23:4 (2008:12) Committee Update: D&D

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[Ed. note: Excerpt from the committee report for the September Executive Board meeting.]


Lisa Blackwell and Bob Persing, Co-Chairs


  • Lisa has been in contact with Sampson at ArcStone regarding specific reports that we are not able to run. Currently, we are unable to run a report to list paid memberships. Peter Whiting is consulting with Sampson to be able to run that report.
  • We are also unable to identify members who have not renewed within the past 3 years. That will probably not be possible unless we can find a way to compare data from the archival database with data in the new database. Lisa will be exploring that option.
  • Lisa, Bob, and Ann are currently working on standardizing documentation for organization affiliations and abbreviations.
  • Templates for using the blast system to welcome new members and confirm membership renewal have been created. All members of the committee have been learning how to use the blast system.
  • Committee documentation is being created and will be posted to the committee space (when Lisa is able to access the committee space!) Jia is working with the programmers to determine why some parts of the administrative side are inaccessible to those individuals who have permissions in place. It is of extreme importance that this issue be resolved as soon as possible as it is impeding the progress of formalizing new procedures for D&D and making them clear to committee members.
  • It quickly became apparent that the only way a previous member could renew if they were unable to log in was to go in through the “Join” button. This creates duplicate records that must be handled by D&D and has the potential to wipe out any record of an individual’s length of membership in NASIG. Lisa worked with Peter and Sampson to add a mechanism to the NASIG page that will allow inactive NASIG members to renew without creating new member records for themselves.

Active members: ~790 (there may be a few test records showing up in the contact report)
Corresponding members: 2
Gratis members: 8
Pending members: 19
Regular member records: 1671
Total member records in database: 1909
Inactive member records: 1119

These figures are indicative of some of the discrepancies that still exist in the database. There are at least 1100 inactive member records. The 238 record discrepancy means that those records were not coded when they were imported into the database. D&D will need to find a way to identify those records and adjust or delete them. Lisa continues to occasionally consult with Sampson at ArcStone whenever a report that we must be able to run has not been made possible. The ability to run an “inactive members” report is a recent example.

Database Recommendation: Ask ArcStone to perform a one-time purge of the database removing inactive member records permanently, not just suppressing those records from public display. This would allow us to begin to maintain the membership database with active members and those members who have not renewed for 3 years from the day of the purge forward. The purge should be scheduled to coincide with the end of 2008 to allow as many opportunities for renewal for those members who have not yet chosen to renew and may still be under the assumption that we are calling for renewals on a calendar year cycle. An archival copy of the membership database in the final incarnation prior to uploading to the ArcStone database has been saved. It will be uploaded to the NASIG website in the near future for permanent reference.


  • Previous year’s award winners records marked.
  • Lisa, Bob, Ann: compile documentation on rules for name standardization.
  • Lisa: begin posting committee documents to committee website space.
  • Bob: compile a list of standardized reports to be run on a schedule for archiving.
  • Lisa: begin running reports for Board as identified.

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