24:1 (2009:03) Committee Update: Library School Outreach

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Marcella Lesher and Sarah Sutton, Co-Chairs

[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board]


Recruited library school ambassadors:
Carole McEwan, California State, San Jose
Brenda Battleson, State University of New York-Buffalo

The committee currently has 10 schools with ambassadors and will continue the recruitment process. We also worked with the Awards & Recognition Committee to publicize the awards program and will check with A&R on numbers of applicants coming from schools with ambassadors.

The committee will be working over the next few months to provide substantive suggestions on how to encourage the ambassadors to stay in contact with their schools. Now that the Ambassador Guidelines have been in place for a while and several of our ambassadors have experience with their schools, committee members will be asked to review the guidelines with ambassadors to assess how suggested activities are being implemented.

A short recruitment announcement was placed in the NASIG Newsletter and blog last August. A committee profile written by Susan Davis was posted in the December Newsletter.

In June 2008, the committee set several goals for itself:

(1) Increase the number of library school to ambassador relationships from six to fifteen. We’ve reached 10 as of January 2008.

(2) Continue to create additional materials for ambassadors’ use in their relationships with their library schools and compile them in our Google Group space.

(3) Develop an additional measure of the success of the program (beyond counting the number of NASIG award applications received from schools with ambassadors.)

During the months that remain before the annual conference, the committee will continue to recruit ambassadors and foster increased communication among ambassadors in order to facilitate the creation of materials for ambassadors’ use and to develop an additional measure of the success of the program. We will also plan an informal social event for ambassadors and NASIG members who have an interest in the ambassador program in order to further our ambassador recruitment efforts and increase communication between ambassadors, alumni, and the NASIG membership.


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