24:1 (2009:03) Vendor Expo Planned for 2010 Conference

March 18, 2009 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Conference, News | Leave a comment

Rick Anderson, Vice President/President-Elect

At the 2010 conference, NASIG is planning to institute for the first time a limited vendor exposition. The exposition will take place during a single four-hour block, at a time to be designated by the 2010 Conference Planning Committee. Anyone (including libraries or library organizations) will be allowed to purchase an exhibit table for $500. The primary purposes of instituting a limited vendor expo are these:

1. To keep conference cost increases to a minimum in 2010 and the future. In the current economic environment, we have to explore all possible options for keeping NASIG (and our conference) financially viable, and for minimizing the costs of participation for members.

2. To increase vendor involvement. NASIG’s mission is to serve all parts of the serials information chain, and members from commercial organizations who have no selling opportunity at all are finding it increasingly difficult to justify attendance.

3. To accomplish both of the above goals while preserving the noncommercial nature of the conference itself. By making the vendor expo a separate and time-limited event, the rest of the conference program and activities will remain noncommercial.

4. To focus fundraising on 25th Anniversary events. 2010 is a very special year for NASIG, and we hope to use sponsorship money to make that conference especially wonderful. Expo fees will free up sponsorship funds for that purpose.

Recognizing that there is a wide variety of opinion within NASIG’s membership on this issue, the Executive Board invites input and discussion at the newly-created “Vendor Exhibits” forum on the NASIG website.


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