steve Kelley
Shana L. McDanold
Christine M. Stamison
Naomi Kietzke Young

Simser will notify N&E that the board has heard the slate and they can proceed with the election process.  Anderson reported that concern had been expressed over the process for communication between nominees and N&E throughout the various stages of the nomination and election cycle.

ACTION ITEM: Simser will ask N&E to verify that a communication process between N&E and the nominees is in place by the June board meeting to confirm to nominees that their information packet has been received.

Simser noted that N&E will open discussions with the membership on the concept of open elections after this election cycle.

15.0 Publications/Public Relations  (Anderson)

15.1 Serials E-News revenue update

Anderson reported that Pub/PR is still trying to get member submissions for UKSG Serials E-News.  They have been working to incorporate NASIGuides with UKSG. UKSG will share 50% of increase in net advertising revenue with NASIG in the future.

15.2 Serials E-News content recruitment

Anderson reported that several members had been approached to contribute articles for Serials E-News, however response has not been encouraging.  They may need additional suggestions for required submissions.  Anderson requested that any ideas be forwarded to him.

Anderson noted that Pub/PR is developing a template for committees to use when creating external announcements.  Publicist will distribute the announcements, but they need to be in a standard format.

Simser requested that the listing of external listservs and contacts be formalized and loaded onto the Pub/PR Web space.  Anderson will pursue with Pub/PR.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will ask Pub/PR to formalize the listing of external listservs and contacts and post to the website.

The “What’s New” section of the website was discussed and it was agreed that the publicist will be responsible for posting to that site. Additionally, CPC co-chairs and the Newsletter editor should have permission to post to “What’s New”.  All committees should submit information to the publicist for posting and distribution.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will ask the publicist to work with ECC to get instruction on posting to the “What’s New” section of the website.

ACTION ITEM: All board liaisons should remind their committees to submit announcements for “What’s New”.

ACTION ITEM: All committees should have a reminder in their manuals that they should be submitting updates and announcements to the publicist for the “What’s New” section of the website, and that all external announcements should be funneled through the NASIG Publicist.

16.0 25th Anniversary Task Force (Maxwell)

16.1 Questions from report

Maxwell reported that the task force was very enthusiastic, and had many ideas.  Main focus of the group will be some type of 25th anniversary publication.  Many ideas were discussed and it was agreed that all events should be inclusive of long term and new members, and all in between.  A possibility of a dinner on site for an anniversary celebration was discussed and the need for coordination with CPC and PPC for the 2010 conference.  The task group was interested in doing some oral history collection at the 2009 conference and will continue to investigate this idea.

After discussion on the format of the possible publication that the task group could produce, it was agreed that the document in whatever format it takes would be about 20,000 words.  The document should discuss NASIG in the present and how we got here.  If additional clarification is needed for the task group Maxwell will work with Emery and Anderson to get information needed for the project.

The budget for the task group will be minimal this year, but for the conference planning year of July 2009-June 2010 the budget requests will increase.

17.0 Translator’s Team (Taffurelli)

17.1 Document space

Taffurelli reported that there have be serious difficulties in finding someone to do the Spanish translation.  Boissy suggested that instead of having a team on standby, tap individuals as needed. He noted that offices often have language specialists that might be able to take on short term tasks as needed.  After discussion, it was agreed to disband the Translators Team in June with the thanks of the board for their efforts.  Boissy will work on getting the current award documents translated.

ACTION ITEM: Taffurelli will notify the Translators Team that they will be disbanded in June.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will work on getting translations for the current award documents.

18.0 Committee chairs leadership (Emery)

Emery reported on the draft document which discussed the proposal that starting with the 2009/2010 period, committee chairs and liaisons would be asked to institute an organizational structure to their committees to insure productivity of all committees and the development of leaders within NASIG.

Emery asked that comments on the document be sent to her by February 20.  There will be a discussion and vote on the document at the February 25 conference call.  She noted that the intent of the document is to get committees to work as a unified whole and not have one or two people doing all of the work.  Liaisons would have defined roles and committee charges would need to be reviewed and updated as needed.

Emery discussed the role of the liaison to participate in discussions with committees as needed and supply the structure of what is needed and when it is needed.  Communication processes and needs should be established early in the year and as much communication as possible should be done on the committee listserv to keep all informed of activities and issues.  Also, the Working Calendar needs to be monitored to keep tasks on the appropriate timeline.  Additional discussions will continue during the February conference call.

19.0 Website liaison (Emery)

Emery reported that the search for the website liaison was ongoing and would probably not be completed until after the election process completed.  Emery asked that any suggestions be sent to Anderson for investigation.

Creech suggested that whoever is selected should devote time to meeting with ArcStone and doing a good overview of the current situation and find out what future enhancements are possible.  One of the primary responsibilities of this position would be to communicate between NASIG and ArcStone.

20.0 Other business (All)

Emery requested that any other business be discussed. No issues were raised.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tenney
NASIG Secretary

Approved 3/11/09


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