23:4 (2008:12) Committee Update: Admin Support TF

December 18, 2008 at 2:33 pm | Posted in Administrative Support | Leave a comment

[Ed. note: Excerpt from the committee report for the September Executive Board meeting.]

Katy Ginanni, Chair
June 2, 2008

After a slow start (completely the fault of the slacker chair, who was busy learning a new job and settling into a new town), the TF started by collecting job descriptions from other library organizations.  The chair split up the 50 U.S. states and regional associations/consortia among the members of the committee (excluding the consultant and board liaison).  Each member contacted the associations within his/her assigned states.  The response was less than overwhelming, but we did receive 18 job descriptions.  These have been posted in a BaseCamp site (access courtesy of GWLA), to which each member of the committee has access. 

The committee will meet during NASIG in Phoenix to review the job descriptions together, and we will begin to hack out a job description for the NASIG Board to review.

The chair has also created a list of milestones in our BaseCamp site.  These reflect the charge given to the committee.  They are:

  • Create tentative job description to provide continuity of administrative support for review by the Executive Board (by June 27, 2008).
  • Receive feedback from the Executive Board (by July 31, 2008).
  • Finalize job description (August 15, 2008).
  • Investigate options and analyze cost (by Oct. 1, 2008).
  • Serve as a search committee to hire administrative support and/or set up an RFQ for services to send to professional companies.
  • Review applications or proposals (by Jan. 1, 2009).
  • Make recommendation to Board by Jan. 15, 2009 for review at mid-winter board meeting on January 22, 2009.

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