23:4 (2008:12) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time:    September 17, 2008; 8:36 a.m. – 4:09 p.m.
Place:        Renaissance Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina

Jill Emery, President
Rick Anderson, Vice President/President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Char Simser, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Bob Boissy
Anna Creech
Kim Maxwell
Jeff Slagell
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah Wessel

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Eleanor Cook, Co-Chair, 2009 Conference Planning Committee
Steve Kelley, Co-Chair, 2009 Conference Planning Committee
Erika Ripley, Co-Chair, 2009 Program Planning Committee
Morag Boyd, Co-Chair, 2009 Program Planning Committee

1.0  Welcome (Emery)

Emery called the meeting to order at 8:36 a.m. She welcomed all to the meeting and reviewed the rules of order.

2.0  Conference Planning Committee (Cook, Kelley, Wessel)

Report delayed until after Program Planning Committee report.

3.0  Program Planning Committee report (Boyd, Ripley, Anderson)

Ripley reported that PPC has reviewed the report from Evaluation & Assessment on the most popular program topics and will be using that information in determining programming for the upcoming conference.  She reported that Survey Monkey was used this year for the submission of programs. She noted that there is a problem with keeping information confidential in Survey Monkey if several committees are sharing the same account.  Boyd and Ripley asked that the Electronic Communications Committee investigate having individual accounts for committees that require confidentiality in their work.  Overall, they noted that Survey Monkey worked well for their committee.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will ask ECC to investigate the costs of providing additional Survey Monkey accounts.

Ripley reported that they currently have 32 proposals and the second Call for Proposals will be going out at the end of September.  The same format as last year will be followed with the non-repeat of sessions.  They hope to have the final slate of programs to the board by late November.  PPC will work with the CPC to finalized scheduling of sessions and activities. They noted that there needs to be a clear understanding of how publicity for the conference will be organized and who will be responsible for issuing the publicity.  PPC was thanked for all of their work on conference programming.

3.1  Preconference planning/registration thresholds

After discussion on ensuring that preconferences were profitable, it was agreed that the conference website would have a statement for the preconferences that noted that the programs were contingent on sufficient registration numbers to make the program self supporting.  Preconference speakers would be notified in initial contacts that the program would only be held if registration numbers supported the program.  The thresholds to proceed with the programs will be determined at the January board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: PPC will add the notice of preconferences needing to have a certain registration level before they can become a final part of the program into the initial discussion with possible preconference speakers.

ACTION ITEM: Executive Board will set threshold registration levels for preconferences at January board meeting.

3.2  Scheduling of a.m. sessions & lunch-around idea

Emery proposed an idea to reduce conference costs and still offer the conference at approximately the same member fee.  The idea of starting the conference a little later in the morning, say 9 a.m, instead of 8 a.m. This would reduce the need for a morning break, as we serve a full breakfast. Also, as Asheville has a number of restaurants within walking distance to the hotels, we could have a “lunch-around” one day and not offer one lunch as part of the full conference package.  Ideas around these proposals were discussed and discussion will continue over the CPC, PPC and board lists.

3.3  Travel stipend proposal

The proposal from the Travel Stipend Task Force was accepted.  It was agreed that the overall number of speakers needed for the conference would be recommended by PPC, but the board will need to approve the final program.

3.4  NASIG / SSP Programming

Emery discussed the proposal to have a conflict-free time in the conference schedule for SSP to offer a slot to SSP members to discuss issues such as new business models and projects, etc.  This could be offered over a box lunch hour.  After discussion it was agreed that this could foster a more collaborative relationship with SSP, but it would need to be developed on the model of a library advisory board.  A possible idea would be to have half of the time devoted to presentation and half of the time for feedback from audience.  It was noted that we would need a very clear set of guidelines for the program. PPC will outline a draft proposal for Emery to take to SSP.  Ripley noted that there would need to be a very clear understanding of what each organization was responsible for.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will work with PPC to develop a draft proposal for this program.

4.0  Conference Planning Committee (Cook, Kelley, Wessel)

Cook reported that planning for the 2009 conference is progressing.  She noted the draft website for the conference is ready and can soon be released to the public. The CPC manual is still in draft stage, the group looking at the revisions to the manual need to be convened to move the process along.  It was noted that there need to be multiple sources of publicity for the conference.

4.1  Biltmore event update

Cook and Kelley discussed the costs and options involved in having the major conference special event at the Biltmore.  While it is a lovely venue, it was agreed that the costs were prohibitive.  It will be offered as an optional event.  Cook and Kelley will work on logistics for an optional offering.  Kelley presented an option of having a special event at the Crest Center.  After discussion it was agreed that this would be the location of the conference special event.  It will be on Saturday evening.

ACTION ITEM: Cook and Kelley will make arrangements for the conference special event at the Crest Center.

4.2  Transportation to Asheville follow-up

CPC is investigating several options from local transportation companies to get shuttles from the airport to the hotel.  Also, the city bus may be an option and they will work with the Convention & Visitors Bureau to get the information. Simser asked CPC to assign a committee member to monitor the discussion forums and blogs to answer questions that may arise about the conference. CPC was thanked for all of their work on the conference logistics.

ACTION ITEM: CPC will assign a committee member to monitor the NASIG discussion forms and blogs to keep members informed about conference information and happenings.

4.3  Room block at overflow hotel

Tenney reported that at a meeting planners meeting recently, it was noted that due to the economic woes of the country, general conference attendance was down approximately 30%.  This was true for the 2008 NASIG Annual Conference and we can probably expect the same for the 2009 conference.  After discussion, it was agreed that the room block for the overflow hotel would be lowered to reduce the risk of NASIG paying a penalty for not meeting the room block commitment.

Anderson moved that Tenney contact the Sheraton and reduce the room block for the 2009 NASIG Annual Conference to a level that would be more in line with likely attendance.  Simser seconded.  A unanimous vote followed.

ACTION ITEM: Tenney will contact the Sheraton and lower the room block.

5.0  Secretary’s report (Tenney)

5.1  Approval of board actions since June meeting

Tenney presented the board actions list for approval.
1.     NASIG Executive Board meeting minutes approved 7/11/08.
2.     NASIG business meeting minutes approved 7/19/08.
3.     Recommendations from the Travel Reimbursement Task Force accepted.

Anderson moved to accept the board action list as presented. Simser seconded. The vote was unanimous.

5.2  Action items from June meeting

Tenney asked board members to send her any updates for the action items listing.

6.0  Treasurer’s report (Whiting)

6.1  Report

Whiting reported that memberships continue to be processed by the Database & Directory Committee.  He is working with D&D to fine tune workflow with the new website and membership renewal system.  Whiting noted that donations are down as checks have been the only way to renew and members seem less inclined to donate when using checks, as opposed to the online credit card system.  Whiting reported that the credit card rate was reduced to 2.3%.  He is working on updating the treasurer’s manual and working on a training program for the incoming treasurer.  He hopes to have information on the web and deposit a copy of the manual in the NASIG archives once it is finished.

6.2  2009 budget and expenditures to date

Whiting presented the budget request from committees for 2009 and after discussion of various issues, Whiting and board liaisons will work with the committees to fine tune their requests.  Whiting noted that we are doing fine for 2008 expenditures and that we are in good financial standing.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting and board liaisons will work the committees to fine tune budget requests.

6.3  Conflict of interest statement

Whiting reported that our accountant has noted that the officers may need to sign a conflict of interest statement to maintain our 501(C) 3 status.  He will investigate and report the findings.

7.0  Consent agenda (All)

Simser moved to accept the following reports with special thanks to all of the committees for their efforts over the last months.  Taffurelli seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

7.1  Archivist
In response to questions from Archivist report, it was noted that contracts can be scanned and mounted on the website in a secure location, as well as having a print copy in the archives.

7.2  Bylaws

7.3  Continuing Education Committee

7.4  Database & Directory

7.5  Evaluation & Assessment

7.6  Electronic Communications Committee

7.7  Financial Development Committee

7.8  Library School Outreach Committee

7.9  Membership Development Committee

Maxwell noted that MDC has great statistical information and they might do an online forum on the information they have available that might help other committees in their work.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will discuss with MDC the possibility of having a forum on the information that they have complied on NASIG membership information.

7.10  Mentoring

7.11  Publications/PR

7.12  Translators Resource Team- No report

8.0  A & R Proposals (Boissy, Emery)

8.1  Proposed revision to the criteria used to evaluate applicants for the Serials Specialist Award

Boissy presented the proposal from A&R to place less weight on the academic background of the candidates for the Serials Specialist award.  After discussion, Creech moved to accept the recommendation of the A&R Committee to change the wording in the criteria section of the Serials Specialist Award.  Anderson seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

8.2  Creation of a needs-based award

Boissy presented the A&R proposal to create a needs-based award called the Rose Robischon Award.  After discussion, it was agreed that the wording would be slightly revised to delete the requirement for the employer policy regarding reimbursement for the costs of attending a professional conference. This would become optional.

Boissy moved to accept the proposal from A&R Committee to create a needs-based award called the Rose Robischon Award with the change agreed to concerning the employer policy requirement. This award would be contingent on the availability of sufficient budget to cover the addition of this award.  This will be determined at the January board meeting.  Taffurelli seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will discuss the proposed changes with A&R. He will ask A&R to have a description of the award ready in December.

8.3  John Merriman Award

Emery discussed the proposal from UKSG on the John Merriman Award.  UKSG is working on getting support for this award, so financing would not come from NASIG.  It would be a joint award with one person from UKSG and one from NASIG being chosen to attend the other’s conference, then work with them for one week at their home institution as a kind of study abroad type of program.  It was noted that the NASIG winner should submit an article for the NASIG Newsletter and perhaps blog about their experiences.  The award would be administered through A&R, but final approval of award would be in conjunction with the NASIG Executive Board.  It was agreed that the award language should be very specific about time commitment and possible location commitment.  English should be listed as the working language for this award.  The board approved the award in principle, and Emery will continue to work with the UKSG in the development of this award.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will work with UKSG on development of the Merriman Award.

9.0  Conference Proceedings (Anderson, Emery, Taffurelli)

9.1  Publication schedule of conference Proceedings

Emery reported that there have been discussions with Taylor & Francis on how to divide up the NASIG Proceedings and what impact that would have on current workflows. It was agreed that this issue would be discussed via email once all of the relevant facts were known.  Emery will continue discussions with Taylor & Francis and information will be shared with Proceedings editors for a review of how this will impact their current workflows.  Taffurelli will share information with Proceedings editors and obtain their view of how these possible changes will impact workflows in the current process.  Email discussions on the board list will determine final outcome.

9.2  Recruitment of Proceedings editors (Emery)

Emery and Anderson explained the possible options in moving forward with offering access to The Serials Librarian as a NASIG member benefit.  With a one year embargo, it will probably be possible to offer access to this through the NASIG website.  A variety of options for the future publication of the NASIG Proceedings will be reviewed. It was agreed that for 2009 Emery would notify Taylor & Francis that we would be doing the NASIG Proceedings with them.  For the publication of the 2010 NASIG Proceedings, an RFP would be written by the Publications/PR Committee and the Proceedings editors.  It is possible that in future years the Proceedings editors may become editors of The Serials Librarian.  However, the recruitment for the 2009 editor will be for the same position as the 2008.  The board discussed possible timelines and will continue to examine the issue as more information becomes available.

ACTION ITEM: Taffurelli will post a call for nominations for a Proceedings editor.  New editor should be in place by January 2009. If there is no response from the solicitation within 30 days, Taffurelli will notify the board for additional action.

ACTION ITEM: Emery and Anderson will continue working on timeline and keep board informed, for decision at January board meeting.

10.0  E&A  additional documents (Creech)

Creech presented proposals from the E&A report on the use of Survey Monkey.  After discussion it was agreed that there does need to be a confidentiality statement for committees using Survey Monkey.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will draft confidentiality statement to be reviewed by board.

Slagell noted that he will pass the E&A report on most popular programs from past NASIG conferences on to the Continuing Education Committee.

11.0  N&E open recruitment document  (Simser)

Simser presented the N&E report to the board on the concept of open elections.  After discussion it was agreed that the elections would proceed without change this year, as proposed by N&E.

ACTION ITEM: Simser will ask N&E to recast their report into a form useable for a report to the membership.  Maxwell suggested that in the document there should be links to the N&E documents already posted on the NASIG website.

12.0  Administrative Task Force update (Simser)

Simser reported that she did not receive the formal report from the task group.  However, they have been surveying other organizations to obtain position descriptions and are working on crafting a position description for a possible administrative staff position.  After discussion it was agreed that the board needs the full report to review and prioritize needs. The board will need to be as conservative as possible in moving forward with this process. Options of looking at a professional staffing agency, etc., will be discussed.

ACTION ITEM: Simser will obtain the report and final position description from the Administrative Task Force by October 1.  The board will review and discuss over board list.  The November board conference call will be the time of the actual decision point.

13.0  Site Selection (Anderson, Emery, Tenney)

The committee discussed the site visits conducted over the summer.  As instructed by the board, the Site Selection Committee did site reviews of Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  In Palm Springs, seven properties and two special venue locations were within our price range and were reviewed.  In Las Vegas, three properties were within our price range and were reviewed. They reported that all of the sites and locations were very gracious and eager to work with us.  There was extensive discussion of the costs and issues involved in each location.  Creech moved that the Site Selection Committee pursue a contract with a Palm Springs location for the 2010 NASIG conference.  Simser seconded.  The vote was unanimous in favor the resolution.

ACTION ITEM: The Site Selection Committee will pursue a favorable contract for a Palm Springs property for the 2010 NASIG Conference.

14.0  Membership brochure (Boissy, Wessel)

Boissy discussed the proposal from MDC to have a professional designer for the membership brochure.  After discussion, it was agreed that we will stay with the tri-fold design and the brochure should detail the member benefits for joining NASIG.  The designer that is currently working on the logo should be asked to bid on the project.

It was agreed that the project should be finished in time to have the brochures distributed at ALA Midwinter.  Anderson moved to allot MDC a budget of $1,500.00 to have a brochure designed and produced in time for distribution at the ALA Midwinter meeting.  The Translators Resource Team will be asked to do the translations in the spring, so the brochure can be produced in French and Spanish.  Simser seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.  It was agreed that the content would go through a quick board review before it was sent to the printer.

ACTION ITEM: Boissy will work with MDC to ensure that the NASIG membership brochure is finished and ready for distribution at the ALA Midwinter meeting.

14.1  Logo design decision

The various views of the logo were reviewed and after discussion a consensus was reached.   Anderson moved that Logo #1 full text design be accepted for logo and text only and should include using the green of #3 for the website and #3 for the Newsletter with the font from #1.  Simser seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

15.0  ADA Policy (Wessel)

Wessel discussed the need for the CPC to have ADA issues known as early as possible in the registration process to allow for time to investigate available options at the property or special venue location.  A statement for the conference registration website was drafted to allow CPC to gain as much information as possible and to let our attendees know what they will have available at the conference.   CPC will work directly with individuals needing assistance and CPC will consult with their Executive Board liaison to resolve any issues that seem problematic in any way.  Maxwell moved to accept the proposed wording with the minor amendments offered.  Creech seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

ACTION ITEM: Wessel will work with CPC to finalize the wording and have it posted on the conference registration website.

16.0  Arcstone discussion (All)

Emery noted that we have made good progress in updating the NASIG website, but to move ahead in both front-end and back room processes we will probably need to look for another vendor to assist us.  She suggested that we look at doing an RFP by talking to other organizations our size and see if we can get copies of their technology RFPs and discuss their technology providers with them.  Maxwell suggested having a member of the group that will be working on this join the Association of Associations to gain access to other associations that may assist us in this process.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will convene a task group to start the process of developing an RFP for our next technology provider. One member of this group will join the Association of Associations, and NASIG will pay for the membership.

Whiting and Emery discussed the problems with sending out and processing renewals with our current system.  Whiting reported that D&D had to touch each record to get a renewal to generate, so it will be time consuming this year.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting will ask  D&D to send out blast emails to membership to inform them that the renewal time is approaching and they will be receiving information on the process shortly.

17.0  Other business

Emery suggested that in order to recruit new members, MDC could be charged with investigating where electronic resources librarian positions have been advertised or are already part of the library structure and target emails to them to advertise NASIG.  We need to let them know that NASIG is relevant to them.  Simser suggested looking at the vision statement and adding a statement that includes the fact that we are concerned with electronic resources.

It was agreed that we did need to bring new members into the organization.  Emery suggested looking at mailing lists for ALA and other organizations to use for getting the word out about NASIG.  She suggested using blog entries, and other social networking sites to promote NASIG.  This would market the organization outside of our normal sphere.

Emery noted that several of the committee reports had the old listing of committee members, so she asked that liaisons verify the committee rosters with chairs and update the information on the committee reports.

She also noted that committee chairs could be empowered to do publicity for their events.  The publicist is still there for committees that would like to use that venue, but following the proposed template chairs could do their own publicity.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will work with Publications/PR to develop a template for doing NASIG messages for external venues and outlets.

Simser reported that N&E was concerned because both co-chairs would be rotating off at the same time. They would like to have a third co-chair appointed to have them go through the process once before taking over as chair.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will appoint a third co-chair to N&E, as a chair in training.

Simser reported that March 20, 2009, has been selected as the date for the NASIG UnConference. It will be held in Manhattan, Kansas.  More information will be available later in the year.

17.1  ANO Discussion  (Wesley)

Wesley reported that ALCTS Online was interested in expanding the coverage of NASIG information.  It was agreed that items such as award announcements, nominations calls and information on the annual conference and continuing education programs should be listed.  It was agreed that abbreviated versions of the reports of the plenary sessions might be a possible topic of interest, but they would need to be brief.

17.2  25th Anniversary Task Force  (Emery)

Emery suggested a scaled back version of the original plan for the 25th anniversary plan.  She suggested that a publication on the history and accomplishments of NASIG be produced and Dan Tonkery could chair the group.

Maxwell will be the board liaison for the group and a variety of members will be asked to contribute.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tenney
NASIG Secretary


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