23:3 (2008:09) 23rd Conference (2008): Business Meeting Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary


At 12:33 p.m., June 6, 2008, Char Simser, NASIG president, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.


Simser reported that it has been a very busy and productive year.  She noted that many NASIG members contributed to the successful year, and she had many to thank for an outstanding year.  Simser noted the following accomplishments for this year:
•    The election process was online for the first time.
•    New conference registration site was created.
•    Administrative Support Task Force was created to develop a job description for paid staff for NASIG.
•    Several new NASIGuides were developed and posted this year.
•    A new column in the NASIG Newsletter was created to highlight the great working being done by our members.
•    The NASIG Executive Board updated the strategic plan and has developed an eighteen month action plan.  More information on this topic will be in the Executive Board meeting minutes.
•    Late breaking news:  We are in the beginning stages of discussing the possibility of NASIG assuming the editorial responsibility for The Serials Librarian.
•    Our new NASIG website went live.  Special thanks to Donnice Cochenour for assuming leadership on this massive project.  She spent countless hours with others developing, testing and tweaking the site. 

Simser introduced the current NASIG Executive Board members: Jill Emery, vice president/president-elect, Peter Whiting, treasurer, Joyce Tenney, secretary, and the members-at-large, Rick Anderson, Anna Creech, Kim Maxwell, Alison Roth, Bob Schatz and Jeff Slagell.  She then introduced the incoming board members for the 2008/2009 term.  For 2008/2009 Jill Emery, president, Rick Anderson, vice president/president-elect, Peter Whiting, treasurer, Joyce Tenney, secretary and the members-at-large, Bob Boissy, Anna Creech, Kim Maxwell, Jeff Slagell, Virginia Taffurelli and Sarah Wessel.


Whiting reported that NASIG currently has $542,000 on account.  The conference expenses are still outstanding.  We have $65,000 in our Charles Schwab account.  Whiting noted that we received $11,000 in organizational sponsorships, and $200 from member donations this year.


Tenney reported on highlights of the executive board meeting.

The board reviewed NASIG committee annual reports and we would like to thank all of the committees for a great year.  Highlights from committee report discussions are as follows:
•    The Continuing Education Committee will be asked to work on developing regional programming.  All NASIG members are encouraged to offer suggestions for programs and speakers.
•    The technology implementation of the Arcstone software was discussed.  Special thanks were given to Donnice Cochenour, Lisa Blackwell, the Electronic Communications Committee, Database & Directory Committee, and Nominations & Elections Committee for all of their work during this process.
•    The Financial Development Committee has been formed.  They will be reviewing and updating the financial plan.
•    The strategic plan update was discussed and plans for the coming year were outlined.
For a full report please read the executive board meeting minutes published in the
NASIG Newsletter.


Simser announced the names of committee chairs and task forces.  She distributed gifts to outgoing chairs and board members.


No old business was raised.


A question was raised prior to the meeting on organizational sponsorship.  Simser discussed the background of organizational sponsorship and future plans.  She noted that organizational sponsorship has been discussed in a variety of venues since the 2005 conference.  It has been the topic of a town hall meeting, brainstorming session, discussed in the NASIG Newsletter, and in general announcements.  The need to keep membership dues down, and keep the conference fees affordable were the driving forces to pursue this fund raising option.  This year was an experimental test run and we raised $11,000. The organizations donating were recognized with signage and at the opening session.  Simser opened the floor to questions.

Tina Feick asked how the process will go forward and how will solicitations be made in future years.  Simser reported that this year was a test year, and during this time forms have been developed and procedures drafted to outline timelines and procedures for the solicitation process.  She noted that the forms and information on organizational sponsorship would be posted on the NASIG website.  Many organizations such as universities in the area of the annual conference, Google, Microsoft, library associations, etc., would be included in the annual solicitation, not just corporations.  The past president will be charged with the responsibility of organizational sponsorship.

Regina Reynolds noted that she attended an event that had small tables for sponsors at the registration area.  They could distribute informational materials or show samples of products and sponsors were given demo time at the lunch break.  This allowed for low key representation for sponsors.  Creech noted that NASIG tries to keep all of the members in NASIG on an equal footing, so we would need to work closely with members from all demographics to see if something of this nature would be acceptable.

Simser thanked all for their ideas and comments.  She reminded all to complete the online conference evaluation form by July 1, 2008.

Simser called for any additional business.  None being received, she adjourned the meeting at 1:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Approved 7/19/08


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