23:3 (2008:09) President’s Corner

September 16, 2008 at 3:01 pm | Posted in President's Corner | 5 Comments

Jill Emery, NASIG President

It was hot in Phoenix in June and most of us liked it, thanks to an amazing venue, wonderful conference planners, and fantastic conference program planning. It’s currently hovering around 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Austin, and I can tell you it’s not nearly as much fun as Phoenix was. Each year, NASIG’s Program Planning and Conference Planning Committee members outdo themselves, and while I don’t expect the weather temperatures to be as high in Asheville, NC, next June, I’m already convinced that the conference and program planning will be equally impressive! The current conference theme for 2009 is “Riding the Rapids through Mountains of Change,” which is certainly how I feel on any given day at work. Keep your eyes out for the upcoming calls for presentation topics as the Program Planning Committee begins to set about putting together more great programming.

This past year, we experimented with organizational sponsorships for the annual conference and as it turns out, it is a good thing we did. Twelve thousand dollars came in from our limited and focused sponsorship drive and this funding resulted in NASIG maintaining a profit balance of $4K on the conference overall. Given these results, the board is convinced that organizational sponsorships should be further developed this next year. The duty of conducting the organizational sponsorship drive for the 2009 conference has been given to Char Simser. As past president, she has both the working knowledge of NASIG and a broader understanding of the organizations that may be willing to help us out with the conference. A list of close to sixty possible sponsors from North Carolina, the publishing realm, libraryland in general, and the vendor community has been identified and will be targeted for this year’s sponsorship drive. Knowing Char, this is sure to be a successful endeavor!

There are a few new task forces at work this year. One task force, the Administrative Support Task Force, is being chaired by Katy Ginanni and is currently hard at work identifying tasks an administrative support person would do for the management of various NASIG duties in the future. This group is working very diligently and we expect to see exciting times ahead as they continue to develop this position. The other task force is looking at reimbursement costs for speakers and examining the equity of cost structures currently in place for strategy and tactics session speakers. This past year with the change to conference programming to have few sessions repeat, more speakers received reimbursements of one form or another. Dan Tonkery is leading a small focused group through various analyses of the current cost structures in place, and this group should have a recommendation to the board for speaker reimbursement changes before the fall board meeting. Lastly, we’re beginning the planning for putting together a 25th anniversary task force to focus on events and a potential publication on NASIG’s history for the 2010 conference. All in all, there are a number of members doing lots of additional work to help maintain the momentum created by Denise Novak and Char Simser and I look forward to seeing what happens next!

The Financial Development Committee has been reformed and will be chaired by Denise Novak. This group is also getting to work identifying tasks to be accomplished and defining short-term goals that are more manageable within the scope of any year.  Again, this is a dedicated group who will provide us with a firmer platform for financial stability, work that was begun by former NASIG President Steve Savage.

The Electronic Communications Committee has done an amazing job with the management of the new discussion lists set-up and the further development of the content management system for the web site. All members of ECC are to be commended, especially the chairs, Dalene Hawthorne and Jia Mi, for all their hard work. I’m constantly hearing praise for the new site and for a relatively smooth transition, which isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish in today’s technological age.

For those NASIG members on Facebook and LinkedIn, NASIG has been added as a group and everyone is encouraged to join in adding themselves to both groups.

Currently, I’m in transit to meet Joyce Tenney and Rick Anderson to view some possible venues for the 2010 conference. We’re excited by the proposals we’ve received and look forward to bringing our 2010 conference proposal to the NASIG board at the fall board meeting. Joyce has helped make our jobs easier and more concise by drafting site evaluation forms that are already proving to be useful for gathering all the various evaluation points we look at during a site visit. Once we’ve finalized these evaluation forms, we’ll post a blank one to the forms area on the NASIG website for future venues to use and for the membership to see as well.

Speaking of the fall board meeting, it will be early this year. We’ll be holding it 16-18 September so as not to conflict with peak fall foliage viewing in Asheville. This pushes some scheduled items up earlier, such as committee budgets and reports to the board. Many board members are experimenting with different means of transportation to Asheville. Some of us will fly directly into Asheville, some will drive in, and some of us are flying into Charlotte and renting a minivan. I hope to have a report for the next NASIG Newsletter about how all our various transportation experiments work out. Given the early fall board meeting, the board’s conference call that is normally held in August will be moved to November to help make sure we’ve got everything on track for the Midwinter board meeting at the University of Denver. Many, many thanks to our NASIG colleagues at the University of Denver who have been instrumental in helping us make these arrangements. At this point, I’m really looking forward to Denver in January given the weather report showing another week of 100+ temperatures in Austin!

Lastly, I really hope NASIG members will be in touch with me throughout this next year. I can be reached most readily at: jill.emerytx@gmail.com I welcome feedback on any of the topics discussed here or any other NASIG business you’d like to discuss!



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  1. Hi, Jill. I did not attend the 2008 conference but am pleased to hear that it went well. I am, however, a bit befuddled by the Treasurer’s report which states that expenses were $203,322.05 and income was $199,583.80, leaving a positive balance of $3,738.25. Should not that be a negative balance, the $3,738.25 being in the red?



  2. Beverley is correct in her correction of the overall conference budget for the 2008 conference. When we were compiling the quick and dirty overview back in August, we miscalculated a couple of the costs. The conference did end up as a negative $3,783.25. However, the point to be made is still the same. This deficit would have been much worse had it not been for the support NASIG received from organizational sponsorships.

    Thanks to Beverley for helping to set the financial record straight.

  3. We’ve corrected that figure in the treasurer’s report, so it now reads as negative. Beverley, thanks for noticing.

  4. Hi, Jill. I did a quick review of past conference expenses, income and profits and found that in 2007 profit from the conference was $42,384.22, in 2006 it was $62,391.46, in 2005 it was 32,351.37, and in 2004 it was $66,936.50. In light of these numbers, how does the Board view the nearly $4K deficit in 2008?


  5. The board has received questions & concerns regarding the shortfall both here and directly to board members. A blast email will be distributed tomorrow to respond to these questions and concerns.

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