23:3 (2008:09) Other Serials News: Serials Standards Update Forum

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SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2008

Angela L. Dresselhaus, Indiana University, Recorder

The Serials Standards Update Forum at the 2008 ALA annual conference held in Anaheim California featured three speakers.  The ISSN-L was discussed by Françoise Pellé of the International ISSN Centre and Steve Shadle of University of Washington, on behalf of Regina Reynolds.  Don Chvatal wrapped up the forum with a discussion on institutional identifiers.

Françoise Pellé and Steve Shadle began the forum by providing an update on the progress of the ISSN-L.  The revision of the International Standard ISO 3297 included a provision for a new ISSN that will serve as a linking number for various formats of a single resource.  Separate ISSN are assigned to various formats for ease of inventory management by content creators. The new ISSN-L will allow for the collocation of each of the various formats.

The ISSN-L will be a separate data element and will be recorded as a subfield “f” in the 022.  A table providing relationships between all ISSN-L and ISSN will be provided free of charge on the ISSN Centre web site http://www.issn.org/. Implementation is planned for August 2008. The development of the ISSN-L has also resulted in the statement that an ISSN is a unique identifier, clarifying that each medium should receive a separate ISSN and the ISSN-L will be the mechanism for collocating a title.

Following the presentation on ISSN-L, Don Chvatal, president of Ringgold Inc., spoke about institutional identifiers.  The institutional identifier, “Ringgold Identifier” is created for institutions who subscribe to academic journals and is used explicitly by publishers and vendors to identify their customers.   The identifier is intended to simplify identification and foster clear communication between publishers, vendors, and subscribing institutions.  Ringgold Inc. has developed a web service, OpenIdentify, which facilitates searching their database of over 100,000 Ringgold Identifiers.  A free version provides a searching mechanism for the database that will display institutions and the hierarchy of the organization.  A subscription based product will provide additional data.

A participant in the forum noted that the library community still needs identifiers for publishers.  There was a consensus in the forum that publisher identifiers were needed, but it is unclear if this will be incorporated into Ringgold’s products.  The website for this service is www.openidentify.com, but you will need to register to view and search their website.

Don Chvatal’s power point presentation is hosted on the ALA Conference Materials Archive wiki at the following location:



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