23:4 (2008:12) Opportunities for Publishers to Obtain Librarian Feedback

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Jill Emery, NASIG President, and Keith Seitter, Society for Scholarly Publishing

NASIG is pleased to be working with the Society for Scholarly Publishing on a new “Library Advisory Board” program at the annual NASIG conference.  Normally, the NASIG conference has attendance of around 500 participants, the majority of whom are librarians. This one hour program slot is set aside as a no-conflict time by NASIG for a publisher to present new and developing aspects of their publishing program and then receive extensive feedback from the serials library community. 

Publisher topics may include, but are not limited to, new business models, new product types, new web innovations, etc.  Publisher presenters should plan on offering 25 to 30 minutes of update material on their publishing program, to be followed by 30 minutes of dialogue with the NASIG participants.  Publisher presentations should not be construed as a hard sell of their products, but rather a chance to offer their latest publishing directions and plans, and receive feedback.  NASIG will indicate to competitor publishers attending the conference that Library Advisory Board sessions are limited to non-Publisher attendees. 

A limited number of NASIG Library Advisory Board slots will be available at the meeting.  Publishers are invited to submit proposals for consideration. Final presentation slots will be chosen no later than February 1, 2009, based on proposals received by January 15, 2009.  Publishers interested in a Library Advisory Board session should contact Keith Seitter, Co-Chair of the SSP Organizational Collaboration Committee (e-mail: kseitter@ametsoc.org).  See  http://www.nasig.org/conference_registration.cfm for more information on the NASIG conference, to be held June 4-9, 2009 in Asheville, North Carolina.


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