23:4 (2008:12) Committee Update: E&A

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[Ed. note: Excerpt from the committee report for the September Executive Board meeting.]

Fall 2008

This report covers committee activities since the last report submitted for the June 2008 Board meeting.

For the first time, conference evaluations were available online only.  Conference attendees were reminded about the online evaluations several times during the conference and via messages posted to NASIG-L, SERIALST, and a blast message sent to non-member attendees via the ArcStone admin module.  As a special incentive to fill out the evaluation forms, a free conference registration was given away.  The winner was selected in a random drawing and the results of the drawing were announced in the NASIG Newsletter and via the NASIG Discussion Forums in mid-July.  The confidential report of the conference evaluation results was sent to the Executive Board and to PPC and CPC co-chairs on August 1, 2008.  An abridged version of the report was submitted for publication in the NASIG Newsletter.

At the committee’s meeting at the annual conference we were asked to prepare a ranked list of the last two years’ most popular themes and programs, based on conference evaluation results, for use by CEC and PPC.  The report on our findings has been completed and was submitted to CEC and PPC on August 29th.

In early spring, the committee presented to the board the idea of using Survey Monkey to query members who did not attend the annual conference to find out why not.  Board members suggested expanding the survey to all members about why people do or do not attend.  The committee briefly discussed this new survey at the annual conference meeting.  Issues such as the impending waves of retirements and predicted significant hikes in travel costs as impacting conference attendance were discussed.  The committee will think broadly when we design the survey this fall and will present a draft of it to the Board for approval prior to sending it to the membership.

ACTION ITEM:  The Evaluation & Assessment Committee recommends that the Board establish a formal policy on use of the Survey Monkey account.  Such policy would be incorporated into the E&A Committee manual and shared with other committees.


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