24:1 (2009:03) President’s Corner

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Jill Emery, NASIG President


The NASIG Executive Board has been busy in 2009. We held our January board meeting at the University of Denver prior to the ALA Midwinter. We’d like to extend our appreciation to Michael Levine-Clark and the Penrose Library staff, who provided us with meeting space in one of their conference rooms and helped us arrange this event. We had a very full agenda and were able to make many vital decisions regarding the organization which I will describe below. Furthermore, the board has also committed to monthly phone calls between January and June to insure that all critical decisions and concerns are addressed in a timely fashion.


The world financial turmoil continues and NASIG is experiencing some of the impacts of this crisis. First, our contingency fund account with Charles Schwab that was in investment lost $11K since August 2008. To counteract further losses of the contingency funds, the NASIG Board voted unanimously to move the balance remainder to a cash account for now. This will prevent further losses to the contingency funds for the time being. As markets improve, the Financial Development Committee in conjunction with the NASIG Board will investigate all options available to move this money back into a market account to continue to grow on behalf of the organization.

Second, our membership numbers appear to be holding steady at the moment and the NASIG Board is very appreciative of all renewing members for their dedication and support of the organization. There has been a drop this year in general membership donations to NASIG, but this drop was anticipated and expected given concerns everyone has over finances these days.

The NASIG Board is also extremely appreciative of all the work done by the Administrative Support Task Force to develop a job description for an administrative staff person for NASIG. However, given the current financial climate, this position has been put on hold for the rest of 2009. We hope to revisit the possibility for hiring for this position in the upcoming year or so, but for now feel that the work done by this task force has been very informative and helpful in furthering NASIG’s consideration of hiring administrative help.

Lastly, due to the financial situation of many organizations and individuals, the NASIG Board voted to keep conference registration costs at the same levels as the 2008 conference. It is expected that registration and attendance will drop this year due to the financial pressures affecting many members’ home institutions. The NASIG Board has looked at various ways to reduce the costs of this year’s conference to provide attendees with the utmost programming and conference experience.


In hindsight, this conference theme could not be more apropos! The Conference Planning Committee has done a wonderful job bringing together a wonderful conference setting with many interesting and diverse opportunities for attendees during the conference. In addition, the Program Planning Committee has assembled a very thought-provoking and varied program for attendees. Just looking at the three vision speakers, Peter Morville, Carol Tenopir, and Geoffrey Bilder, gets me excited and really these three are the icing on Program Planning’s multi-layered cake of offerings!  In this year of very tight budgets and financial concerns, NASIG is delivering one of the best returns on investments that can be offered. We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s conference!


This month, NASIG will hold its first unconference on 20 March 2009. If you’re in the Kansas/MidWest environs, you are strongly encouraged to attend to this event!

Remember that NASIG members enjoy the NISO member rates for any of their webinars. The next webinar will be Data Movement and Management, which will be held March 18, 2009 at 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. (Eastern time). See here for more details: http://www.niso.org/news/events/2009/datawebinar09.

Continuing Education is also offering a couple other programs in the near future, so please keep your eyes out for these upcoming events!


Thanks in part to a generous donation from Swets, NASIG is able to offer the Rose Robischon Scholarship award to help provide travel funding to a member who may not otherwise be able to attend this year’s conference. The NASIG Board is extremely excited to be able to offer this award in a year when there is such a need for it and really appreciate the collaborative spirit of Swets in helping us make this available.

Furthermore, Bob Boissy and Carol Ficken are currently working with the United Kingdom Serials Group to offer a forthcoming award in 2010 to honor John Merriman. We are extremely excited about this award and hope to have further details for you in the near future.


The Nominations & Elections Committee did a superb job this year in providing us with a phenomenal slate of candidates for appointment. If you haven’t already voted, I strongly encourage you to do so! There are some very tough choices to make on this year’s ballot. I am also happy to see that the petition process is still being optioned by members wanting to appear on the ballot.

Rick Anderson is diligently working on committee appointments and if you haven’t had a chance to fill out your volunteer form, please do so at your earliest convenience. NASIG depends on the volunteer spirit and dedicated members who make this organization everything it can be!


2009 conference registration will be opening up any minute now, and I strongly encourage all those you can to attend this year’s conference. It will be a truly memorable event!

The 2010 conference location will be announced towards the beginning of April. Hint towards the location: Cory Tucker and Mike Markwith will be the 2010 conference planning co-chairs. The 2010 conference will be the 25th anniversary of NASIG so look forward to some special events associated with this conference.

As we spring into 2009, the NASIG Board continues to find ways to partner with and collaborate on new projects with other organizations. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at: jill.emerytx@gmail.com.


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