23:4 (2008:12) Committee Update: CPC

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[Ed. note: Excerpt from the committee report for the September Executive Board meeting.]

Steve Kelley and Eleanor Cook, Co-Chairs
September 2008

1.) Theme for 2009 Conference
The CPC and PPC collaborated and came up with the theme “Riding the Rapids through a Mountain of Change.”

2.) Logo for 2009 Conference
The CPC worked with Craig Fansler, a librarian at Wake Forest University and occasional graphic designer, to develop a logo design fitting the theme.  At the time of this writing, the logo is being reviewed by the board.

3.) Materials received from previous CPC chairs
Five boxes of CPC materials were received by the current co-chairs in July.

4.) Meeting with staff at Renaissance Hotel
Eleanor, Steve, Laurie Edwards and Nancy Newsome met with staff at the Renaissance Hotel in July.  Heather Smith, the Sales Manager, was quite helpful and should be easy to work with.  The Top of the Plaza, a penthouse ballroom with a spectacular view, appears to be a good location for holding our opening night reception.  We also obtained the name of a local author and historian, Ken Richards, who would be a good choice for our opening session/welcome speaker.

5.) Evening event
The CPC has been negotiating with Biltmore Estate to see about holding an evening event there.  Due to scheduling conflicts with the Biltmore, we are looking at an event on Friday, June 5th.  The prices initially quoted were prohibitively high, in the area of $100 to $120 per person, while our initial budget will only allow up to $60 per person with 500 people attending.  Eleanor and Steve have brought in Joyce Tenney to negotiate with them.  Our current plans are to reduce the amount of food to try to swing the event, because Biltmore House is very impressive and there were many requests for an event at Biltmore at the 2008 conference in Phoenix.  However, if we just cannot come to terms with Biltmore, we are also looking at the Crest Center for an evening event.  (The above comments reflect the situation at the time the report was being written.  By the time the meeting comes around, we should have a more definite answer.)

6.) Transportation to evening event
Because of the unusual setting of the Biltmore Estate, it was suggested to us that we should arrange for enough buses to take everyone to the house in one trip, rather than staggering buses.  If we should be at the Biltmore, and use this approach, only one bus company, Young, will be able to accommodate us with the nine buses required, at a cost of $7,650.  If we have to fall back to the Crest Center, we can probably use fewer buses and have them run in shifts.

7.) Transportation to Asheville
Because the Asheville Airport is fairly small, the CPC has been looking at options for people flying into Charlotte or Greenville, SC, and using shuttle buses, rental cars, etc., to reach Asheville.  Nancy Newsome has been contacting companies and compiling the information, which will be (or may already be by the time of the meeting) added to the conference website.

8.) Conference website
The first information we have ready to go up on the conference website is related to travel advisory and can be viewed at http://www.nasig.org/2009_conference_travel.cfm

9.) Registration
Mary Bailey, the 2008 conference registrar, has agreed to stay on as registrar for the 2009 conference.  She already knows what she has to do, and is ready to start rolling out the registration once the prices are fixed.

10.) Local activities
The Grey Line Trolley tours of Asheville look like a good option for independent tourism by attendees.  The Renaissance Hotel is one of the stops on the tour, it only costs $20, and riders have unlimited hop on-hop off privileges.  If Biltmore Estate does not work out for an evening event, we will see about arranging for a group discount for independent touring.


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