24:1 (2009:03) Committee Update: Nominations & Elections

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Kathy Brannon, Chair; Tim Hagan and June Garner, Co-Chairs

A call for the 2009/2010 nominations went out to active NASIG members on September 16, 2008.  Nominations were taken for vice president/president-elect, secretary, treasurer and 3 positions for member-at-large. All nominations were due by October 12, 2008.

There were a total of 140 nominations for 102 individuals submitted. This included nominations solicited by the N&E Committee to broaden the pool for the three executive officer positions.  Some individuals received multiple nominations and some were nominated for more than one position. 

  • Vice President/President-Elect received 34 nominations for 26 individuals
  • Secretary received 17 nominations for 14 individuals
  • Treasurer received 16 nominations for 12 individuals
  • Member-at-Large received 73 nominations for 50 individuals

Each of the 102 candidates was contacted by a member of the N&E Committee with the exception of three.  Of those, 2 were N&E committee members and ineligible and 1 was not an active member.  We ended up with 24 candidates who accepted review and submitted their documents by the deadline.

As mentioned in the December 2008 Newsletter, the N&E Committee was given the approval to have nominees send in a resume or vita rather than requiring them to fill in information onto the nomination profile form.  This new process required the revision of several documents before soliciting for nominations.  The intent of this change was to make the process easier for the nominee.  The committee will be evaluating this process for the annual report.

In December 2008 the N&E Committee reviewed resumes, vitas and position statements and held a conference call to discuss qualifications.  The committee then checked references for 3 VP/PE, 2 secretary, 3 treasurer, and 6 MAL nominees.  In January of 2009 the slate was set and sent on to the board as a courtesy per N&E procedures.  On February 3, 2009, the slate was announced to the general membership and a call for petition candidates went out.  We received 1 petition candidate who met the requirements and her name was added to the final slate which has been posted in this Newsletter.

Voting began on February 18, 2009, with a few minor glitches that were very quickly resolved.  The deadline for ballots is midnight (EST) March 18, 2009.  Ballots will be counted and the winners announced on or before April 1, 2009.

Thanks to the entire N&E Committee and Char Simser (our board liaison) for their time, hard work, and wonderful ideas throughout this process. And, thanks to Jia Mi from ECC, who spent a lot of time and worked very hard to get all the electronic forms online and working, and for posting all the new and updated documents.


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