23:4 (2008:12) Committee Update: ECC

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[Ed. note: Excerpt from the committee report for the September Executive Board meeting.]

Dalene Hawthorne and Jia Mi, Co-Chairs
August 2008


The new listserv software has been set up and all of the committee memberships have been reviewed.  ECC will be adding information to the website about all of the committee listservs.  The old listserv addresses will be retired soon.  The manual will be updated.

Nancy Beals set up a Google Group for the committee to experiment with to determine whether this might be an alternative to the listservs.

ECC committee assisted Donnice Cochenour with the content migration and site testing after the migration to the ArcStone site.

In July, Anna sent detailed notes about the inadequacies of the survey software that came with the ArcStone website to Samson.  Samson’s response was that they would have to build everything from scratch and that they cannot add features to their survey software without rewriting the entire system.  They suggested NASIG utilize third party survey tools instead.


Website Statistics (May 2007 – April 2008)

  • Average hits on the site per month: 353,055
  • Average hits on the home page per month: 5,662
  • Average page views per month: 161,748
  • Average visitor sessions per month: 71,352
  • Average one-time visitors per month: 13,309
  • Average returning visitors per month: 5,667
  • Conference blog and website statistics are not currently available.

NASIG has 29 lists, 2 of which are currently inactive (test lists).  This is down from the 42 lists we had prior to the conversion to new listserv software.  There are 32 active forwarding addresses.  NASIG-L has been retired.


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