24:1 (2009:03) Committee Update: Financial Development Committee

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Denise Novak, Chair

[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January report to the Executive Board]

The members of the FDC were asked to create and submit a proposal which would offer exhibits at the annual NASIG conference.  The suggestion was to “sell” tables for a specific amount of money and then have a specific time for vendors to present their products.

The committee recommends the following:

  1. Keep it low key. A table and a couple of chairs.
  2. Hold the exhibits for one day only (maximum 6 hours) during the conference.  NOT the day before.  We want people to visit the exhibits and they must be an integral part of the conference.
  3. There has to be a point to being there and an information need in order for conference attendees to show up.  This activity should contribute to the larger NASIG conference conversation.
  4. Charge the vendors $250 – $400 to start.  One committee member suggested making the exhibits a place to “be” and then if the vendors think they have to come we can charge more.
  5. No refreshments are needed, except perhaps coffee, tea and water.
  6. Make sure the showcase venue is large enough for a crowd of people.

We are not sure this is viable for the 2009 conference in Asheville. Perhaps it would be better to carefully plan something for 2010 than to push something for 2009, and come out with something that might not be as good as we’d like, and would set a low standard for future conferences. A higher standard, starting in 2010, would be better in the long run.

We also recommend that the NASIG membership be surveyed on the types of vendors they would like to see exhibit at the NASIG conference.

One committee member has issued a challenge to the board and the Conference Planning Committee to be creative and innovative – build on the Charleston model, but don’t replicate it. We want vendors to want to be there because it is meaningful, worthwhile, and yes, a little fun.

Questions/Suggestions for the board to consider:

  1. Is Internet going to be provided?
  2. Should low-tech/high tech options be offered at different prices or one average cost for both options?
  3. What about creating an afternoon/evening reception period, with vendors recognizing that some of the cost is going to wine or beer? This makes it worth attending for attendees, which makes it worth attending for vendors.
  4. A group to oversee the process and ensure that they write up at least some guidelines to minimize problems later?

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