23:4 (2008:12) Committee Update: N&E

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[Ed. note: Excerpt from the committee report for the September Executive Board meeting.]

Kathy Brannon and Tim Hagan, Co-Chairs
September 2008

At the annual conference in Phoenix, the committee was given the approval to have nominees send in a CV rather than requiring them to write NASIG activities, other professional activities and publications/presentations onto the nominee profile form.   These changes initiated a review of all forms associated with nominations.

  • The N&E members concluded there should be a choice of resume or curriculum vitae to be used by nominees in order to make the process as effortless and inclusive as possible.
  • The nomination profile form and other documents have been re-written to reflect these changes.
  • An online nomination form is being created and should be available shortly.   This form will allow for anonymous voting. The first call for nominations went out September 4, 2008 in the Newsletter and has been posted on the ‘what’s new’ area of the NASIG website.  There is a nomination form posted in the ‘Elections Process’ area which can be used but is not anonymous.  We are working with ECC to make the anonymous online nominations form available as quickly as possible.  The deadline for nominations is October 12, 2008.  There is a concern with the absence of NASIG-L that we will not be able to get reminders out to members as effectively and are looking at alternatives.

The N&E Committee was also charged this year with developing “nominations criteria for member-at-large in an open election system that does not involve extensive committee vetting.   Allowing any willing member to be on the primary ballot or a general election.  Need to develop process for run-off elections and thresholds required to make it to a general election.” Tim Hagan, the N&E co-chair, has taken on the task of coordinating and soliciting input from N&E members.  Although the committee got off to a slow start due to vacations, etc… there has been a very little input from the committee on how and what this criteria and process would entail.  Using the input received, along with research of not-for-profit organizations which hold similar nominating processes, an outline of our criteria will be sent to the board (via the liaison) prior to the September  14 meeting.

Some concerns identified by committee members so far are as follows:

  • The process has been hampered by the bylaws as they are currently written, especially the bylaw that states “any active member of NASIG shall be eligible for election to the Executive Board except as otherwise indicated in these Bylaws.” The committee is a bit unsure if we are to have been working within all current by-laws or possibly proposing revisions of them.
  • The Committee was also unsure if the proposal being written will be solely for members-at-large or if some aspects of a new process would be expanded to the election of administrative board members.

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